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Coconut oil really?

coconut oil 1It might sound nutty but I am crazy for Coconut oil. And I just might make you Crazy for coconut oil after reading this blog post.
Coconut oil is on my top 10 list & with very good reason, it is used for so much in our home & it is dependable. Just remember for getting the best benefits only use Raw Unrefined Coconut oil (Virgin) when taking for health, oil pulling, in DIY toothpastes & basic cooking etc. But many can not afford to use only raw unrefined for everything so they use refined coconut oil for larger cooking, DIY deodorant, skin & hair care, but I find that even in those cases raw unrefined works better but everyone is different. I bought & tried LouAna Brand Coconut oil (it is refined) & it fared better than expected for most of my uses.

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How to consume raw Coconut oil – Get healthy – Oh so yummy – Lets eat!

OK Coconut oil is great!
As I said it is on my top 10 list, but if I had to shorten my list to a top 5 coconut oil would still be firmly planted in that list. We use it daily & it helps stomach issues(stomach aches, IBS, crohn’s etc), memory, concentration, hyper issues, fights cold, flu & builds the immune system, other sickness (it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, & antifungal!), and just down right amazing as a beauty product as well, (there is nothing better for using in DIY toothpaste & deodorants). Here are some info links: Home Remedies/Uses & The Many uses of coconut oil.

Weight loss for Cheree of Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids: I have lost just over 55 lbs. in just under 6 months as a wonderful side effect from taking raw coconut oil daily & oil pulling daily with raw coconut oil among many other great health benefits. I have heard doing both can cause weight loss & I was slightly overweight but that was not my reasons for oil pulling & taking coconut oil, but I am pleased with the healthy weight loss results. Again for me it is not about the weight loss, it is totally about being healthy. As I always say get healthy & a healthy weight will happen, that is why I never promote weight loss diets or products.And taking & oil pulling with raw coconut oil is not a weight loss diet & not a weight loss product, it is part of a healthy diet & a healthy product with so many more amazing benefits than just weight loss. (here is more information & a new before & after picture of me)

How can eating certain oils actually burn stubborn body fat? –  Conquering Any Disease and Losing Weight

Check out this awesome video: Coconut: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Boosts Metabolism for Weight Loss

Info on coconut oil

TT gold labelCoconut oil (Virgin) is helping many with brain fog/chemo fog/chemo brain, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries & other health issues,  I personally had horrible brain fog within the last 4 years, the fog was either from lack of oxygen from when I stopped breathing hundreds of times, or from the possible mini strokes I had from lack of oxygen, or from chemo or of course more likely from all 3. Our diet is good, & we are very healthy, but the main thing that helps is daily taking raw unrefined coconut oil, I still have issues if I get over tired or stressed or of course when I do not take the coconut oil, it is amazing that I can tell when I have forgotten such a simple step in my day, plus the many other health benefits from coconut oil. This is a great video on  Brain Fog and Coconut Oil,(Read the comments as well). And from NaturalNews.com: Just one dose of coconut oil can tremendously boost brain function and cognitive performance (Article)coconut oil 2

Coconut oil not just for hair & skin care, coconut oil is also great for  cholesterol levels, weight loss, increase immunity, improve digestion, kidneys, bones, infections. The antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of coconut oil that make it such a potent remedy for such a variety of illnesses. The body converts lauric acid in coconut oil into another compound called monolaurin, & thsat is the power of the antiviral & antibacterial of coconut oil. Monolaurin is known to help fight infections, herpes, respiratory issues, colds & flu & much more.

Coconut oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal! Studies have shown that coconut oil destroys the bacteria that can cause tooth decay (Article) & (Article)

(NaturalNews.com) Learn About the Many Benefits of Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil : (Article)

Can Coconut Oil Help with Staph and MRSA?:(Article)

Coconut Oil Fatty Acids Profile: – Caprylic- 4.6-10%, Capric- 5-8%, Lauric- 45.1-53.2%, Linoleic- 1-2.5%, Myristic- 16.8-21%, Oleic- 5-10%, Palmitic- 7.5-10.2%, Stearic- 2-4%


  • Coconut oil has vitamin E, which keeps skin and hair healthy, and medium chain fatty acids such as Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid, Caproic Acid & Lauric Acid. Coconut oil speeds up the metabolism in your body and helps with weight loss. It also helps increase good cholesterol,  reduing bad cholesterol. Anti-aging – Fights fungal & microbial infections – Cures fatigue – Gives you energy – to fight hair loss – Skin moisturizer – Great for indigestion – Protects against cancer

Ways to uses coconut oil as deodorant, for teeth hair & body

Are you looking for a DIY Deodorant?
Coconut oil can be used alone or in one of these combos, mix it the way it works for you, get creative:  with just baking soda, just corn starch, just arrow root or just Montmorillonite clay Powder, or in combos like these baking soda & corn starch, baking soda & arrow root, baking soda, cornstarch & Montmorillonite clay Powder, add your favorite essential oil like Tea tree, Lavender, Rosemary, lemon or Orange etc & you can create the best DIY deodorant! the exact amounts of each are not some set in stone rule, use what works best for you, do you want it thick or thin, you decide, some can not handle as much baking soda, if thats the case use less of it, & so on.

Raw Coconut oil is  naturally  antibacterial, antiviral & antifungal for inside or outside your body (Humans & Animals)

How about the best Toothpaste ever?
I intend to do a DIY toothpaste & tooth powder blog post in the near future (I have started adding a few ideas here & here), until then I will give you fast tip on using Raw coconut oil for teeth brushing, but beware after using this toothpaste you may never want to use anything else again, the feeling it leaves you with is addicting & if you are prone to mouth pain it might help that too. Just like the DIY deodorant you can not get this wrong, do it the consistency & taste you prefer 7 works for you. You can brush with just plain raw coconut oil & nothing else if you chose to, or you can first brush with baking soda, unrefined salt & baking soda, baking soda & Montmorillonite clay Powder & then after rinsing use raw coconut oil to brush again, or you can mix a combo you like, some ideas to add to the raw coconut oil base, baking soda, natural unrefined salt, Montmorillonite clay Powder, Ground cloves (the spice, great for pain in mouth) some like to add Grapefruit seed extract, mineral drops or natural sweeteners like Xylitol (again do what you want, we do not prefer any sweetener in ours, we like the baking soda, Montmorillonite clay Powder & ground cloves in our raw coconut oil, we add essential oils Tea Tree & Peppermint, (sometimes we also add Germ Fighter Synergy essential oil blend)  & we spray toothbrush first with colloidal silver & use colloidal silver to swish with after brushing (like a mouthwash) Just brush as normal. A couple of times a week you can also add Food Grade Diatomaceous earth to your brushing routine for an extra cleaning & whitening.

Skin Care (& Beauty etc).
Raw coconut oil, Slather it on, rub it on, massage it in, any skin anywhere, it is amazing for moisturizing, rashes, stretch marks, scars, dry skin, as night cream, shaving cream, for cuts & bruises, wounds, diaper rash, burns, acne, pimples, athletes foot,  oh my & more & more. It is great for sensitive skin & allergy issues (Just remember anyone can be allergic to anything) Your skin will love you! Raw coconut oil can replace so many skin care products that you might be amazed, get creative & decide your favorite uses or 100 uses for skin & beauty. Add baking soda to raw coconut oil & shave with it, exfoliate with it or just scrub up with it. Add essential oils of choice & fall in love. Rosemary essential oil is a great addition to raw coconut oil rubbed on face, swollen under eyes or other inflammation, tea tree oil can be added if you want & used on cuts & burns, lavender or other essential oils can be added for a great massage. You  can even use it for a DIY chest Vapor rub with essential oils.

Hair Care
Raw coconut oil can be used as a hot oil treatment, conditioner, to get gum out of hair, just remember it is a oil & might be harder to get out of some hair, so do not add to much, use No Poo to wash hair. Many love raw coconut oil to use by just rubbing a small amount in hands & running fingers through hair as a anti frizz or to add gloss & shine. Raw coconut oil can be great for hair once you get used to using it.

So many great health uses of Raw coconut oil Here

Other great ways to use coconut oil

coconut oil 3Got Chapped lips? Try raw coconut oil straight or make a body butter or body scrub

What about your pets? Animals love raw coconut oil & it is just as healthy for them & makes a great ear cleaner to 🙂 go here for some ideas.

Eyes: Many use raw coconut oil in the eyes for Pink eye (alone or mixed with colloidal silver) & to help get rid of cataracts, I have not tried it for these uses but it did get rid of an eye infection when I used both raw coconut oil & colloidal silver in my eyes every night before bed, just a word of caution, you will see blurry for bit. It also makes great eye make up remover.

Ears: got an area ache or infection, yup raw coconut oil can be used alone or in combo with garlic oil, vinegar, colloidal silver etc & it is very soothing as well.

Nose: Many use a q tip or finger & apply raw coconut oil inside the nostril & rub in to help prevent dry nose issues & to kill germs etc, it can be very soothing.

Nursing Moms: Raw coconut oil makes a great nipple cream & if you rub on nipple just before nursing it is great for baby too, is great to heal & help prevent yeast growth, thrush & other issues. (don’t forget it is an awesome diaper cream too)

Babies: Great for diaper rash, skin care, cradle cap, colic & many add some melted raw coconut oil to formula (reasearch this)

Oil Pulling: I recommend Raw Coconut oil above all other oils suggested to be used for oil pulling, the benefits from the raw coconut oil are so amazing with raw coconut oil from detoxing, ridding the mouth of infection, whitening teeth & so many health side effects. My blog on oil pulling here.

Getting sick? try adding raw coconut oil to a warm beverage & it can sooth your throat, help coughing & build your immune system.

Soothing: coconut can be very soothing for stomach issues, heartburn, skin issues, burns, pain etc

Mix with essential oils: Raw coconut oil makes a great carrier oil for essential oils rather solid or liquid. (DIY coconut oil/essential oils vapor rub)

Taking Raw coconut oil: Go here to see a chart on suggested amounts of coconut oil to take daily. Coconut oil can be taken, not just cooked/baked with or used on the skin, taking raw coconut oil by far has the best health benefits for your body inside & out.

Ideas on how to take: Raw coconut oil can be added to any warm beverage like coffee, added to smoothies, on top of oatmeal, baked potatoes, corn, steamed vegetables, in Mashed poatoes, on toast anywhere you want.

Solid/Liquid: Coconut oil is a sold unless the room temp is in the mid to upper 70s then it is a liquid. If I remember correctly the actual temp for it to become liquid is 78 degrees.

Making Creamer/Whipped cream: Made with coconut milk, coconut oil & egg (& options) Recipes here & here

More great info about coconut oil & you

FACT: That when coconut oil is combined with a good source of Vitamin E, the Vitamin E is more readily absorbed by the skin and transferred to organs such as the heart and liver. This was shown in a study in Canada in 1999 at the University of Western Onatario. The study concluded that combining Vitamin E with coconut oil through the skin was a good alternative for those with gastrointestinal malabsorption diseases.

One caution about using Vitamin E as a supplement however: most of these are the tocopherol form of Vitamin E and come from soybean oil. If you want to avoid soybean oil, look for a Vitamin E from a source like Virgin Palm Oil which has the full complement of the tocotrienol form of Vitamin E believed to be more potent.

Adding Coconut Oil to Your Diet: Coconut oil can be added to the diet in various ways, aside from just eating it by itself . Perhaps the best way to add coconut oil is to use it as a staple in cooking.  We are often asked about re…cipes using coconut oil, but essentially any recipe calling for butter, shortening, margarine or vegetable oil can be a “coconut oil” recipe. It is simply a matter of substituting coconut oil for whatever oil is called for in the recipe.
Except for salad dressings, coconut oil can be used in place of most other oils. It is not suitable for salad dressing, except for warm dressings, since the oil will solidify when refrigerated. This is also a consideration when using coconut oil as a replacement for vegetable oil in cakes and other baked goods. Simply melt the coconut oil and use it as you would any other oil, but be sure to bring other ingredients such as eggs and milk up to room temperature otherwise the cold ingredients will cause the oil to solidify.
For ease of use, I keep a bottle of coconut oil somewhere where it stays liquid (on top of the refrigerator)  and  a jug of oil on the shelf in the solid state for baking.
Coconut oil can be used as an alternative to butter on hot vegetables, hot cereal, on toast and practically anywhere else you would use butter, whether by itself or as an ingredient in baking, etc.
Coconut oil is also good oil for frying and sautéing. Many people don’t want to eat fried foods because we have been told how “bad” they are. What makes them bad is the “bad” oil in which they are fried. Frying in coconut oil is just one more way to add this healthy oil to your diet.
Coconut oil can be substituted for vegetable oil or shortening in recipes which call for either. I originally began using coconut oil as a replacement for shortening in baked goods. Having learned that coconut oil is not simply a lesser evil (as a substitute for hydrogenated oils) but actually has many health benefits in its own right, I have begun using it for practically all of my cooking needs.

Brands I recommend:

Skinny & Co. Coconut oil go here to order Medicinal grade Extra Virgin coconut oil 100% pure. (My Affiliate link)

Tropical Traditions Virgin coconut oil Gold Label

Olive oil is good choice for salads, dressings and many raw food applications. But coconut oil is better choice for cooking with heat. Olive oil and other common cooking oils degrade and can produce toxic byproducts when heated. In contrast, coconut oil resists degradation with heat, so it’s the best choice for frying, baking and sautéing.

Coconut oil can be used as a direct substitute for most other cooking oils as part of an immune-boosting diet. If you’re going to cook, you might as well use an oil that’s safe at high temperatures and supports your immune system.

Gout sufferer turns to coconut oil for cure:

(Article: Research On The Benefits of Coconut Oil by The Coconut Research Center)

Coconut oil is far more effective at fighting, preventing tooth decay than toxic fluoride (Article: Coconut oil halts tooth decay by attacking the bacteria that cause it)

Health Benefits of Coconut  – Coconut for AIDS
Research recently carried out has revealed that coconut oil reduces viral load in AIDS patients. Health Benefits of Coconut (Article)

Study: Saturated Fat Not Associated with Risk of Coronary Artery Disease, Coconut Oil and Dairy Fat Healthy (Article)

Is Liquid Coconut Oil that stays Liquid in Your Refrigerator Real Coconut Oil?: (Article)

Woman Finds Relief for Hypothyroidism with Coconut Oil – Drops Medication

Virgin Coconut Oil and Stomach Acid


I hope I have now made you crazy for coconut oil too, or at least intrigued you to look in to it?


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