Commercial and Natural vs DIY cleaners and your immune system

Are DIY cleaners right for your family!

Are you considering DIY cleaners?
But your worry they are not as effective?
Are you holding back because you buy a natural brand?

Does this describe you or your family?
You fight to build your immune system & be healthy, you eat right,exercise ,drink plenty of pure water and take vitamins & minerals you know your body needs, but you are still getting sick (all the time or more than you should be).

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Have you ever thought the reason  could be your cleaning products, body care products, soaps, shampoos, laundry products etc? All of these have toxins in them & within seconds they start absorbing into your body, you breathe them in etc, ultimately weakening your immune system.

Have you ever thought about what commercial cleaners do to your immune system? So many use products like Lysol, Pine sol, bleach, sanitizers etc especially during sickness all over the house thinking they are helping others to not get sick or the illness to not spread when they may actually be damaging every-ones immune system & causing sickness & issues.

As strange as it may sound the #1 thing we did that helped us to stop getting sick was switching to Natural DIY Cleaning products, Laundry products, Beauty products, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Deodorant etc

Never under-estimate the impact cleaners/ beauty Products etc have on your immune system & well-being, even the so-called pricey natural products

Yes I have been using natural remedies & even natural cleaners & eating healthy since I was a kid (But I was buying my natural cleaners)

We used many of the top natural green cleaners as well as others from specialty companies & health food stores & I often used & I was given other brands & tried other natural cleaners.

Almost 8 years ago now, buying natural cleaners with 6 kids became very hard to afford. These so-called natural green cleaners that are way to costly for most people, So I researched & decided to start using Vinegar & baking soda more than I had been. Figuring I would use them till I could afford the natural cleaners again, After all the natural cleaners had to be more effective than the DIY ones right? Well as I discovered nope, not at all, DIY is oh so much more effective & safer & does not break down your immune system.

At the time I made the switch (almost 8 years ago)  we had just gone through one of our worst years for sickness & my son had asthma pretty bad along with another child who got frequent respiratory issues & RSV & another who got hives from unknown sources & I frequently got headaches. (And remember I was using top of the line natural cleaners & no commercial cleaners in my home)

I started sometime in 2005 doing first DIY cleaners, & by the end of March 2006 we were almost totally DIY, So I did start with the cleaners & then I was hooked & went totally DIY.

Back then I was sold & did not even know it yet, but one day it hit me my Son was not having asthma attacks & we had been very well with almost no sickness, headaches, hives etc. And our health has continued to be rather amazing for a family of 8 with children in school. 99% of the time our past ailments have disappeared & it has remained this way, we very rarely get sick.

So anytime anyone tells me that those pricey natural cleaners are better or are worth it etc I must tell them our story.Photos by Cheree

Eight people with a much better immune system because we switched to using Natural DIY products made from:

I also have friends who have used the well-known natural cleaners who had the same happen in their homes once the switched to cheaper more effective DIY products. To me that says a lot about those so-called natural green cleaners that cost far too much anyhow.

“Ever wonder whether your green cleaners are actually green?
Unfortunately, you can’t just check the label to find out what’s in the products under your sink or in your laundry basket.”
This quote from EWG is exactly why I prefer DIY cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, lemons, colloidal silver, peroxide, borax, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils etc.


I am also under 3 years post chemo & I have been sick only twice in just over 3 years, my chemo DR said my immune system was above par & that not even getting a head cold on chemo was unheard of.
Not only that but my right lung was damaged by fluid & the tumor in my chest, the dr said if I had been using commercial cleaners I would be dead. He also gave me a list of cleaners (& other things) to avoid, I was also told I am prone to getting pneumonia very easily but I have only had it 1 times in 3 years, my DR says I am amazing.
I also had to have throat & windpipe surgery where the football size tumor invaded them & tore them up pretty bad, so I can easily get strep & breathing issues, just over 3 years & no strep at all even though they said I would easily, & very rarely a breathing issue, if I do have a breathing issues it’s from cleaners, perfumes etc from others when I am away from home.

So it’s a win win,
Wins: they are easily made & very effective along with not toxic & safe around children & pets, & they are made cheaply & help keep your immune system built by not causing toxic load or allergies as well as only killing the bad bacteria & leaving the needed good bacteria behind
Less & in some cases no Flus, colds, breathing issues, hives & skin issues, allergies, eye problems on & on

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Update July 15, 2013: Part of a message sent to me by a Fan Tiffany & she agreed I could share after I reworded some & condensed it. It is a bit long but worth the read.

Tiffany says: I have spent years of buying the pricey natural cleaners because they were better, healthier and more effective. You know the brands, they were the best ones out there

We have 3 kids and living on a budget and I felt the expense very justified and after all DIY was so not for me.

I also kept thinking how we were sick all the time that if I switched to not as effective DIY cleaners we might never be well.

Then one day during a bad sickness I ran out of my cleaners I just did not feel like going out to buy products to restock.

That’s when I read your post on DIY cleaners and the immune system and I thought no way vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and peroxide could replace these amazing cleaning products I pay so much for. But I had vinegar on hand and decided to give it a go anyhow. What I noticed right away was no sinus drainage running down my throat at bedtime and we all were 99% better by morning. Even though I was convinced this was in no way related to me cleaning with just vinegar I continued anyhow. But I did it more to prove that vinegar could not work as well as the cleaners I bought than I did for any other reason, yes I am stubborn that way. As the days turned into week and I was still only using vinegar to clean it hit me, my youngest had not had his normal daily asthma attack, my oldest ha1ad not once mentioned a headache and my skin, my itchy skin seemed better, my eczema was so much better than I had seen it in a very long time. So I thought what the heck, so I started using lemons and lemon juice, peroxide and baking soda. Trust me I was still thinking this can not be but I was for sure now interested in what DIY cleaning could be doing for us.

As the weeks went into a month I added making laundry soap, making my own washing soda, dishwasher soa
p, we bathed with baking soda, peroxide, lemon juice and Borax, the DIY bug was for sure not just catching on, it was becoming kind of OK. Now we are 4 months in and totally DIY everything health, beauty and cleaning and what is the result? Almost all allergies & skin conditions gone, not 1 asthma attack, no hives, fewer headaches & the big one we have not even had a head cold & before my kids stayed sick so much. Am I sold? I sure hope so!


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