Review: DIY uses of California Earth Minerals Terramin Powder Calcium Montmorillonite Clay

I loves me some muddy water to drink. ~Terramin Clay powder.

006 TerraminCalifornia Earth Minerals Terramin Powder Calcium Montmorillonite Clay is on my top 10 list with very good reason, why? Because it is awesome we take it for health, we use it in our DIY toothpastes, Deodorants, for our skin, as a DIY face mask & it is great made into a poultice too, many have also said they love it in their no poo routine (NoPoo= no Shampoo). You can go to this eBay listing & buy your own Terramin clay, I have been buying from Starla0101 on eBay for years, she is a great seller with great communication, fast shipping & great products, she also has 001 Terramina passion for what she does, is very knowledgeable. I already did a review of the MuddyH2O Pit Powder Starla0101 sells & sent me here.

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Why I love it!
About 4 or 5 years ago I was a eBay power seller & I was cruising around eBay looking for something to add minerals to our diet beyond what we eat, that’s how I came upon Starla0101, I had tried many clay powders before with sad results, for varying reasons, Bentonite, white, green etc, so I was intrigued by this brand and the reports & info on it & I was hoping I found what I was looking for, s I sent Starla a message, right away we formed a great internet friendship, it is one of those friendships where we do not even talk for a year but when we do we sure remember the 005 Terraminother person well & feel a connection. So I bought the clay & used it a bit but I was busy & only remember to take it now & then, I did try adding a pinch to my water kefir now & then for minerals & they seemed to like it if I did not add so much that the water got muddy. That’s what I sold was probiotic cultures on eBay. When I bought the clay I had also originally for my then pre teen daughter the clay bath, the clay toothpaste, clay deodorant & one of the masks. So while I was hardly using my clay she ran out of everything I bought her 1 by 1 & she was becoming more like her mom & getting into loving DIY ideas, so she first stole my clay for a soaking bath, then as a face mask, next she added it to her DIY deodorant & us using it in DIY everything body care. Usually I take credit for us launching our Terramin Clay Powder into our DIY recipes but in all honesty it was my daughter who inspired me to think outside the box in this one area.

The in late 2009 I was diagnosed with stage 4b bulky cancer a large tumor in my chest, I wanted to stay natural for my treatment but by the time it was found it had already invaded my windpipe & throat & damaged my right lung, I had such a short time to live I had to act fast & take chemo. I 001 Terraminstarted natural treatments with the chemo to protect my body organs from the chemotherapy & clay was among the natural items I used faithfully, I did refuse radiation but of course had to have many scans using radiation. So the clay was a life saver detoxing radiation from my body from taking it & by soaking in it, plus the days I drank it I was not nearly as nauseated from the chemo. I did very well on chemo, never even a head cold, & my possible 16 rounds of chemo became 12 & cancer free. But I contacted Starla during my chemo to inquire about getting some clay fast because I was out, she rushed it to me without hesitation.

But wait that’s not all, my oldest son during my illness was not eating the greatest (daddy was cooking) & he got ahold of that recalled peanut butter (that either had the salmonella or e coli in 002 Terraminit, I can never remember) but anyhow he got so sick, but I was out of it & my husband cared for him. It progressed to IBS & the DR said not long & he would have full-blown Crohns, my son was only like 8 years old. So I got to searching & discovered several things I had in my home001 Terramin were the best things he could take to heal his gut & detox the poison, Bragg ACV, Food grade peroxide, Food grade diatomaceous earth & Clay powder. Not only was he 10 times better in just a day, but he has never had another Irritable Bowel syndrome episode ever in just over 3 years, if he feels his stomach is off he takes his stuff & is just fine after. So Terramin Clay was part of his cure.

007 TerraminThe California Earth Minerals Terramin Powder Calcium Montmorillonite Clay used to come in a large white container with a screw on lid (pictured). But just a few years ago they switched to a heavy-duty reseal able bag, I just add my clay my original white container, if it does not all fit I add it to a mason jar or other jar.

How we take it: yes it looks like muddy water, but we all prefer it in water since that is the best way to take it, it should be taken away from food & drink even vitamins since it works best that way & will just remove anything you take near to it, do not be fooled & buy clay that is mixed with diatomaceous earth to take for health, they should be taken completely separate. Do not add clay to smoothies, protein shakes etc. Just simply add 1 teaspoon to 6 to 8 ounces of water, stir & drink, swish around to get all the clay.

Animals: we also give Terramin clay to our animals, they love it & it is great for them.

Illness, stomach issues, stomach flu, food poison etc: We will take another dose anytime 005 Terraminwe are starting to have any illness trying to strike us & it works great to help our body & immune system fight it off.

Hives: My daughter loves the clay to stop any hives she may get, she is allergic to lots of food dyes & other dyes, even being close to them, touching them etc will cause her to get hives bad, to get instant relief she will mix clay, baking soda, corn starch & colloidal silver (or pure water) in a paste & apply & leave on, as it dries she mist with colloidal silver to keep it wet, she waits several hours to wash off. She will also take a Epsom salt & clay soaking bath.

DIY face maskPoultice for boils, bug bites, stings & spider bites: Clay is awesome to draw out poisons & heal these issues, the mixture of the clay & colloidal silver is one of the best ways to stop the effects of a brown recluse bite. For best effects take clay & colloidal silver several times a day by mouth & also make a thick paste of clay & colloidal silver & apply several times a day. The combo of both the clay & colloidal silver is the facebest method. We even used this on my moms knee surgery incision to help heal & reduce swelling & pain.

Face mask, acne, skin conditions like eczema: a face mask with the clay is very healing, simply mix the way you want with 1 or a combo of these: pure water, colloidal silver, witch hazel, raw honey, raw coconut oil, Bragg ACV, ACV, Coconut water vinegar, Citrus Vinegar, RosewaterLemon juice, Olive oil, or other oil & apply to skin allow to sit on face up to 20 minutes. then wash off. Can also be mixed with  Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens powder like here

Hair mask/Nopoo: 2 parts clay powder, 1 part raw coconut oil, 1 part Bragg Apple cider vinegar apply to dry or wet hair, allow to sit 10 to 15 minutes. Wash out with warm baking soda water, repeat as many times as needed. Condition with citrus infused vinegar. Options, use raw honey instead of raw coconut oil if the oil is to greasy for you. (or use Coconut water vinegar)

To use in deodorant go here

To use in toothpaste, tooth powder recipes go here

Info on California Earth Minerals Terramin Powder Calcium Montmorillonite Clay:

A California Living Clay for improving your overall health.

Used by NASA Astronauts to reverse the effects of osteoporosis, caused by zero gravity. Available in Powder or easy to swallow Tablets. Use daily as the “Ultimate Health Maintenance.”

003 TerrminTerramin Benefits: Detoxifies Rich in Iron and Chromium Source of Calcium Aids Digestion and Metabolism Longevity and Weight Control Increases Energy and Stamina Supports Cellular Energy

Today our lives are laced with toxic chemicals, and the effects are alarming. The loss of nutrition in the foods we eat, toxins in the water we drink and pollutants in the air we breathe.

The truth is, most of our agricultural farmlands are already depleted of their natural minerals. Today, in order to stay competitive, farmers routinely add artificial chemicals to their soils in order to force their crops to grow.

The Good News is TERRAMIN Can Help.

Terramin is a powerful detoxifying agent for the many harmful chemicals, toxins, bacterium and 004 Terraminpathogens that now inhabit the environment and our bodies. TERRAMIN is derived from a special, edible clay rich in macro, micro, and trace mineral nutrients essential for proper health maintenance. There are close to sixty minerals in TERRAMIN composed of negatively charged ions. When these negative ions are assimilated by the body, they draw out the positively charged toxins found throughout the body, especially in the digestive system. This detoxification process, known as “opposite polarity attraction,” will help your body heal itself, and achieve complete wellness.



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