Natural DIY Skin care ideas – Essential oils – Moisturizing – Masks – Astringent – Wash

Natural DIY Skin care ideas

DIY Skin care is simple, cheap, effective & healthy

faceI have always been more natural in the area of skin care, but only in the last few years did I switch from buying natural to making my own natural skin care items & the DIY side of cleaning my face & moisturizing my face naturally (you can of course use these on all your skin not just your face)
I do not make any of my face products ahead to store & use, what I make is generally being made as I use it, but many can be made in big batches ahead & lots of people do make them ahead. Great for Acne & other skin issues.

If I travel I just take a container of baking soda & my arsenal of spray bottles mentioned in my other Blog post

I carry a small bottle of colloidal silver with me at all times, it can be used as hand sanitizer, or given at the first signs of sickness, as a matter of fact my bag I carry usually has bottles of colloidal silver, a bottle of Bragg vinegar, a bottle with lavender, tea tree oil & peppermint oil in distilled water, & a bottle of rubbing alcohol (all trial size glass bottles with a spray top) all can double as hand sanitizer, spray deodorant, air fresheners, nausea relief, Panic attack support, & as a fast means to stop sickness.

(& the liquids in the spray bottles can also be used when traveling mixed with baking soda to make a paste to use on my face & as soap, body wash, exfoliate etc) Above about spray bottles from  my note: How I stop sickness in my home, for children & adults

Skin care routine:

What really helps skin is to not use the same routine every time you clean your face/skin,(this is true for natural DIY hair ideas & natural DIY deodorant etc also), change around what you use it really helps skin a lot better to use 5 to 7+ DIY face cleaning/exfoliation recipes a week (the same holds true if you are buying the products) & natural DIY skin care can help you to not add toxic load to your body & help keep your immune system built up.

So let me break it down this way, what I use on Monday will not be what I use on Tuesday though it might still have one of the same ingredients in it, & if I wash my face twice or more in one day (As happens a lot) each time will be a different DIY face product.

All of these scrubs, washes, masks & moisturizers my teens love & love to create new combos.

What is great about these DIY ideas is the amounts of each do not matter, use what works best for you & your skin, there is no wrong amounts & many do not have a right or wrong way to do them, so do what works for you.

Clay powder use any of these: white clay, green clay, bentonite clay or Calcium Montmorillonite clay


My favorite DIY exfoliation combos (always exfoliate gently & use a wet warm wash cloth to rub on your face in circles let sit a minute & wash off with cool water pat dry & then followed by a moisturizer like raw coconut oil &/or wheat germ oil,.


Just form a paste, exfoliation only needs to be done 1 to 3 times a week depending on your skin, whats great about all of these exfoliation is if you add them to warm water they can be used as a face wash as well daily

  • Baking soda & warm water paste
  • Baking soda & colloidal silver paste
  • Baking soda, borax & warm water paste
  • Baking soda & Raw Honey
  • Baking soda & lemon juice
  • Baking soda & lime juice
  • Baking soda & ascorbic acid
  • Baking soda, clay powder & warm water
  • Baking soda & Witch hazel
  • Epsom Salt & warm water (also a great mask & face wash)
  • Epsom salt & baking soda
  • Epsom salt & Lemon juice
  • Epsom salt & colloidal silver
  • Sugar, coconut oil & essential oils
  • Sugar & lemon or lime juice
  • Sugar & raw honey
  • Sugar & colloidal silver
  • Sugar, clay powder & warm water
  • Ascorbic acid & warm water
  • Ascorbic acid & Raw Honey
  • Ascorbic acid & colloidal silver
  • Food grade Diatomaceous earth & warm water
  • Food grade Diatomaceous earth & colloidal silver
  • Food grade Diatomaceous earth, baking soda & colloidal silver
  • Food grade Diatomaceous earth, Borax & warm water
  • Food grade Diatomaceous earth & lemon or lime juice
  • Food grade Diatomaceous earth, clay powder & warm water
  • Coffee grounds & coconut oil
  • Coffee grounds, baking soda & water
  • Coffee grounds & colloidal silver
  • Ground oatmeal & warm water or colloidal silver
  • Ground oatmeal & raw honey
  • Sea salt & water or any of the above

Yes that’s a lot of combos & you can even combine more of them together from above

Cleaning your face:

Clean your face 1 or 2 times a day (more if needed) rotating what you use, wash off with cool/warm water, moisturizer if desired. Use any of the combos from the exfoliation list above stirred in warm water, or try some of these

  • Wash face with a cup of warm water with a spoon full of baking soda added, stirred to dissolve
  • Wash face with Bragg ACV & warm water (doubles as a toner & astringents also)
  • Wash with warm water, witch hazel & apple cider vinegar (doubles as a toner & astringents also)
  • Wash with baking soda water with a few drops of tea tree oil or other essential oil
  • Wash with room temp herbal tea (doubles as a toner & astringents also)
  • Room temp herbal tea (such as green tea) & raw honey stirred in
  • Room temp herbal tea & baking soda stirred in
  • Use a still wet kombucha SCOBY to wash with (doubles as a toner & astringents also)

Or try this vinegar or this vinegar

As you see the list above includes some astringent ideas as well, that’s another great thing about DIY face products, what you use to exfoliate can be used to wash with by just adding more water or what you wash with can double as an astringent also. DIY face mask

Face masks:

faceI try to do a face mask once a week but if I just feel like it I will do it more & sometimes my teens do it 3 or 4 times a week especially after they have worn make-up & washed it off. Mix & match any of the below ideas. & find out what works for your skin & soothes it best.

Of course you want to leave a mask on 5 minutes to 20 minutes with best results the longer you can leave it on, wash off with warm water, pat face dry & moisturize

Now moisturizer

All I really need is raw coconut oil &or wheat germ oil, but I will list a few others below & you can even mix & match them for your needs (but you will find when doing DIY products many times extra moisturizing is not needed, but I still prefer to use it by washing my face before bed & then applying & going to bed)

Rub the oil in gently in circular motions & leave enough on the skin to continue absorbing in

Skin Astringents

I do not need an extra astringent using DIY but my teens like to still use it

Below are a list you can either use straight or mixed with water or colloidal silver

  • Bragg ACV
  • Witch Hazel
  • Herbal tea (room temp)
  • Brewed coffee
  • Kombucha tea
  • Lemon or lime juice
  • Raw honey (mixed 1 part honey 3 parts water or colloidal silver)
  • Colloidal silver

Again these astringents can all be used to wash your face as well, but when used as astringent you leave them on your skin to absorb in, best to use a wash cloths or cotton ball etc

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  1. Great post!! I wrote about the benefits of baking soda the other day and its really great for almost all skin types and its also considered a cheaper, safer alternative to microdermabrasion. Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! I always enjoy your posts.

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