Taking and Oil Pulling with raw unrefined Coconut oil for health and weight loss

Quality Coconut oil for Health & Weight loss.

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Did you know that Oil pulling with & consuming a good quality brand of raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil can make all the difference in the world in getting health benefits?NFR6K me
Did you know that Oil Pulling with & consuming a good quality brand of raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil can cause the metabolism to work properly causing proper weight, including weight loss for those who need it?
Did you know most do not just cook with quality coconut oil to get the desired benefits? As a matter of fact most do not cook much at all with coconut oil but they take coconut oil & they oil pull with it.
Did you know not all Raw, virgin, unrefined coconut oils are created equal? And that you may need to try different brands to find the one that works for you?
Yes the brand can make all the difference in the world, & yes there are raw, virgin, unrefined brands out there that are cheaper but for sure are low quality, I know I tried them all trying to find a more affordable quality brand, but as I discovered when it comes to coconut oil, it is best to buy the best 🙂
If you have already found a brand that gives you amazing results that is great & do not change a thing, but if you are using coconut oil & thinking how it is not working for you, it really could be the brand you are using.

Cooking with coconut oil is great, but adding taking it & oil pulling daily might be better for you, so do not just cook with it.


April 2014 now 80 lbs lost

Did you know coconut oil is not about being a weight loss aide, it causes proper weight, aids the immune system, helps digestion, brain function & more, so those who need to gain weight will gain those at the proper weight can maintain it all while being healthy.
Great for all ages, Many moms give it to newborns & babies
Coconut oil does help many lose weight but you should remember it is about eating healthy & taking coconut oil is a great part of overall health, but you can not take coconut oil & have a poor diet & lack of exercise & expect to be healthy & lose wight.  You do need to eat wholesome foods, real foods, not packages processed foods & drink plenty of pure water daily avoiding sugary drinks. Exercising is also a great added plus since the coconut oil can give you energy if taken just before. You can also aid health, wellness & proper weight by also adding Sole water (easily made) & Activated charcoal powder to the things you take every day.
Coconut Oil: Increases energy – Decreases hunger & cravings – Burns fat faster – Aids in balancing Hormones – Helps you to absorb nutrients better – Aids in stabilizing Your blood-sugar

Oil pulling/taking raw coconut oil for health causes a healthy weight:

Added Jan 2014 – Updated March 2014

OK so I am finally adding some pictures of the difference Oil pulling with raw coconut oil & taking raw coconut oil makes.  Me July Feb CollageThe picture here (to the left) is before & after (July to Fab) & around 70 pounds lost, the picture below also a before & after was in Dec & was about 50 to 55 pounds lost, & the picture above is March 2, 2014 & around 75 pounds lost)

I have been oil pulling for a while now, but due to running out of coconut oil & having to buy brands that were raw but I could tell did me no good & did not give me the desired health benefits. I also ran out a lot so sometimes I would go a week or 2 & not be able to oil pull or take any coconut oil.

That all changed in July I not only got a good enough supply of quality coconut oil that ensured I could stay regular at oil pulling also at that time I decided that I would oil pull morning & night 20 minutes each time, but I was also able to increase the amount of raw coconut oil I take a day to 5 to 7 tbsp a day (most only need 3 1/2 to 4 tbsp a day unless there is a reason to take more, build up slowly, if you have poor health or chronic conditions you might need more than 4 tbsp)

Then about 3 months ago I started adding 1/8 tsp of activated charcoal powder to oil pulling . I have to say that the difference in getting the proper routine & using a quality raw & unrefined coconut oil is amazing the effect it is having on my health, & yes it has become more & more noticeable to others (not me until I did this side by side picture & saw the difference). I am not doing this for weight loss, it is for health. Raw & unrefined coconut oil is great for both health & proper weight & so is oil pulling. As an added bonus oil pulling tones & firms the skin & muscles of the face & neck amazingly & makes your skin glow to & many notice this.

Until July I was having to switch around brands of raw coconut oil more & I knew many of them just were not as good as Tropical Traditions was & it showed as they did not help me as much or at all, now I only use Tropical Traditions & Skinny & co for my health & yes it shows I am using high quality raw/virgin, unrefined cold pressed organic coconut oils that are unlike anything I could buy in a health food store. So never say just because it says it is Organic,  raw & unrefined or just because it is sold in a health food store that it is good quality coconut oil, when it comes to coconut oil for health don’t spend less. I found many pore quality coconut oils that were organic, raw, unrefined etc that I would never recommend & some that claimed to be raw or unrefined that were actually refined, so beware, if it is a great price it research it well you might be surprised to find it is junk coconut oil. If you are not getting the desired results from the brand you are currently using I strongly suggest changing to a quality brand.

My weight gain was from having 6 kids yes, but more from my illness 4 years ago & steroids for my lung.

me 2013 july dec

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UPDATE April 2014:

I have now lost 80 lbs using raw coconut oil, I am still taking 5 to 7 tbsp a day & now I am mostly eating it right off the spoon, I am also oil pulling morning & night with the added activated charcoal & of course taking 2 to 4 tbsp of activated charcoal powder in water a day as well.


The difference a year makes, 80 lbs lost, I already ate good exercised, kept my immune system built, but the weight loss happened after starting regularly taking & oil pulling with quality organic virgin coconut oil (yes the brand makes all the difference in getting the benefits & results). In late July of 2013 I started oil pulling twice daily & taking 5 to 7 tbs of raw coconut oil every day, until that point I had not been using a great quality brand & only then did I see real results.
I actually only recommend 2 brands after all the brands of coconut oil I have tried(still hoping to find a 3rd)July weight loss

Update July 2014:

I am now at 90lbs l lost & I have added a few things to my daily routine to help maintain healthy, healthy eating & my healthy weight loss. I have added Hermosa Peak Yacon Syrup & love it, it is great for immune support, digestive health, it is a prebiotic & probiotic sugar substitute that is natural & even diabetics can use. I am still taking raw unrefined coconut oil & oil pulling every day & I am also now using a Deluxe Evergain Swing Machine twice daily as well 

Update Mid August 2014:

I have now lost 105 lbs & I am still taking about 5 to 7 tbsp of the raw coconut oil & doing the other things described above, I have also added taking 1 tsp a day of black seed oil. I will get a new updated picture in a month or so.

Check out this awesome video: Coconut: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Boosts Metabolism for Weight Loss

Posts on my blog using amazing coconut oil:

For your health & the love of Coconut oil.

I get asked a lot, What Brands of coconut oil do I use, & where to buy them?
That is simple I use & recommend these 2 great brands:
  1. Skinny & Co. Coconut oil: Medicinal grade Extra Virgin coconut oil 100% pure. (click link for ordering info)
  2. Tropical Traditions Virgin Gold Label Coconut oil(click link for ordering info)

Both links are affiliate referral links for me to get credit for purchases, I earn a small percentage from Skinny Coconut oil  for referring you if you purchase &  I receive a discount coupons from Tropical Traditions for referring you if you are a first time purchaser.Thank you for your support.

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