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Want to know some of my favorite things? Why they are my favorites? And where to buy them?

Over the last year & a half or so I have been privileged to try some products & brands I will forever recommend & I now use almost daily myself.


I must stick to a top list, these are the items I sing praises to the most in my home & to others & I just can not seem to stop recommending over & over again.

I get into a lot of conversations about what are my favorite things & honestly I do have favorites that stick out as items I would buy again & again & in many cases do. Some are a 1 time purchase but trust me if something happened to mine I would be getting another ASAP. So I will share a list below so my fans will finally know my favorite items. This is a short list of mostly items I have reviews, if I had to do a list of all my favorite items that would be difficult, as everything I take daily listmy top 10 list, the ingredients for many of my favorite DIY recipes & more would need to be included, making this one long list.

Hardwood Activated Charcoal: I can never, ever again be without this amazing product, we literally use it by the bucket every few months. I have found its uses endless, from getting rid of stomach upset, skin masks, detoxing poultices, wound hardwood accare, stopping allergic reactions, for our daily health, for our pets & so much more. No home should be without activated charcoal for the simple reason that having it on hand in case of accidental poisoning or overdose can save a life, add that to how amazing it is otherwise & yea, I am keeping it stocked. I have saved the lives of stray cats, saved the life of our cats & avoided food poisoning getting worse. I have seen would heal so fast I can not say it enough, get this product. I recommend Charcoal House for all your charcoal needs, they sell great products at great prices with great customer service, great information & they are always willing to answer questions too.

Follow them on Facebook here – To buy Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder or Detox 1600 powder click links My review here

Colloidal silver Generator: I have been using colloidal silver forever & the more I read up on it the more I knew I needed to make my own so I could make it cheap enough to use it the way I wanted to. So that sent me on the search for the best Silver edge colloidal silver generatorgenerator I could afford. After several years of searching & researching I found an affordable generator that in my mind is even better than higher priced ones. It is far safer than using a homemade version, it makes highly effective micro particle colloidal silver. I found & now love the Silver Edge Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator  it is easy to use & make CS for pennies a day. We take it for health, clean with it, add it to our netti pot, to the nebulizer, in DIY beauty recipes, for oral care, skin care, pet health, to boost our immune system, to keep produce fresh on & on.

To Buy your own Micro Particle Colloidal silver generator click here – If you order by Phone or through the mail tell them Raising6kids sent you. – My reviews here & here

Coconut oil: OK I think all my fans know I am crazy for coconut oil, I talk about it a lot, a whole lot! We use the raw to take, on foods, to oil pull with, to brush our teeth, for our animals, on wounds on & on. We cook & bake with the expeller pressed, the raw & sometimes mixed with Palm Shortening too for wcoconut oil 2hen we are frying or do not want the coconut oil taste. We use both the raw & the expeller pressed for skin care, hair care & DIY deodorant & more. Coconut oil has caused me to lose weight, brought me to better health, helped me think better, boosted my immune system & so much more. I only recommend 2 raw organic brands after trying way over 50 so called raw/virgin/organic brands & trying varying other brands. For benefits & results it fast became apparent brand does matter. So what 2 brands do I recommend? Skinny coconut oil & Tropical Traditions, I keep thinking I will get to soon add a third brand to this list, but sadly every time I get my hopes up they are squashed by brands that just do not deliver the benefits I am used to getting.

Essential oils: I recommend 2 brands for both affordability & for quality. I see no reason to pay such high prices for essential oils 3essential oils when you can get the same quality from these to great companies. Who are they? Florihana & Plant Therapy. I use both brands rather regularly & even use them together. Essential oils are something that can overwhelm most when starting out in DIY & for health, so thats why I wrote this blog post on my top 6. We add them to our humidifier, to DIY room sprays, DIY cleaners, hair care, skin care, oral care on & on & on. We even makes our own Thieves/4 Robbers blend & use them in varying way throughout the day, as I type this I can smell both orange & eucalyptus because my kids are using them in cleaners.

Where to buy them – Florihana info & buyingPlant Therapy info & buying

Black Cumin Seed oil: This is a newer product to me as far as using it, but I have been researching it for awhile. I just add it to my morning coffee (not coffee) with my raw coconut oil to create my BulletProof coffee. I have noticed overall less pain, a since of well being, hair coming back in thicker, skin clearing up, less stomach issues & better digestion to name a few. I use the Tropical Traditions black cumin seed oil after trying several that just did not taste fresh & did not set well on my stomach, I found the Tropical Traditions brand just what I needed.

Click here to buy Tropical Traditions black cumin seed oilMy blog post here with lots more health info.

Exfolimate: OK I accepted this simple product for a review & honestly it looked a bit unimpressive when it arrived, but it fast became a product I was singing praises to. Just this simple tool has taken my skin care routine to the exfolimatenext level, it is odd how something so easy to use can change skin health so dramatically to the better. My teen girls are in love with it & I would buy it as a gift for others in a heartbeat.

Click here for ordering info & here for my review.

Vitamin C serum: Ok I have been trying & reviewing every natural & organic brand of vitamin c serum that will send it to me for review. I am am weeding out the bad & passing the info on day by day vitamin c serumthe good to my followers one review at a time. But of all of the ones I have tried I without a doubt have a top 3 that I must say are my favorites for varying reasons. Day by Day beauty, InstaNatural & Foxbrim,

Homeschool: I recommend several ideas & even mention using things for homeschooling in reviews that have nothing to do with homeschooling so make sure to check out my homeschooling category for ideas. But today I want to talk to you about 4 programs three I have already reviewed, one I will be doing a review & possible giveaway on soon, but I love them all & highly recommend them. Homeschooling is great & teaching does not have to cost an arm & a leg. Click links for info & ordering.surpriseride

Ok I sadly must stop now because I could go on & on & on but then what would be the point of being my favorite. Oh wait my favorite natural dark chocolate is here, not reviewed it but we all need good chocolate right.


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