A DIY Life: Honeysuckle infused oil – A honey of an idea

Honeysuckle not just a fragrant flower & not just for eating!

Honeysuckle oil, hmm: A few days ago I did a blog post on making floral infused vinegar & I honeysuckle oilused honeysuckle (posted yesterday) To do a blog I tend to work on the draft several days to several weeks depending on my creative juices & mood. While I was working on the (infused)honeysuckle vinegar honey suckle8blog Annie’s Homestead/The Holistic Homestead on Facebook shared that she had just started some honeysuckle oil, & she shared her blog post on making infused oils (here). I have made herbal oils before & even some with flowers but for some reason I had never considered honeysuckle oil. So thank you to Annie for adding a new oil to my list for me to make. I love so many of Annie’s posts because they are great, but the fact that my second daughters name is Annie, makes me love her name 🙂

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So just like with the vinegar I sent my kids out picking honeysuckle, & this time I am pretty sure they ate more of the honeysuckle than they brought me, but it is all ok because I got enough to do what I needed & they all got to eat honeysuckle, so we are all happy.

Lets get to making infused oil!

Gather & wash: As I said in my other posts, I prefer to gather flowers & petals for infusions first honeysuckle 2thing in the morning when dew is still on them & the ground, these flowers seem to make a better infusion, but many gather anytime of the honeysuckleday. Wash the flowers in cool water to remove any dirt or unwanted pest. gently crush flowers in your hands as you add them to the jar you will be using. Do not crush them beyond recognition just one gentile squeeze with your hand to remove the excess water as you pull the flowers from the wash & add them to the jar is plenty. I also decided to add the little bit of rose petals I had left after picking my bush rose water 2bare in with the honeysuckle. So this is really honeysuckle rose infused oil.

Add to jar: So I filled my jar 1/2 full, because mainly the jar I used had more room than I needed, so for actual directions I will quote Annie: Fill the jar with herb. If you’re using dried herbs, fill 2/3 full. If you’re using fresh, fill until there is 1 ½ in head space.

Oil: You can use most any natural carrier oil, I made a mixture of 1/4 of melted at room temp raw honeysuckle oil (2)coconut oil, 1/4 olive oil, 1/4 Sweet almond oil, & 1/4 Wheat germ oil, in my other oil infusions this is the combo I liked best, it makes a slightly thicker oil & it can be added to DIY beauty products or used alone on skin & hair. It can also be whipped with raw coconut oil for a body whip (future blog post). So I added the oil to just above my petals in the jar, again for this info I will quote Annie: Cover the herb with your carrier oil. Leave about ½” headspace. Make sure there is at least 1 inch of oil covering the herb. Cover and label! Make sure you use the plant name and the date of when it’s started.

Sit in sun & Shake: For this method sun is your friend, sit in a sunny warm window, & shake the oil once daily, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to be finished (worth the wait). Then strain out the flowers, add the oil to a jar & label & date, Annie says it will last at least a year (so dating is important). But check out Annie’s blog post for an even faster method here.

Honeysuckle benefits.

Info I found online in various places by researching, I suggest you also research honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is edible & highly medicinal. Honeysuckle is very useful in various ailments & diseases. It has a sweet & calming floral scent. Honeysuckle is known honeysuckle oil for detoxing toxins from the blood & liver. The oil is great for treating a sore throat, fever, honeysuckle oilskin & scalp issues.(For sore throat it can be used as a gargle or used in oil pulling). Honeysuckle oil has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. It makes a great hair oil treatment in your nopoo routine helping stop dryness & brittleness of hair. Adding some honeysuckle oil to your bath water can be relaxing after a stressful day. Honeysuckle is a natural antibiotic & is used to treat infections caused by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria. The oil can be added to your  DIY toothpaste &/or DIY mouthwash. The oil can be rubbed on the chest of those with sinus issues, colds, allergies, chronic coughs, asthma & related respiratory issues for relief. Add a little bit of the oil to a  hot tea (or beverage) as an expectorant. Yup so much more can be learned of the uses of honeysuckle & how making this oil harnesses the honeysuckle greatness.

Hot oil treatment for hair: Add the amount of oil you will need to a heat safe jar, add the jar into a small pot or bowl of hot water & let the oil get hot, (not to hot, just above room temp, not boiling). Apply to dry hair making sure to cover all areas of scalp & hair, wrap a hot wet (wrung out) towel around your head, leave 10 to 20 minutes then wash out. (no poo) I think this just might be my Teenagers favorite use for this oil.

Whip, body whip & other uses: Mix 1 part honeysuckle oil with 2 parts solid raw coconut oil, mix by hand, with a hand mixer, blender or food processor & whip into a cream. This mixture will stay cream like if not to warm in your home. Use as chest rub, cream deodorant, scalp & skin treatment, as a night cream, moisturizer, massage oil, for feet, hands etc.

Using straight: I like to use these oils strait also, just to rub on rashes, skin issues, as a chest rub, for dry feet, to heal wounds., massage oils.

Deodorant: you can add this oil to one of your DIY deodorant recipes, simply mix with 1 part with 1 part baking soda & 1 part cornstarch, add extra raw coconut oil if needed mix to consistency you desire. Simply rub on clean underarms

Welcome to my blog, my name is Cheree & I am ~Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids~

Welcome to my blog, my name is Cheree & I am ~Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids~

Face mask: Mix honeysuckle oil with clay powder for a moisturizing detoxing face mask, usually around 1 part oil to 2 parts clay, but you can make it the consistency you desire, apply to wet face & allow to dry up to 20 minutes, if you wish to leave on longer simply mist with water, colloidal silver or rosewater etc. as it starts drying. Once done simply wash off with warm water.

Get creative & enjoy this infused oil, & experiment with other infused flower or herb oils & their uses. I am happy to be adding honeysuckle oil to my infused oil list.

And a special thank you to Annie’s Homestead/The Holistic Homestead


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5 thoughts on “A DIY Life: Honeysuckle infused oil – A honey of an idea

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  2. I have been oil pulling for the last few weeks. I have been melting the unrefined,virgin coconut oil in a pan first before I put it in my mouth so that it is in a liquid state. Is this OK?

  3. Just to be clear, the sun won’t make the carrier oils go rancid? I have lots of honeysuckle and will try this recipe tomorrow morning. Also, can I use this oil in my diffuser? To think I spend so much money on a small bottle of honeysuckle essential oil, when I can make my own for a fraction of the price! Thanks for this article!

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