#8 A DIY Baby Nursery: How to be Green & Healthy (Newborns too)

DIY all things For Baby Nursery cleaning.

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The 8th blog already as I go room by room cleaning DIY & sharing how I do it, this is part of my blog series on cleaning room by room, And like everything in my home I basically use the same items as we do in any other DIY green cleaning items in my mixtures. Using the same things in the whole house saves us all time, money & health & gives you can have peace of mind using these products in your babies room. This article is for cleaning a Nursery, a blog post on DIY cleaning your Home Office  will be in the next blog post in this series.

In a Nursery you can still use any of the DIY cleaners I posted in my blog post on Bedrooms & Kids Bedrooms as well, I will just be focusing more on DIY cleaning for things that tend to be found in Nurseries & Babies rooms. I have more ideas for Babies in my blog post: Natural Baby DIY ideas .

Some of the things you need for DIY Safe healthy Nursery are:

Make sure to check out my series of articles: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room, I will be adding articles on how to clean each room in your house, DIY, natural & frugal. Blog series of articles on: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room.

All things DIY for the whole house, Green cleaning, subjects being added: laundry, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, kids bedrooms, nursery, office, floors, walls, ceilings, vehicles, & Pest control.

Vinegar, Baking soda DIY cleaningA DIY Nursery: How to Green & Healthy, but are these DIY ideas as effective to kill germs, bacteria & odors like commercial cleaning  products do? Are they safe around Babies?
After many years of researching & lots of years of using these items around my home, my babies as newborns & as they grew I can say without a doubt that the answer is: Heck yea, You bet they are! (check out the other blog posts in this series linked to above for lots more info) And the best part no compromising your immune system.

Some info on effectiveness of DIY Green Cleaning & your baby..
Safe ways to clean the nursery using safe effective, DIY natural Green cleaners & not Toxic commercial cleaners.  Bleach & harsh cleaners should never be used by or around anyone especially newborns & babies. So never disinfect baby items with bleach or commercial cleaners. Vinegar has been proven to kill more germs than bleach. Essential oils are excellent cleaners as well as deodorizers, disinfectants and antiseptics.

Baking soda is a chemical compound that appears as a fine powder. It releases bubbles of carbon dioxide when it interacts with an acid and a liquid. It’s most commonly used in baking, where it acts as a leavening agent. But baking soda is not used just for cooking, it can be used all over the house. Cooking, cleaning, even making crafts. Although much more expensive products have been developed over the years to do the same jobs, baking soda can work for you just as well, if not better.

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Now onto how to make all things: DIY Cleaning a Nursery.

Disinfecting sprays can be multi surface, multi purpose for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, they can be sprayed on messes to clean up, misted in the air & so on. Always spot check first. Option to add to any disinfecting spray: Colloidal silver. 

disinfecting spray #1
Spray bottle, 1/2 water & 1/2  vinegar (or citrus vinegar)
Options to  add: 5 drop of essential oil.

disinfecting spray #2
Large spray bottle, 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup peroxide, fill the rest of the bottle with water.
Options to add: essential oils, Lime juice.

disinfecting spray #3
Dissolve 2 tablespoons of Borax in 2 cups of warm/hot water, add to spray bottle & fill with cool water. (Is Borax safe).

disinfecting spray #4
To a large spray bottle add 5 to 10 drops each, tea tree oil & lavender essential oils, fill the bottle the rest of the way with water.

On to more cleaning.

Diaper pails can get stinky rather they are cloth or disposable diapers, & cloth diapers need soaked to get stains out, the below mixtures work best for most people, if your baby is sensitive stop using the mixture & try another.

Diaper pail odors #1 (cloth)
Add 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar to diaper pail.
Options to add, 5 to 10 drops Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oil

Diaper pail odors #2 (cloth)
1/8 cup of Borax per 1 gallon of warm water to soak diapers in the pail.

Diaper pail odors #3 (cloth)
1/2 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup peroxide & warm water to diaper pail.

Diaper pail odors #4 (cloth)
1/2 to 1 cup of baking soda either sprinkled over diapers or added to water.

For disposable diaper Pails/Trash
Sprinkle baking soda in with the diapers, or sprinkle baking soda & essential oils, baking soda & corn starch, baking soda & borax, spray with one of the above sprays.

Rattles & other baby toys
Simply wash in warm vinegar water  1/2 cup to one gallon warm water, or Baking soda water, 1/2 cup to one gallon warm water. Simply wash & allow to air dry, you can also combine the vinegar & baking soda if desired.

Washing or pre-soaking baby clothes, bedding & Cloth Diapers etc for Baby
For Washing: Simply use baking soda, Borax &/or Washing soda (make your own washing soda)
For Pre-Soaking: Use any of the above diaper pail (cloth) ideas
For stains: Check out A DIY Laundry Room: How to be Green & Healthy
Sour smell out of Nursing Bra: Soak in baking soda & warm water.

Cleaning & Freshening Crib Mattress & Crib
If covered in plastic simply use one of the above spray cleaners & wipe it down & the railings of the crib, if the mattress is not plastic covered spray with vinegar lightly, sprinkle on baking soda & sit in sun, vacuum once dry. Check out the other 2 bedroom posts for more ideas (linked to above)

Carpet freshening, sprinkle with baking soda or baking soda & borax, work in with broom, allow to sit several hours & vacuum up.

Changing Table & Crib: (Not Wood) You can use any of the disinfecting sprays above or simply mix 1/2 cup of vinegar in warm water with a few drops of natural liquid soap & wipe with a wash cloth or sponge, this can also be used on most cribs & Nursery Furniture if not wood.

Changing Table & Crib: (Wooden) Combine olive oil & lemon juice & use a dry wash cloth & clean & buff. Can be used on Crib & most wooden furniture safely as well.

Window/Glass cleaner: Use strait white vinegar, or mix vinegar, lemon juice & water to clean.

Bottles & sippy cups, soaking, freshening & cleaning: To soak & refresh bottle use 1/2 cup vinegar & 1/2 cup baking soda mixed in a sink of hot water, soak & scrub, rinse & allow to dry. Options to add: 1/2 cup lemon or Lime juice, 1/4 cup Borax or 1/4 cup peroxide.

For stains on or in bottles & sippy cups: use a baking soda water paste after soaking & scrub with a sponge.

Diaper bag cleaning & odors: Use disinfecting spray #1 or #4 misting the inside of the bag, wipe with dry wash cloth & allow to air dry, for more odor eliminating power sprinkle baking soda in the diaper bag over night & a few drops of Peppermint, Eucalyptus or Lavender essential oil.

Sour milk smell or other lingering smells: Spray with white vinegar & sprinkle on baking soda & corn starch if you can find the spill, work in & allow to dry & vacuum up. If you can not find the spill simply sit several boxes of open baking soda in the room till smell is gone & spray disinfecting spray #4 around.

Tip: keep an open box of baking soda in several locations in the Nursery, near the diaper pail, changing table & crib if room is large.

Bugs/pests roaches etc: The last thing you want is creepy Crawlies in the Nursery, so routinely put Food grade diatomaceous earth on carpets & around overnight & vacuum up (a deodorizer also) you can also repel  pests by leaving under rugs, behind furniture & along baseboard.


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  1. Great tips! Thank you so much! Ever since I have been reading up on the amount of chemicals in our products, I have switched to natural baby products and cleansers.

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