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Welcome to my blog post on an awesome product, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth,

This post is filled with a  review, info & uses of Food Grade DE by, so if you are ready let’s get started. is my preferred brand of Food Grade DE. 

Do you know what Diatomaceous Earth is? 
Commonly called DE.
DE is a type of sedimentary rock composed of tiny fossilized organisms called  diatoms.
DE is typically a lightly colored (white to gray)
DE is composed of fossilized shells. It comes in different  types, which vary in composition and particle size. Of these types, food grade,  which contains little crystalline silica, and “pool grade” silica, which  contains much more crystalline silica, are common.  Diatomaceous earth is filled  with tiny pores and sharp edges. These characteristics enable a multitude of applications.
DE can be found in such states as California, Nevada, Oregon and  Washington, but the United States also imports it from other diatomite-producing  countries such as Algeria, China, Denmark, France, Mexico and Russia.
DE should not be confused with Bentonite/Montmorillonite clay Powders as they are not the same, are taken differently & should not be mixed with or taken with DE.

Diatomaceous Earth: The Dirt You Can Eat and 5 Reasons Why You Should

I in no way can cover all that DE does in this blog post, so check out all the links & do your research & check out my blog post on Natural DIY Pest Control to see how to use DE for pest control here.

food grade diatomaceous earthMy DE journey: as my fans know I have been into natural since I was a kid, way over 30 years of research & understanding of natural products. DE is one of those products I came in contact with over the years & I knew it was a great natural product to use for pest control in organic gardening, I also knew it could be used in cows for parasites & other animals. But in & out of my life it went on more than one occasion as I really did not think about seeing how great it really was.

Then about 8 years ago as we were attempting to go totally DIY on as much as possible, cleaners body care, tooth products, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner etc DE kept coming up especially for home pest & flea issues. I again wanted to find some & try it in the oh so many ways I was reading about.

So I started researching Brands, & I tried so many brands I swear I started over, I found not all food DE is created equal, some literally made me to sick when I took it or burned my skin when using it as a mask or to treat my animals skin & fur etc. Some even smelled & looked wrong & even tasted very wrong. So yes knowing what you are getting is important.

I in my journey that finally just over a year ago got me to a point where I found the food grade Diatomaceous Earth by that worked amazing & the cost was right.

Food Grade DE is one of the top 10 used items in our home with a wide range of uses for humans & animals, I use it daily for me, my kids, our pets (Dogs, Cats, Chickens & have used it on many others) we use food grade DE to fight illness, for general health & wellness, for beauty & DIY cleaning & body care,  in the garden for pests, for ants & fleas on the animals, in the home, vehicles, yard garden, on plant & houseplants & give it to our animals for parasites. I also used it during my cancer.

Healthy fingernails & hair: My whole life no matter how well I ate, how healthy I was, no matter what I took my fingernails could never grow long, they just broke, chipped & peeled off (causing me to chew on them), They were horrible. Once I started taking Food Grade Diatomaceous earth (DE) daily instead of just as needed not only do I get many health benefits, pain relief etc I also within just a few weeks started having the fingernails I always wanted, healthy, strong & longer. if I get lazy & not take the DE daily they again look horrible but as long as I stay to my daily taking DE my nails are great looking. My hair also is much healthier when I take DE regularly, between DE & no poo I have resolved many hair & scalp issues including balding & thin spots.

When taken & used daily food grade DE is said to help these issues & condition & many people agree
Alzheimer’s, Anti-Inflammatory, Arteriosclerosis, Arthritis, Bloating and Flatulence, Blood Sugar, Regulation, Blood Pressure Control, Bone Strength, Bronchitis, Candida, Cholesterol Control, Chronic Fatigue, Collagen Generation, Colon Cleanser, Detox & Cleansing, Diabetes/Pancreas, Digestive Aid, Diuretic, Emphysema, Hair/Nail Growth and Health, Heavy Metal Detoxifier, Hypoglycemia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Joint/Tendon Health, Osteoporosis, Pregnancy, Scabies
Skin/Complexion, Stimulates Metabolism, Strengthens Blood Vessels, Teeth and Gums, Thyroid Problems, Tissue Repair, Varicose Veins, Worms and Parasites


Food Grade Diatomaceous earth

Before I say anymore on just how great DE is I want to say a bit more about DE. I have found it works the best for fleas on my animals & in my home, I also prefer it’s taste to other DE brands. My kids also prefer the taste to other brands. has a Facebook page where you can ask questions & read info & uses.  I recommend this great quality Brand of DE & yes I have had some great health benefits from using it & so have friends & fans who purchased it. If you have tried DE & thought it just did not live up to the hype or it tasted totally wrong it very well could be the brand you are using. Many just decide to go to the feed store etc & buy DE in bulk & yes sometimes amazingly you can find a good quality brand at a feed store & that is a score for you, but mostly the brands you get are great for using in barns & around animals but will in no way give you the desired benefits you are looking for. So spend a little extra & get good quality food grade DE for yourself.

How I use Food grade DE:
I use containers to store my DE in that I have saved like gallon glass jars & if I do not have enough of them I also use 1 gallon ice cream buckets. I keep DE in a reused parmesan cheese shaker for ease of use

 I take it: DE is a go to item for me, I take it mainly just in water, but most can not handle the grittiness or taste in just water. But I always say I have taken far worse so DE is not bad at all. But it can be added to almost any food or drink, juices, teas, smoothies on & on, whatever it takes for you to get in what you need daily. Always start off with low amounts & gradually build up, if stomach issue start build up even slower. It is great to ward off illness, to build the immune system, to promote sleep, alkaline body, help your body absorb vitamins, detox etc

For pain: It is a go to for me for any pain, alone taken in water it is awesome for pain relief of almost any kind, especially waking up not hurting so bad (back &  joints) but if I have pain that needs eased fast I mix DE & baking soda in water & drink & an even more effective combo is DE, colloidal silver & baking soda in water.

Welcome to my blog, my name is Cheree & I am ~Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids~

Welcome to my blog, my name is Cheree & I am ~Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids~

Skin care: I mix it with water in a paste & gently exfoliate my skin/face, it can also be mixed with raw honey for a face mask, We brush our teeth with it twice a week to whiten & to remove excess plaque etc. (do not brush daily with DE) DE can be mixed with other things to make a great face mask, like  Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens powder, Coconut oil, olive oil, hair oil, Clay powder etc. (my teens love DE for skin care)

Fleas, ticks & pests on animals: I sprinkle it on my animals fur & rub in for fleas & ticks, I also sprinkle their bedding & add to their food, My pets fur stay so shiny & healthy with them taking DE & their skin looks better than it ever did before I started rubbing it on them, & as a plus it kills ear mites. (more pest control uses here)

Fleas, bedbugs & pests in house: If fleas get in the house we sprinkle it along baseboard, on beds, furniture etc & leave as long as possible or over night then vacuum up if needed (I tend to leave in areas like animal bedding or along baseboard behind things) I also use it in my cupboards to kill roaches, silver fish, ants or other creepy crawlies. (bedbugs)


DE will kill any bug with an exoskeleton, so that covers most of the other bugs we don’t like too. Most will die within 24 hours.

To get rid of all these creepy crawlies from your home, simply sprinkle the DE powder in the places where they are getting into your home, hanging out & hiding. Some of the best places to use it are around doorways, windows, baseboards, under beds, between mattress & box springs, cupboards, drawers, closets, air ducts, pet bedding, under furniture & under cushions. You can also use diatomaceous earth directly on ants‘ nests if they are too close to the house.

Whether you use it indoors or out, it is vital that you keep DE dry as it becomes ineffective when it gets wet, so if it gets wet re apply. 

Chicken (& any other animals): For my free range chickens it keeps pests (including mites) away, I sprinkle it where they sun themselves & take dirt baths & in their food, it keeps them looking so healthy & they lay better (I also give them other things)

Proseslants, Garden, Houseplants: Simply sprinkle right on the plants & around the base, apply right after watering but not to a very wet plant, does not work if to wet, apply once wet from rain or watering, I reapply daily. Can be applied on leaves, branches, blooms, fruits & vegetables.

Naturally kill & repel Aphids & worms (& other pests): I found lots of Aphids & tiny green worms eating my roses & leaves on my rose bushes So I very slightly sprayed the rose bushes with peroxide water & then sprinkled Food grade diatomaceous earth on them, I did this one day & I sprinkled more DE on them the next day after it rained & I checked that afternoon & all the aphids & worms were dead or gone. The DE works better not wet so if it rains let the plant dry some before reapplying, & I only used peroxide water the one day because it was windy, so I only sprayed it on lightly so the DE would stick to the bugs & worms. (kill most bugs & pests the natural way inside & outside with DE)

Please be aware that DE will kill Honey bees if used close to their hives on flowers they frequent.

Cleaning: It can even be used in cleaning mixed with baking soda as scrubbing powder.

I added info on using DE for face/skin, bedbugs & fleas/pests

My testimonial on using PureEarthD DE on my animals for fleas & ticks with soon be on the website
I have lots of great info on using DE here
I have a Pinterest board here
Diatomaceous earth (Food grade) Taking info

So in no way am I saying run out & take DE or give it to your family & animals, I am only telling you info from others, & how I use it. I always recommend you consult a DR (holistic) & do research on everything

 While the FDA has labeled it food grade, and approved diatomaceous earth for
human and animal consumption, the FDA has not approved DE as an internal
parasite control. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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  3. Where can I get organic PINK silica? Silalive had pink silica that was extraordinary but they discontinued it. Now they are using grey, heavy silica and it is horrid. I’m not able to tolerate the stuff they are using now. I want to find a source for pink organic silica. Sincerely patty

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