Borax So Awesome for Shampoo (No Poo) – Skin care too – DIY recipes


Did you know that Borax could safely be used for more than laundry & cleaning?
I read so much great info about using Borax for skin & hair in my research, & so many friends & fans raved about it,  that I decided to research & try Borax myself & I am hooked, I love it! I have been using it since December 2012 & I can not believe I had this awesome product in my home all along & I had never tried it on my hair & skin, yup it was one of those “I coulda had ____” moments for sure.

Cost of just pennies:
You can not beat the price, 1 box of Borax is usually around $4, & one box could last one person all year for shampoo, Baking soda is around $0.50 & one box of it goes a long way as well. Thats part of what I love about all things DIY, Natural, green, easy, effective & cheap!

No Poo & hair detoxing:
I have been totally using No poo for a few years now so my hair had already detoxed from commercial shampoos borax I still love using baking soda water as shampoo, Borax can simply be used in a rotation with Baking soda or mixed with it depending on your hair type or likes. But remember if you are just starting down the No poo path as with anything else in DIY body care (like deodorant) your body (hair) must detox from the commercial shampoos, even the so-called better natural brands. (more info on this detox & troubleshooting here)

But as you will learn  when the hair starts detoxing from all the bad stuff in the shampoo & hair care products you have used it is not fun or pretty process. But once you get through it can be so worth it. How long is said detox? Well that depends on your hairs mood I guess, it seems to be different for everyone, 1 week to 2 months, yes I know that is a big ol gap.

Borax & oh so many uses.

I have always kept Borax around but I rarely used it beyond the DIY laundry soap or in some of my DIY cleaners. But so many of my followers sang the praises of Borax for so much more. So I started researching it & asking questions & I was amazed at how wonderful the product really was & how most had no idea the diamond in the rough they had sitting in their laundry room. Borax, also known as sodium borate, is an a naturally occurring substance and an eco-friendly solution for many things around the house. Most commonly used as a cleaning agent, the uses extend far beyond that. More cleaning recipes here & here.

Borax: Cleans, Disinfects, Deodorizes, and Softens Water. Sometimes referred to as “the miracle mineral,”

Me: Borax Shampoo (No Poo) and skin care.

I am very sensitive to commercial (& most Natural) beauty products, skin care products, soaps etc This includes being on my skin, hair, body & smelling them in a store or on others, I get headaches, hives, rashes, burns, numbness & worse from these products.

But guess what? Just like the other things I use DIY Borax did not bother me (scalp, hair, face, skin)what so ever, & with me that says a lot.

I have very thin hair that can get fried easily from shampoos etc & Borax was very gentle & even from the first washing started reversing issues with my hair brought on by chemo. I have dark brown hair & have had no fading of color or stripping of any kind. And as a plus my scalp looks so healthy & I have totally gotten rid of dandruff, going no poo really stopped the amount of dandruff I was getting, but using Borax has totally eliminated the dandruff.

My hair was very thin in the shaft & thin on my head after it grew back in after chemo. At that time I had thin spots & even bald spots & no poo with things like baking soda & ACV was the only way my hair did not frizz & fry. Going totally no poo also helped my hair to shed less. Then just simply adding Borax to my no poo routine has improved my hairs look, shine & my hair has gotten thicker. I no longer have bald spots & most of the thin areas I had are gone. In just a few months too, the difference is amazing. (I started adding Borax to my no poo routine in December 2012)

And Borax is amazing to kill & repel nits&  lice when used in no poo, alone or in a combo, info here

And as a skin cleaner & exfoliate: It works so well it will forever be in my rotating products I use on my face & skin,  I can not rave about how great it has been at conditioning my skin, leaves skin soft & healthy looking.

You should always first check by testing your skin as to rather you are sensitive or allergic before putting on your whole head or skin.

I posted about using the Borax on skin & hair back in December on my Facebook page & this is what just 2 of my fans had to say:

  • Laurie: I have used borax before …good stuff
  • Aurora: I used it as a face wash and loved the feeling! Feel like it works better than baking soda.

DIY recipes:

Add essential oils if desired scent of choice or need to any of these recipes, just remember with essential oils a little goes a long way, plus some people essential oils will make their hair greasy so know what you need. Essential oils are great for skin & scalp.

To read about my normal no poo routine go here, & for trouble shooting go here, for more ideas go here.

(DIY shampoo does not suds/lather up like commercial toxic ones do)

Shampoo #1: ~2 tsp baking soda, 2 tsp borax (20 mule team) & 1 tsp raw honey added & stirred in to 2 cups hot water, poured over dry hair, worked in for a few minutes & washed out.

Shampoo #2: 1 tbsp of Borax, add 1 to 2 cups of hot water, stir, poured over dry hair, worked in for a few minutes & washed out. option to add capful of 3% peroxide

Shampoo #3: Premade concentrated mixture.
This does not always work well for oily hair but could be adjusted by removing essential oils & epsom salt for oily hair or adjusting for your hair.
You need 2 one quart jars (mason jars, vinegar jars or other jar with sealing lid)
We use both these on all hair types & colors.
Heat 2 cup of Bragg Apple cider vinegar or coconut water vinegar or water in a large enough pot to hold several cups.
Next stir in 4 tbsp borax into hot vinegar to dissolve
Now add 2 tbsp of baking soda very slowly to hot vinegar/borax (very, very slowly add while stirring to keep from fizzing over)
once cooled add to 1 qt jar, add 2 to 4 drops of essential oil (lemon, tea tree, lavender etc essential oil is optional)
Top off with water.
add 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of this mixture to 1 to 2 cups hot/warm water & slowly pour on wet or dry hair working in just like shampoo, wait several minutes & wash out.

Exfoliate face wash #1: 1 part Borax, 1 part baking soda, 1 part water, rub gently in circles on wet face, leave sit a few minutes wash off, you can then do a raw honey wash & rinse.

Exfoliate face wash #2: 1 part Borax, 1 part Epsom salt 1 part water, do as above.

After washing face or before bed: Pat dry with towel, spray mist on colloidal silver if you have it, then rub raw coconut oil on face.

Hair Conditioner #1: 1 tbsp lemon juice (concentrate), 1 tbsp Bragg ACV, 1 tsp ascorbic acid, 1 tsp raw honey added & stirred in 2 cups hot water, worked in left to sit 5 minutes & rinsed out.

Hair Conditioner #2: Citrus infused vinegar

To read about my journey using Borax as shampoo go here

Borax is it safe?

Many say it is safe, & some say no.So only you can decide for yourself & your family, everyone must do their own research & decide for themselves if they are comfortable using Borax at all or in what ways.

Crunchy Betty: Getting to the Bottom of Borax: Is it Safe or Not?

I found in my research that many people add Borax to water & drink it daily/as needed for arthritis, fungus/candida, cancer, pain, infections etc.”Curious to know why borax is one of the most important remedies to kill fungus and nano-bacteria? Us too! However, borax’s toxicity is less than that of sodium chloride (salt).

Please understand: I am not advocating or recommending anyone ever take Borax for any of the reasons listed, it is just info I found in my research so I decided to share it. & doing this research is why I decided to start using Borax in my No Poo regiment & skin care routine, & I am so happy I did.

I will not tell you how to take it or that it is ok to take. always research everything & ask a DR.


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