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Attention: I do not sell anything at this time, do not contact me to buy anything I do not have a store, contact the sellers of the items I posted about to buy. I get so many messages about people wanting to buy it buries the real questions from my fans & that means I may never get to answer them. Thank you

Please read before contacting me: I’m happy to share more links to help you in your research when possible, but if you can research yourself that would be best because I am not a DR & can not give medical advice, & can only tell you what I might do or what others have done. Dosing amounts for any age  & drug interactions need to be researched by you only, I can not at all give dosing amounts or drug info if they are not listed in the post, so please DO NOT ASK!

I do not sell the items I review so I can not answer questions on the products other than whats in my review, so please do not message asking for information, how to do returns or for samples that I can not provide. Do not bother the sellers for free samples, this is their & my business.

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I do accept products to review on my blog go here for info & to contact me to do a review


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There are only a few reasons I will not respond within a few days: #1 You did not ask a question & there is no need for me to respond, #2 You entered an invalid email address (This happens every day so type properly). #3 For some reason I did not get the email (email is not perfect) or you for some reason do not get my response, glitches do happen, you can always send me a Facebook or Twitter message if you prefer.

Please search to see if the answer is on my blog before contacting me, I get a lot of questions that are already either answered in a the blog post or  linked to in a that blog post. To search my blog simply type in the search box to the right it is easy to use & I also have a drop down category box to aid in your search as well. I have many links in my posts to help you research. 

“Contact me shut down”

Sorry I have had to shut down the contact me form. I am hoping this is only temporary but it was done for a couple reasons. #1 far to many were asking medical advice, #2 far to many were sending scam messages making it very hard to find the real fan questions in all the emails. #3 I get hate mail, honestly if you do not like natural why are you reading my blog? #4 I get questions I just do not even understand, I wont embarrass anyone & post them here just trust me. #5 Some do not enter their email properly meaning I try to respond, it comes back undelivered & then because they think I did not answer they start putting mean comments on posts here on my blog or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. So even though my explanation is long I do apologize to my wonderful fans. However if you have a question please contact me on my Facebook page or comment on the post your question is about.

I have no schedule of how often I will do my blogs, when the mood hits & the typing fingers are ready all it will take is my quirky mind to make the combo complete & wha la you will see a new blog post. My blogs will cover anything and everything. Cooking, Gardening, Ramblings, Daily life, Review, Giveaways, Family, Husbands, Children, Teens, Pets, Rural life, Cleaning, Crafty,odds n ends, Odes, TV, Movies, Photography, Homeschool / schooling and oh my who knows what else I might subject you to, but the one thing I promise is I will do my best to share all I know.

And before you ask yes we have 6 kids & we love it!