Troubleshooting when Switching to DIY for No Poo, Skin care, Deodorant etc


DIY is great right?
But wait, you say the switch has not been that great for you?
Or maybe it was great then something seems to have gone wrong?
Maybe this post can help you.

Many love DIY body care in all forms when they start using things like DIY skin care items, DIY shampoo & DIY deodorant.roses
But then a few weeks later things might suddenly seem like DIY is not working & is just not right for you! but wait do not give up yet, did you know once you start using natural DIY products on your body they can actually help your body detox, your body is now given the tools & better health so it can get rid of the toxins that have absorbed into your body from commercial & even natural Shampoo, Conditioners, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Beauty care & Skin Care products etc. So not only are these natural DIY products great for your body they also enable to body to rid itself of unwanted junk. For everyone this detox is different, it can start within days or be a couple of weeks or a month, it can also last days, weeks or a month, & this detox can be what you are going through. This detox is essentially coming from the years of toxins in the commercial products you used.

Myself, my friends & many, many fans of my Facebook page & blog, we can do it!
I have heard it time & time again, DIY worked great in the beginning now it is not, then they might say; but do not worry I am switching to a natural so n so brand instead, because DIY just does not work for me. And every time I hear that from fans & friends I want to slap my palm to my forehead & just yell noooo! but I hold it together & try to explain this detox is normal & needed, so please allow your body to get rid of the yuck, And sadly switching to a natural brand does not make it better, in far to many cases they are expensive junk that is not any better than commercial brands. So if you can handle it hang in there & endure the detox from going DIY.

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Photos by ChereeExamples:
DIY Shampoo~ When you first switched to no poo your hair was shiny & manageable & totally awesome, a bit of time goes by & bam it looks kinda gross & feels yucky to, no amount of washing seems to correct this, yup you guessed it your hair & scalp are detoxing!

DIY Deodorant~ OMG you think at how wonderful the simple goodness of DIY deodorant is, what could be better, cheap, effective & great for your body, but wait, suddenly you are feeling too much sweat, yea a little sweat you know is a normal needed process but not Niagara falls under your arms, & oh whoa what is that stench? & why are my underarms a funky color & why does the skin feel that way, um hmm you know it is true, it is your underarms detoxing.

DIY skin & Beauty products~ This part of DIY has been amazing, great for your skin, clearing up dry spots, correcting skin tone & in so many ways 100 times better than any pricy store-bought products, & for just pennies a day. But oh no! suddenly pimples or other signs that something just might not be right. So yea, even though this detox happens less often than the other 2 it can still happen to some in varying degrees, you are sitting in detox land.

Detoxing is needed so stick it out! Do not give up just because things look bleak.Baking soda
Yeap you heard right as horrible as detox can be, & as much as it makes you feel like climbing in bed & pulling the covers over your head to keep the world from seeing your un-awesomeness, it really is a good thing & your body needs to do it. So many give up DIY during this detox, but once you have started detoxing you are already over the hump, do not give up stick it out & before to long your DIY results will be back to awesome with a capital A. And letting your body go through this process can help your immune system be stronger too. So less toxins & a better you!

Good news though, you can do things to speed up the detox, or maybe even so you wont notice the detox at all!
The biggest mistake everyone makes is using only one DIY way to do things, rotate what you use mix it up a bit & use different things, get creative. This is the number one thing you can do to survive detox & still look & feel DIY amazing. Repeat after me, my DIY routine needs different DIY items rotated for best results.

Natural & Frugal / Photos by ChereeExamples:
DIY Shampoo~ Most start off doing no poo with baking soda in water & then that’s what they keep using, some add baking soda to cold/room temp water others to hot, so I must say some people’s hair needs hot so you need to figure that out first & foremost. next try adding raw honey in your baking soda water, or using borax water, or baking soda & borax, or citrus acid or fruit puree or lemon juice or Epsom salt or any combo of these you get the idea.  The key is to mix it up, what you wash your hair with today do not use the next time, rotate the items or combos that work best for you. Some people add essential oils, some don’t because they make their hair oily, but before giving up try different oil, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, lemon etc, essential oils can be used in shampooing or conditioning. Just remember with essential oils less is best, 1 drop is plenty.

Check out also using Palm Shortening for your hair here

DIY Conditioner~ Same as shampoo, rotate & mix it up, try using ACV, Bragg ACV, Coconut water vinegar, Infused vinegars such as Citrus vinegar, Citrus acid, lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, raw honey, Borax, Epsom salt, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Avocado puree, essential oils etc, being creative & rotating the items & combos that work for you is key. Knowing your hair means knowing what works

(no poo & conditioner ideas here, here & here)

DIY Deodorant~ I think you get the idea now but yes rotate what you use, take a shower at night as you climb out simply spray on peroxide or ACV, or put just a bit of coconut oil under your arms for the night, in the morning maybe apply your coconut oil, baking soda & corn starch combo & get your day going, maybe the next day a powder of corn starch, baking soda & bentonite clay, or spray Epsom salt, also remember you can use corn starch, arrowroot, potato starch etc (more deodorant ideas here)

DIY skin & Beauty products~ I think you get the idea rotate & get creative, yea! (Skin care & other DIY beauty ideas here, here & here)DIY face mask

Keep on Keeping on (70s kids will remember the saying “Keep on Trucking”)
Ok so using the tips above may make the detox not last long or not noticeable at all for some, even if you must endure the dreaded detox it will get better & your body needs to do it, & your natural DIY ideas are great for your health, so basically surviving the detox storm will be worth it oh so much in the long run.


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11 thoughts on “Troubleshooting when Switching to DIY for No Poo, Skin care, Deodorant etc

  1. I have a Kombucha continuous brew set up at my house, and have been using the raw form of it as an alternative conditioner too, and it works great as it is less acidic than ACV. Just thought i’d share:)

  2. We also use kombucha tea (though as a 20 plus year teacher of kombucha I never recommend the continuous brew) but depending on how & how long kombucha is brewed it can be just as acidic as vinegar, we use kombucha in our house just like acv because they are interchangeable so well, thank you for sharing

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