Got Acne? Natural DIY ideas, Prevent & Heal Skin – Pimples – Blackheads – Scarring – Teens – Adults


This post is for you rather you are a teen or adult, rather you have acne or scarring or just want to prevent them.

Maybe you just want to switch to DIY or more natural skin care, or maybe you want your teen to learn how to use these products & want to know what other teens are using. All these items are used and approved by my teens & even my younger kids use them. I also personally use them.

Natural Face & Skin, cheap, effective natural ideas to maintain & clear up skin!

skinOn my Facebook page I get asked a lot what to use for Pimples & blackheads, I already did a blog post on natural skin care ideas for the face & skin, so check it out for more info on this subject. In this post I will just be discussing some basics for clearing up your face & skin, so make sure to check out all the links.
If you research the subject more needs to be done than just cleaning your face effectively, the root cause of your outbreaks needs to be addressed, look into your diet, avoid refined sugars, refined foods, sodas, iodized table salt, preservatives, low cal, no cal, fat-free, sugar-free, artificial sweeteners etc. Eat a well-rounded healthy diet of real foods, drink plenty of pure water, use natural unrefined salts, use real butter, get vitamins from your diet, but if you must take vitamins make sure they are whole food vitamins & that they are not synthetic. Avoid toxins in skin care & body care products & other toxins in your home & life. Try not to stress.

Great Products to use on your face to fight pimples, blackheads & acne.

Just a short list of items you can use to wash your face by mixing & matching, most of these items are on my top 10 list with very good reason, they work & are very versatile in uses on the body & in the home for health, cleaning etc, and they do not compromise the immune system.

Simple Baking soda!

Many get amazing results & clear their skin up just by switching to washing their face with baking soda & not using soap or any other commercial products on their face/skin.
Why does baking soda work so well?
Baking soda is PH balancing miracle & can serve as a acid or a base & is beneficial in neutralizing pH of your skin & proper PH balance is necessary for fighting acne & breakouts. PH imbalance can lead to more than just acne. Baking soda is also great for pain as it soothes & is anti-inflammatory also reducing redness & swelling. Baking soda while is also a great antiseptic & can aide in preventing bacteria from more reactions & infections. Baking soda a great mild & gentile exfoliating scrub, removing dead & dying skin cells from the top layer of your skin, revealing a healthier layer of skin that glows.

Baking soda is great all around for your whole body (skin) & not just a acne solution it is amazing for irritated,  inflamed skin, itchy, burned skin. Baking soda can be very successfully used for acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, hives, stings, bites & rashes.  We use baking soda for skin/body care in varying ways & I could type all day about my love of baking soda & all its benefits. Baking soda used on skin is so amazing you will notice the difference in skin health & complexion within days.

Skin careUsing Baking soda to clear up acne on your skin & face.
Make baking soda into a thick paste with pure water, apply to wet face washing gently with a wash cloth in circular motion, you can either leave on your face to dry like a mask or wash off with water, pat face dry & apply raw coconut oil  or body butter & work into skin. Mixing baking soda with colloidal silver in a paste is also great.
You can use baking soda as the base & mix it with any of the other items above, add pure water as needed to make the paste. a favorite in our house is using the borax on our skin, everything depending on how sensitive your skin is can be used as a wash or a mask, & baking soda, Borax, Epsom salt,  & salt can also exfoliate. almost all the above items can be used as washes, masks, faceastringents & toners

We do not use soap or shampoo & use baking soda (no poo) so it has many skin care beauty care uses beyond acne as well. We use baking soda to fight allergies, also use it in our DIY toothpaste & DIY deodorant. Baking soda is also great for Animals & Babies skin. Baking soda mixed with water can also be a toner so it is a multi purpose skin care item that is not only cheap, but effective, natural & safe.

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Other ideas:

  • Coconut oil: Use the coconut oil mixed with the baking soda or with a few drops of essential oils, soothing to skin, & great for rashes & other skin conditions, coconut oil can also be used after your skin care routine, pat dry & rub the coconut oil in, also great applied & rubbed in before make up or used to replace night cream, sunscreen or other moisturizing creams etc. Raw coconut oil used for oil pulling is also great for clearing up skin.
  • Essential oils: Use essential oils mixed with coconut oil as mentioned, or add to baking soda, epsom salt, Olive oil, spray bottle of pure water or colloidal silver etc, but use only 1 or 2 drops. Great to fight infections & can be used as a toner mixed in water. Lavender or Tea Tree essential oils are great for skin health & healing.misting spray bottles, travel size
  • Salt: Use salt mixed with baking soda, coconut oil, lemon juice, ACV, colloidal silver or raw honey (get creative). You can also use easily homemade sole water.
  • Epsom salt: I like Epsom salt mixed with almost anything, it really is great to fight most any skin issues, I also like to dissolve epsom salt in water & was face/skin with the water, you can even add tea tree oil to the water &/or colloidal silver.
  • Raw Honey: Using honey is amazing on skin (& hair), you can add it to the baking soda paste, or mix with coconut oil, lemon juice & or ACV
  • .Clay powder: Using the clay as a mask before or after washing several times a week is great, you can even mix the raw honey in with it, Clay absorbs toxins to as a plus & it draws out infections to. Also soothing to skin. (you can use: white clay, green clay, bentonite clay or Calcium Montmorillonite clay)
  • Food Grade Diatomaceous earth: Use DE as a facial exfoliator, or as a mask, DE is very healing to skin & provides needed nutrients & silica for healthy skin. prevents blackheads & acne, leaves skin feeling amazing & with a healthy glow. simply mix with water in a paste & gently exfoliate face.
  • Activated Charcoal powder: Yes it is black & messy, but boy is is amazing for health & skin care, it draws out toxins as it cleans your skin, getting deep down to remove dirt & grime drawing them out like a magnet, leaving your face soft & refreshed. Great for preventing & healing blackheads, pimples, acne & skin issues. Simply mix with water & use as a spot poultice or a face/skin mask, or mix with clay. Wash off with warm water & follow with a baking soda paste wash to remove any leftover black from your skin.
  • Borax: Use Borax as a base with baking soda or without baking soda, we like the borax best mixed with epsom salt. Borax for many is the key to amazingly healthy skin.
  • Lemon or Lime juice (or even fresh lemon slices): When using citrus juice fresh is best, you can mix it with baking soda (let stop fizzing before applying), it can also be used alone on a cotton ball & let sit a few minutes before washing off. I love lemon juice on my skin & hair. Also makes a great toner.
  • Colloidal silver: Using colloidal silver for many becomes the easiest most effective spray bottletreatment for acne & other skin conditions, you can spray it on & allow to dry several times a day, also taking it to work from the inside out, & it can safely be mixed with other products from above or even commercial products if you prefer. a great toner & very soothing to skin.
  • Vinegar: Using Vinegar can also be very effective & can be mixed with any of the above as a face wash, or even a toner, again it also works great on hair, & you can take Bragg acv in water to fight the acne issue from the inside, soothing to skin.
  • Other Oils: Jojoba, Argan, Emu, Rosehip, Olive oil are all great for skin health & actually help balance oily or dry skin issues. Try making body butter with coconut oil & these oils.
  • Shared by fan Rebecca C: All of it great advise, but I noticed Neem oil was missing from your list.
    I have used all the techniques you listed (My husband, myself, and 8 kids, different skin types and different acne/blackhead causes, which require different treatments).
    I have found Neem Oil to be particularly good with deep, stubborn, blackheads. A small dot rubbed in, left on for 10 minutes, then gently ‘washed’ off with a very warm clean cloth (just hot water -no soap or oil), twice a day, before your normal face routine. 1 to 2 weeks and it’s gone.

Make sure to check out all the links provided above for more info on using the products I also have lots of info on using them in my DIY Pinterest boards & in my Facebook photo albums & notes, My teen girls love to use the above ideas plus they also like using Knox gelatin on their skin, & using Witch hazel. As to scarring using these natural DIY ideas greatly reduces scarring & can even for some people reverse scarring. DIY face mask

One of our favorite face masks is using Calcium Montmorillonite clay powder mixed with enough raw honey & colloidal silver to make a thick paste, apply thick & evenly to face, leave on an hour, mist with colloidal silver if it starts drying or cracking, then wash face off with warm water, then mist face with colloidal silver & rub raw coconut oil on skin in circular motions, do 2 to 3 times a week.

Another favorite is to mix DE, clay & activated charcoal with water or raw coconut oil or DIY body butter for a scrubbing moisturizing face mask.

As I was doing this blog post I got an email from another great blogger I follow “The Aliso Kitchen“, & their newest blog post is about Acne so I am sharing it with you, make sure & check it out “How I’m Healing My Hormonal Acne Naturally

Also Check out Rose water, Plantain water, & Jasmine water as they are all great for skin.


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