#5 A DIY Dining room: How to be Green & Healthy

DIY all things Dining room cleaning.

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The 5th blog post in my blog series on cleaning room by room, And like the rest of the house I pretty much use the same items for the dining room as I do in my other DIY green cleaning around the whole house. Using the same multi purpose products in the whole house saves so much money & time. Remember measurements do not need to be exact, that’s part of the beauty of DIY cleaners there is no exact science just mix it the way it works best for you.

Some of the things you need for DIY Dining room are:

Make sure to check out my series of articles: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room, I will be adding articles on how to clean each room in your house, DIY, natural & frugal. Blog series of articles on: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room.

All things DIY for the whole house, Green cleaning, subjects being added: laundry, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, kids bedrooms, nursery, office, floors, walls, ceilings, vehicles, & Pest control.

A DIY Dining room: How to Green & Healthy, but are these DIY ideas as effective to kill germs & bacteria like commercial Dining room cleaning  products do?
The fast answer is: You bet they are! (check out the other blog posts in this series linked to above for lots more info) And the best part no toxic fumes to breath in & no toxic residue absorbing into the skin & compromising your immune system.

DIYSome info on Vinegar & Lemon & Cleaning.

Vinegar actually cleans much like an all-purpose cleaner. All you need is to mix a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and you have a natural effective green cleaning solution that will clean most areas of your home (do not clean stone or granite with vinegar). Vinegar is the like perfect cleaning product as well as a disinfectant & deodorizer.  Vinegar isn’t a good idea to use on marble surfaces either.

Lemon juice is another natural substance that can be used to clean your home. Lemon juice can be used to dissolve soap scum . Lemon is a great substance to clean and shine brass and copper. Be aware that lemon juice can act as a natural bleach.  It’s a good idea to test it out on a hidden area first. Mix 1 cup olive oil with ½ cup lemon juice and you have a furniture polish for hardwood furniture Lemon juice can also be used to treat stains because of its natural bleaching qualities.

White distilled vinegar and lemon juice share a similar acidic pH of between 2.3  and 2.5. Both have strong deodorant properties that make them especially  successful in cleaning any room in your house. Lemon and vinegar cleansing  leaves rooms fresh smelling and clean, naturally.

When you are buying ingredients for your natural cleansing products, there are a  few simple guidelines to keep in mind:
1) Remember that fresh is best, so  using fresh lemons for cleansing and deodorizing will give you the best results.  Lemon juice from the bottle is the next best option. When lemons are out of  season, bottled is often the most economical alternative. Bottled juice is  easier to use for larger cleaning jobs.
2) There are many varieties of  vinegar, but the most often used in housekeeping are cider vinegar and white  distilled vinegar (5 percent). Cider vinegar may discolor fabric, so it should  not be used in laundering.

Get started making your own DIY products with 5 simple items

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Now onto how to make all things DIY Dining room.

Hard wood floors
1 to 2 cups of white vinegar, 1/2 cup lemon juice in a gallon of warm water, mop as normal.
To shine floors mix olive oil & lemon juice & buff floors to a shine.

laminate & linoleum floors
1 to 3 cups white vinegar, 1 tbsp of corn starch in a gallon or 2 of hot water, mop as normal

For more recipes for DIY floors check out  #10 DIY Floors: How to be Green & Healthy

Multi purpose spray
For table, window sills, walls, table legs, chairs, hutches etc
Large Spray bottle, 1 cup white vinegar, slowly add 1 to 2 tsp of baking soda (fizzes up) wait until fizzing stops & add 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil & 2 to 3 drops of essential of choice. use with a clean wash cloth.

Glass cleaner
(see #4 A DIY Livingroom: How to be Green & Healthy for glass cleaners)
For tough jobs add 1 cup of white vinegar, 5 to 10 drops of lemon or orange essential oil & 1 tsp liquid soap to a bucket of hot water, can be used inside or outside, scrub with wash cloth or sponge, use a squeegee to wipe water off if needed.

Scented room spray #1
Spray bottle, add citrus cleaning vinegar (1 part water 1 part vinegar) mist in room or use to clean with just as you would multi purpose cleaner, the citrus vinegar can also be used to mop with to replace white vinegar.

Scented room spray #2
Large spray bottle
1 cup of white vinegar
1 tsp baking soda
10 to 20 drops of essential oil of choice
Optional: 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol or Grain alcohol
Mix vinegar & baking soda slowly, add essential oil etc & fill the rest of the way with water & simply clean (non wood surfaces if alcohol is in it) or mist in the air.

Scented room spray #3
Large spray bottle
1/2 cup of peroxide
5 drops each lemon, orange & eucalyptus essential oil
Again it can be used as a spray cleaner or misted in the air, for stone oor granite cleaning use this with only the eucalyptus essential oil added.

Musty odors on carpet or in room
1 part Borax, 1 part baking soda, sprinkle in room all over floors rather there is carpeting or not, allow to sit overnight & sweep up or vacuum up.

Food on ceilings or walls
If none of the above spray cleaners work try this. Make a paste of baking soda & water, baking soda & peroxide, baking soda & vinegar etc & simply wipe on & rub gently (check to make sure paint wont fade or peel), simply wipe off with a clean damp sponge.

For more recipes for DIY ceilings check out  #11 DIY Wall cleaning: How to be Green & Healthy

To clean up spilled oils or greasy foods
Simply cover spot with baking soda, or baking soda & corn starch, allow to absorb oils & sweep up, then spray & wipe with a spray cleaner.

High chair cleaning
Use any of the spray cleaners above safely, if high chair is wood try the oil & lemon shinning & conditioning as well.



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