It is time to get crunchy with Honey and Baking soda for DIY

Oh what a DIY life it is!

I am into all natural DIY yourself everything,
I do not really consider myself “Crunchy” but I guess that’s what I am. ūüôā
My fans know I use natural cheap effective products like: Vinegar, Peroxide, Epsom Salt, Lemon juice, Coconut oil, Diatomaceous earth & Borax either alone or mixed¬†& I use them all¬†around my home, outside & on my body & that they can also be taken for health, now that is versatile and simple (& I guess “Crunchy” ) but I also use Honey & baking soda & this blog post is going to focus on these 2 products that are great alone & together.
Both Raw Honey & Baking soda are on my top 10 list so they are a favorite in my home & are used by everyone of all ages.

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honey & baking soda

Fake Honey say what?
Most store boaght Honey is fake junk, here is a great article to help you decide if your honey is fake. You can also research the brand of raw honey you want to buy.honey

Ok since you ran off to get your jar of honey & look it over in disbelief I will take this moment to remind you life is full of fakes like fake olive oils, & it is up to each of us to do our research & discover the facts, are you back now? did you bring the honey jar with you?

baking sodaWhat? you do not have to buy expensive baking soda because there is no aluminum in baking soda!
Again yup it is true, NEWSFLASH: Baking soda does not contain aluminum

Baking soda is simply sodium bicarbonate & is a natural mineral mined from the ground. It does not contain aluminum nor is aluminum added to it in processing either by intention or through aluminum equipment.
Baking Powder however is manufactured with baking soda as an ingredient & as a general rule includes aluminum.

So marketing baking soda as aluminum free is a cleaver selling strateg, but all it has done is confuse those trying to live healthier. As has been noted, no baking soda has aluminum in it.

Do not confuse baking soda with baking powder. Soda is a pure product with no additives. Baking powder is a mixture of chemicals used as leavening in countless baking products.

I love honey for health, in my warm ACV water, warm lemon water, teas, for allergies. cold & flu etc & even a few other uses I will not be covering today. I will be sticking to just a few beauty uses for raw honey & I will do another blog dedicated to just raw honey at some point in the near future. The same with baking soda, I will just be including a few great uses since I already have a whole blog post dedicated to the wonderful white powder & dozens of other posts with it uses.

OK now that we have covered that onto the DIY part of this post, yay!
Honey & Baking soda together

honey & baking sodaHow to face scrub/wash/mask/skin, scalp & no poo: Ok Raw honey & baking soda can be used together for an amazing combo for washing & exfoliation of your face & skin, Simply make a paste of 2 parts baking soda to one part honey & gently rub into wet face in a circular motion, either wash face & rinse off or let sit on face 5 or 10 minutes as a mask, this is a great exfoliating face wash that is great for all kinds of skin conditions like acne. This same combo is great for your scalp, just scrub onto scalp while hair is dry, you may need to add a bit of water to the paste, again allow to sit & simply rinse out, great for dry skin & dandruff. Honey & baking soda are great for washing your hair instead of shampoo (no poo) add 1 tsp. of baking soda to 6 to 8 oz of warm/hot water in a cup & 1/2 tsp. of raw honey & simply dump over dry hair & work into hair good then wash out with warm water (follow with DIY conditioner) of course you can get creative with this combo, amazing in your DIY beauty & no poo routine.

Honey time!

shaving honeyWow really? Shaving? : I was cruising around the internet a month or so ago checking out any new ideas in DIY & I found an interesting tid bit on a natural board & it was an idea I had never even thought of trying, but everyone commenting loved it (all were ladies so guys you are on your own) It was shaving with raw honey, I know I got that same look on my face when I read it, then dollar signs as I heard ca ching in my head imaging how much of my liquid gold raw honey I would need to shave just my legs. And I already love shaving with raw coconut oil or a raw coconut oil & baking soda combo (adding essential oils as my whims prefer) the raw coconut oil is one awesome shaving cream. But as I read the info on shaving with raw honey I realized I wanted to try it so I read up on how.

It is simple really, start with wet legs wet your hands & add about 4 or 5 drops (1/4 tsp) of raw honey to your hands, work the honey between the palms of your wet hands & simply rub on legs (making sure the water does not wash it off but helps it spread) no it was not sticky at all, so I started shaving & I loved it. Add another drop to areas as needed, I shaved both legs with just over 3/4 tsp of raw honey combined. I then shaved my underarms with about one drop each, the underarms were just a bit more sensitive to this method but doable for me. Then wash off, pat dry & if you prefer rub in some raw coconut oil &/or olive oil for moisturizer. I love how close the shave was & how smooth my skin was even when I did not follow with coconut oil..

But you know me I experimented further, next time I added just a bit of raw coconut oil (you could use another oil) & this method worked awesome for my underarms, so if you have sensitive skin this might be the better way for you.

One of the reasons the ladies on the board I read were shaving with raw honey to begin with was they had skin issues like shaving acne, psoriasis etc & the raw honey shaving helped their skin & in some cases cured the issue, so adding the raw coconut oil would be even better (& again I already loved shaving with raw coconut oil & it is also amazing for skin issues)

Fans: I had several fans take the challenge of trying it when I asked for volunteers.
Becky: Liked it so much, everything I have ever used flared up my eczema & the honey not only did not irritate it, it soothed it. Of course I have not tried coconut oil yet, that will be next.
Linda: I thought it a strange idea but I am a strange crunchy person if you ask my friends, so I did it & like it, I had no issues & will shave with honey again.
lee: I thought Honey, eww sticky, after being assured of no stickiness I tried, it was ok but I am no convert.
Megan: I was happy to hear about & the honey for shaving, because for me virgin coconut oil was just to oily & messy. I am in love with the honey shaving, I did use more on my underarms but honey is antibacterial so it is also great for washing under arms, thanks for getting this info out there. I am spreading the word

So there you have it, something new for you to try, shaving with raw honey!

Baking soda time!
We all know how awesome baking soda is all around the house, for plants, in the garden, for cleaning your house & body on & on¬†oh yea & baking too ūüôā I want to tell you one of our favorite easy uses.

hand wash baking sodaBaking soda hand washing: We do not use soap on our body or shampoo etc, we tend to mainly use baking soda & our skin & hair is awesome because of it. And that includes hand washing, and if you prefer you can add essential oils to the baking soda like Tea tree or lavender oil. This works great for young & old alike & great for sensitive skin & skin issues, skin rashes, dry skin, oily skin on & on. Baking soda naturally balances PH of the skin, and  tea tree oil & Lavender are naturally antibacterial without the toxins. (A teen favorite & they like to add eucalyptus essential oil)

When baking soda is combined with water the resulting reaction turns baking soda into a natural non toxic PH balancing mild antiseptic, according to the textbook “Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology.” And it is rare for anyone to have an allergic reaction because its only ingredients are sodium, hydrogen carbon and oxygen.

How to: We use an empty parmesan cheese shaker I add one box of baking soda to it & sit it by the sink (there is also a shaker on the tub because we use it in the shower & bath) I suggest trying it without the essential oils first so you know what way you & your family prefer. If adding the essential oils add 10 to 20 drops & work into all of the baking soda with a fork. To wash hands simply wet hands & sprinkle on the baking soda rub around on hands just like you would soap then wash off, you will fast figure out how much you need.

Heavy duty hand cleaner: For those with jobs were there hands get greasy, black or otherwise stained baking soda as soap can be down right amazing, but if you need stronger power add 10 to 20 drops of orange or other citrus essential oil (mix in with a fork) to the baking soda, you can also add Epsom salt, table salt, or Food grade diatomaceous earth,¬†mix¬†1 part to¬†2 parts baking soda. you can also add 1 drop of natural liquid¬†soap (or Dawn dish soap) on top of the baking soda on your hands, but as my husband discovered rarely did he ever need to add soap & he was changing oil for a living, now he’s a factory worker who comes home covered in black & he also paints.

baking soda body washFor odors on hands: This mixture if left on your hands long enough can also remove odors like onion, fish etc, & for those still using them it can also help remove the odors from  commercial cleaners, finger nail polish/remover etc.

No need to buy those toxic antibacterial soaps, this DIY is very effective & gentle enough for sensitive skin & it’s very healing & softening¬†to the skin¬†too. Great for newborns, children, adults & the elderly (everyone!)

NEWSFLASH: Baking soda does not contain aluminum here & here
Info straight from Arm & Hammer’s Facebook page, where they responded to a question about Aluminum: Arm & Hammer¬†Thanks for your question. We are happy to tell you that ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda does not contain aluminum, parabens, colorants or animal-derived ingredients. ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda is pure, versatile, effective, safe, and affordable for baking, household and personal care uses. Thanks for being an ARM & HAMMER fan!

Don’t forget the shaker can be used as body wash & works amazing!


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