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Oil Pulling: For beginners/everyone ~Coconut oil, Colloidal silver, Essential oils & Tips/FAQ’s/Info

Are you ready to begin an oil pulling routine?  Maybe you are still researching oil pulling, are just beginning your oil pulling routine or even if you have been oil pulling for a while these tips & ideas might just help you get the most out of oil pulling. There is a lot of info in this article to research & links to help get you started, I do recommend, researching it, researching both sides, researching deep & researching it again. Research it, Live it, Love it!

Step by step directions & my oil pulling routine are about 2/3 the way down this post. Check out the many fan testimonials & FAQ’s section near the bottom of this post. There is now a new section added about how to use oil pulling to fight allergies, cold, flu & to get well faster.

This post has gradually grown longer & longer with added info, the more the same question gets asked of me shows that info needs to be here.  So get reading, researching & enjoying. (& do not forget this post has new info added almost weekly so check back again)

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Oil Pulling & Common problems, ideas to help in this blog post:

Some of the most common problems I hear from fans & friends when they first start trying oil pulling is the taste makes them sick, it get so thick they can not continue, their jaw starts to hurt, & that they can only do a few minutes & not get to 20 minutes etc. A new question I have suddenly been asked about a lot is gagging, so I added some info below on that & on other areas as well. I also have a FAQs section with links below the directions.

Check out my daughters blog post on oil pulling she will be updating: Oil Pulling, How To, and Benefits – Naturally Teen Approved

Oil Pulling help & ideas.

oil pullingEssential oils & oil pulling:

Some do add a drop of essential oil like peppermint, spearmint, tea tree, clove etc & if that’s what you must do to keep going I say go for it. My thoughts, well for some essential oils would be an extra benefit, for others it could be to much & mess up the balance in the mouth over the long term use, I think essential oils are best not used daily for oil pulling but maybe once a week or a few times a month unless you get better results with the essential oils. But essential oils are great for those beginning oil pulling & struggling to use to get started. They may help you get started so you get used to having oil swishing in your mouth & you can decide to stop using the essential oils later maybe or continue, it’s all up to you. Or you could at least check out the difference in benefits with not using them & using them to see what you prefer & works best for you. Essential oils for sure can help you so much in the taste & gaging area of oil pulling. And using essential oils in your oil pulling routine would be better than failing at oil pulling simply because of the taste. And do not forget many do get great results using essential oils in oil pulling

Oil Pulling Goes Mainstream – Health Benefits Cannot be Denied

Thickness or Thin oil puling issues:

The thickness issue I started researching awhile back because some complain of thickness, thickness does not bother me at all as a matter of fact the oil in my mouth like many peoples thins out, but this issue does bother others. Of course the fast answer for fixing thickness is to simply add about 5 to 10 drops of pure water or alkaline water to your mouth once oil starts to get thick (making sure to not over fill mouth). Another solution some use is to simply do the oil pulling in 2 steps, swish the first 1/2 of oil till thick, spit in the garbage. add the next 1/2 in your mouth & swish till thick & spit in the garbage. But as a few articles I have researched explain this breaks the cycle & might limit your desired results from oil pulling. So best to stick to adding water, or some of the other ideas below. Though some complain of the oil getting to thick most experience the oil getting thinner, so rather the oil in your mouth gets thicker or thinner both are normal. If the oil in your mouth gets to thin try adding a bit more solid coconut oil at that point or adding activated charcoal powder.

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Jaw pain during & after oil pulling:

Jaw pain is common when first starting a oil pulling routine, mainly because you are exercising muscles & joints coconut oil 1not used very often. But oil pulling can strengthen your jaw even for those with TMJ if you build up gradually & do not over do it. If you are getting in too much pain you are swishing to hard, just gentle swishing is plenty. Oil pulling should feel comfortable. Do not over fill your mouth & swish gently back & forth not over doing it. Be calm & relaxed not tense, also building up to 20 minutes gradually can help the issue of jaw pain as well. if you get pain relax your mouth & jaw for 20 to 30 seconds & start again slowly.

Swish the oil gently back & forth in your mouth. If your jaw starts aching after a few minutes, slow down, you are doing it too hard.Do not swallow the oil while swishing. if you keep having the urge to swallow you probably have too much oil in your mouth.When finished oil pulling always spit the oil into the trash, do not swallow & do not spit into sink, shower drain or toilet because coconut oil will clog drains. Rinse your mouth then brush your teeth normally before consuming anything.

Brushing teeth after oil pulling:

(adding March 2014) For some reason just recently more & more people are assuming oil pulling replaces brushing your teeth, & this is FALSE. Not only does oil pulling not replace brushing your teeth after you are done oil pulling & spit out the oil it is best to brush your teeth right then (preferably with a natural DIY toothpaste or tooth powder recipe found here). So please do not think oil pulling replaces regular brushing of teeth & it also does not replace using mouthwash when needed or flossing.  As a matter of fact I love following brushing my teeth after oil pulling with a sole water mouthwash.

Oil pulling what time of day?: 

First thing in the morning on an empty stomach is best & recommended, but  some just can not stomach doing oil pulling first thing in the morning, & others just do not have the time in the morning. So  many (including me) do it at other times of the day, or maybe they at least drink water first etc. Do whatever it takes for you to get in the routine then get yourself worked around to doing it in the morning if possible.

So again I say: If you can not oil pull first thing in the morning do what works best for you to have success, if that means later in the day do it, if that means drinking first do it, if that means eating first do it, if that means using more essential oils do it! As I said above it is best to do it another way that works for you rather than not doing it or giving up. Oil pulling benefits are so worth it so try some of these & the above tips so maybe you wont fail.

Colloidal silver in oil pulling:

I stumbled across some very interesting info just a few months ago on spraying colloidal silver in spray bottleyour mouth once oil starts to get thick, the colloidal silver is a great alternative idea to thin it out (can be used even if you are not having thickness issues), spray 1 to however many squirts in your mouth & start swishing again, repeat as needed (making sure not to over fill mouth). So I started using it just to see how well it worked. I already use colloidal silver on my tooth-brush when brushing & & in my mouthwash plus taking it daily. So I started by spraying one squirt in every 5 minutes of my 20 minute oil pulling. It really did cut down how thick the oil got & as a great surprise after the first time doing it I noticed how much cleaner my mouth felt. I do have many tooth issues & can not afford a dentist. (My DIY toothpaste) using colloidal silver & using raw unrefined coconut oil keep me pain-free & infection free already so I figured adding the colloidal silver could only be a plus in this area & oh boy that was right. And colloidal silver has antimicrobial qualities too.

Me & oil pulling with colloidal silver: 

I have now been using the colloidal silver in my oil pulling since the beginning of 2013 & I am so pleased with the results I wanted to share this info with you, the colloidal silver added a next stage in bacteria & germ fighting plus detoxing for healthy mouth, skin & oh so many other benefits, plus now the oil pulling seems to go by so fast, 20 minutes does not feel like 20 minutes. I usually oil pull with just the raw coconut oil, that’s how I have done it for over 2 years, but I do like the addition of the colloidal silver on the days I decide to add it.

Oil pulling can help to stop migraines or to get rid of them totally, go here for more ideas

Flower water & oil pulling:

In researching rosewater, rose of Sharon water & jasmine water & all the health benefits I came across several bits of info on using them effectively in oil pulling because of the amazing healing rosewaterproperties for oral health. These floral waters are as well-known for the natural healing properties as they are for anti-septic, anti-bacterial  anti-inflammatory properties.  Just add your DIY flower water in a spray bottle & spray desired amount in your mouth with the oil  during oil pulling & swish, or add 1 spray every 5 minutes. When I tried this the first time in my morning oil routine just to check it out, it left my mouth feeling almost a refreshing clean & the taste was not at all bad, I did get the slightest of headache right as I started that went away after 10 seconds, that could have been from my body getting used to the water or because the water was cold because it needs to be refrigerated. But mainly I liked it & will include it again & again, & as a plus I had added colloidal silver to keep it fresh longer so I got the benefit of both.

Food grade peroxide & oil pulling:

I have also read great info on adding 5 or so drops of 3% food grade peroxide to your oil pulling routine. You could use 3% hydrogen peroxide from the store if you prefer, but I do not advise it since it has fillers among them heavy metals. Using food grade peroxide could have many great oral benefits. But do not combine colloidal silver & peroxide. As a plus from food grade peroxide it is amazing for oral health & would give a boost to the whitening effect. Many follow oil pulling with food grade peroxide as a mouthwash.

Sole water is perfect for rinsing your mouth out after oil pulling & to use as mouthwash.

Activated Charcoal & oil pulling, the ultimate combo:

After reading & researching for my blog post review on activated charcoal I discovered adding Activated charcoal to my oil pulling routine with raw coconut oil was not only a great idea, but might well be the perfect oil pulling combo, why? AC also has the ability to absorb toxins when swished, & to pull other toxins from the body, as well as whiten teeth, remove stains, kill germs, prevent plaque & heal gum issues.  And combining the Oil Pulling with Activated charcoal can be the answer to getting faster results with less detox side effects, & that  is not always the case with 2 techniques. A warning do not oil pull with added activated charcoal before going to work or out unless you brush your tongue well, because it does turn a blackish gray from the charcoal.

I oil pull 20 minutes each time with the added activated charcoal, then I spit the oil out of my mouth into the trash, & brush my teeth with baking soda or another DIY toothpaste/powder & rinse & your mouth will feel amazing, I know you thought your mouth could not feel more amazing than just oil pulling, but it can. (articles with some info: here & here ). I get my activated charcoal powder here (tell them I sent you).

Update on using activated charcoal: after awhile now of oil pulling with activated charcoal I know for a fact it is by far an amazing combo. I have also found it easier to add the spoon of coconut oil to my mouth & as it is melting to use a measuring spoon & dump 1/8 tsp of activated charcoal powder on top (or you could open 1 capsule & pour it in), then start swishing & add a squirt or 2 of colloidal silver to my mouth. I had a few gums that were still receded after a couple of years of oil pulling had fixed all others & this combo finished healing them all & has been amazing for so many issues that just needed the next level of oil pulling.

Oil pulling is so much more amazing when you add just 1/8 tsp of activated charcoal powder to your mouth & oil pulling with both raw unrefined coconut oil & activated charcoal powder for 20 minutes.
If you have mercury fillings or amalgams, other fillings or root canals adding activated charcoal is a great way to further grab & absorb the toxins to be spit out.
If you oil pull with just coconut oil & spit it out in the trash after 20 minutes, the toxic accumulation is also spit out. These heavy metals & other toxins will be easily removed from your mouth & body by oil pulling & spitting it out, thus preventing the toxic metals from being accumulated. And adding activated charcoal takes this to a totally new level with the great ability of activated charcoal to adsorb toxins & gases many times it’s own weight.

Other ideas of things you can add to coconut oil/oil pulling:

Other ideas I have tried or heard from fans that they successfully have used during oil pulling to add in with the coconut oil, things like:  Palm shortening, Palm oil, organic sesame oil(many had better results by only using a small amount of sesame oil with the raw coconut oil) real olive oil, Neem oil, Ghee/Butter oil/Clarified butter, Fermented cod liver oil, Olive leaf extract, Oregano oil, hemp seed oil, sole water, Grape seed extract (GSE), ground turmeric, ground cloves, Bentonite clay powder (clay here & here), probiotic powder, magnesium, mineral drops, herbal antiseptic (like Progena brand), Food grade diatomaceous earth, colostrum, dried ground rose petals, aloe gel, enzyme powders, a product called OralWellness (that I hope to review soon), baking soda, Borax, calcium powder, Xylitol, & of course essential oil combos/blends, thieves oil or plant extracts, floral waters, floral oils etc.

Great info:

I love this article: How dental professionals can respond to ‘oil pulling’ patients - it explains how great oil pulling is & how you still need to do other normal oral care routines such as brushing teeth, & how oil pulling is better than mouthwash. Beware of articles stating oil pulling replaces brushing teeth, flossing & regular dental check -ups. The article also explains why (raw) coconut oil is better to use.

For Gagging issues during oil pulling:

For Gagging many use essential oils to get used to oil pulling & to not gag, add the essential oil right on the front of the spoon (like peppermint, spearmint or your favorite) smell it as you are attempting to add the oil to your mouth. Another way to help many avoid gagging is to not add solid coconut oil right in your mouth, add it only in it’s room temp state. And for others the opposite is true,it helps others to not add coconut oil as liquid, rather add a spoon of solid coconut oil it in their mouth & let it melt. Gagging seems to be common for many & of course a great way to combat gagging is with a great scent you love, you could even wipe some essential oil & raw unrefined coconut oil just under your nose to smell just before starting. Or if the gagging is from the oil feeling, as soon as you add the oil to your mouth add several squirts of one of these, pure water, alkaline water, colloidal silver, 3% food grade peroxide or rose water etc. This may thin it down enough so you wont gag, try adding more sprays as needed.

Coconut oil for oil pulling:

I have researched & used several types of unrefined oils for oil pulling but I personally recommend only using  raw/virgin & TT gold labelunrefined Coconut oil for oil pulling. I know many use other oils but Raw/virgin coconut oil is already amazing for teeth & gums plus it has many health benefits so oil pulling with it is by far the best in my experience & gave me & others the best results & benefits. And as a plus raw coconut oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial, & antifungal. Do not ever use refined coconut oil for oil pulling, us ONLY unrefined, unprocessed raw/virgin coconut oil, Unrefined oils by far is the best way to go for the many benefits of oil pulling refined oils defeat the purpose of oil pulling.

Coconut oil lasts a very very long time stored at room temp, do not refrigerate it, coconut oil is also a solid below 76/78 degrees & a liquid above that temp.

Brands of coconut oil I recommend:

Skinny & Co. Coconut oil go here to order Medicinal grade Extra Virgin coconut oil 100% pure. (My Affiliate link)

Tropical Traditions Virgin coconut oil Gold Label

Is Liquid Coconut Oil that stays Liquid in Your Refrigerator Real Coconut Oil?:(Article & Article)

Sesame oil & other oils for oil pulling:

Here is a bit of feedback from a fan that was using sesame oil for oil pulling, I actually had already heard this could happen with sesame & even other common oils used to oil pull with other than raw.virgin unrefined coconut oil.


I switched to pulling with coconut oil only from the sesame oil and I can tell you I have seen a DRAMATIC whitening effect on my teeth. The sesame was making them almost a light brown mustard color (no kidding) but with the coconut I am literally watching that dark color recede day by day. It’s amazing to see! Sesame is possibly the worst (oil, for oil pulling) if you value your smile.

Do not use refined oils of any kind for oil pulling, & do not use Canola oil, Vegetable oil, Sunflower oil, Safflower oil, or corn oil for oil pulling (or at all for cooking, baking etc as they are not healthy, but especially not for oil pulling). If you decide to use olive oil for oil pulling make sure it is real olive oil because most olive oil in the U.S. is fake, so do your research on your oils for health & to get the desired benefits from oil pulling. If you are not seeing any benefits or getting the desired results from oil pulling look at the oil you are using, even coconut oils that are not good quality, raw, unrefined (virgin) coconut oils can give poor results when oil pulling. The number 1 reason I hear for failure when people message me comes down to them using one of these unhealthy oils to oil pull & using refined oils to oil pull can cause health issues.

20 minutes is a long time, but is it really?:

So many before starting ask why so long, but it is not really that long & once you get in the routine you will see what I mean. And It is not like you must sit twiddling your thumbs or listen to a boring speech for 20 minutes. Instead do something to occupy your time, read a book or a newspaper, check your emails or Facebook, wash dishes or fold laundry, watch a morning show or the news, Oil pull in the shower, while doing your hair, while getting dressed, you can oil pull driving to work (carry a cup to spit into), play solitaire, I have a fan that oil pulls while mowing & vacuuming, so find what works for you. And before you know it you will find that 20 minutes goes by so fast you might just go longer without realizing it. And as I have discovered over & over again, 20 minutes is the perfect timing for getting the desired results & benefits, nothing under & nothing over 20 minutes works as well, I have also found info that Oil pulling for longer than 20 minutes can cause the germs to reabsorb, Under 20 minutes & you have pulled them to the surface but not removed them.  I researched & found this great info on why 20 minutes is important also.

Research seems to indicate that 20 minutes is the magic number, less doing less good and more creating the possibility that the body might reabsorb the toxins the oil has pulled from your system.

Oil Pulling Tips and Success Stories ~ Do You Swish? - Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today here

Oil pulling with Fillings, yes or no?:

In my opinion after doing a lot of research on this subject, not only Yes oil pulling with fillings is ok but also should be encouraged. I personally have fillings & had issues with the mercury & gases being toxic & causing me headaches. If you check out the link I have below in FAQ’s you can start researching this for yourself & decide for yourself, but here are my reasons for absolutely needed to oil pull because I do have fillings. #1 is when you oil pull the toxins accumulate into the oil in your mouth (20 minutes of oil pulling) & then you spit it out, so it does not detox through your body, you spit the oil into the trash, I also add activated charcoal to my oil pulling mainly for this reason because activated charcoal is great at adsorbing toxins so I know I will be spitting all toxins out after oil pulling. #2 do you realize how restrictive it would be if you could not oil pull simply because you have fillings? Think about it most have fillings, & of course the health benefits from oil pulling far outweigh any possible side effects (I had none). #3 Yea some say their filling loosened & fell out, I am not sure what happened to these fillings, maybe they were just ready to fall out, I just do not know, but in over 2 years of oil pulling not even one of mine got loose & I have had hundreds of fans report in that they had not one issue with fillings getting loose or falling out. #4 Why don’t you just try it 30 days (do it right) & see how much better you will feel.

Oil pulling & false teeth:

Many with false teeth oil pull it keeps their gums & mouth healthy along with prevents sores from the false teeth, helps with odor issues plus detoxes the body & so much more, a full mouth of teeth, no teeth, some teeth, broken teeth, false teeth all the same result other than if possible oil pull without the false teeth in.

Oil pulling, children, Pre-teens & teens:

My kids do oil pulling, sometimes the younger ones can only go 10 minutes, but they do make it to 20 minutes several times they do it a week. I have found that most kids take to oil pulling far better than an adult who starts oil pulling, kids find it easier. And they can have all the amazing benefits to health & oral health for little effort. Do your kids oil pull?

Added 10/14/13: I stopped oil pulling for almost a week mainly to see all the great ways oil pulling is helping me & boy let me tell you oil pulling is amazing & might just be the glue that hold me together lol. You can check out my Facebook Post for more info. (Post by Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids).

Remarkably, Oil Pulling seems also to have a potential for detoxifying the body – removing heavy metals and other pollutants while strengthening the immune system for better overall health.

oil pulling 2

Oil Pulling what?

The basic concept of oil pulling with raw coconut oil is the oil attracts toxins by osmosis. 

Oil Pulling, what is it?

Oil pulling, oil swishing, is an ancient ayurvedic medicine as you will find out easily by researching. But I love sharing oil pulling because it really is a simple cheap, effective natural remedy with many overal & oral health benefits. My personal experience & my research on oil pulling show that oil pulling is capable of both improving health, preventing & treating diseases & chronic conditions as well as a mild effective detox. Oil pulling is amazing for many with diabetes CFS, FM, MS, asthma & many other conditions .Oil Pulling really is a very powerful healing routine that everyone should do, Oil Pulling before a workout can give you energy by increasing your metabolism, this also makes it great for health & normalizing weight.

Oil pulling, you just do not know if it is for you:

Many are worried about starting oil pulling for many reasons, because for most it sounds complicated & unheard of. But in reality it is rather easy & been done forever. The best I can tell you to ease any fears is just give it a try, start low & slow & build up. Do not push to hard, keep it simple.

Oil pulling info, update June 12, 2013: 

I wanted to add this info from Stepintomygreenworld,com on oil pulling twice a day for 15 minutes here. First thing in the morning & before bed, I am going to try it, what about you?

More info on oil pulling: 

There is no right way or wrong way to swish and pull oil. Don’t focus on doing it right. Just be relaxed & natural & add what feels right to you.

Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today:

The process attracts and removes bacteria, toxins, and parasites that live in your mouth or lymph system, and also pulls congestion and mucus from your throat and loosens up your sinuses, which is amazing!

Why oil pull?

A popular reason for oil pulling is to find relief from congestion in the sinuses and throat.

Detox side effects can happen (Healing Crisis)

A list of Oil pulling side effects noticed by myself, friends, family & fans:

Some prefer to call this detox symptoms a healing crisis, I just have never liked saying it that way because that sounds so scary to those new to the world of natural & it does not need to sound scary, it simply is side effects caused from the way your body detoxes & is only temporary. (side effects of detoxing) Headaches, tired, sore muscles, jaw pain, extra sinus drainage at first, breakouts, rashes, dry mouth or extra saliva, extra sweating, stiffness in joints, stomach pains, diarrhea, gas, indigestion, flu or cold like symptoms. body odor, frequent urination, skin peeling, funny taste in mouth, some extra hair falling out (for me I got extra hair growth), sores on lips (this was only reported when refined oils were used, stick to virgin oils like coconut oil) teeth staining (again this was reported from using refined oils & other oils besides virgin coconut oil). All side effects were mild & went away in short order. Most only had 1 or 2 side effects or none at all. More info below from a couple of websites linked to. (Instead, it is a reaction of an individual who may have a lot of toxins inside his body.)  People who are having oil pulling coconut oil side effects should rest assured that they will be gone when their body is already used to the regimen.

How to directions (Step by step):

How to do oil pulling for beginners & everyone: 

Do not swallow oil after oil pulling: I want to point out a couple things, #1 Never spit the oil down the sink when you are done, spit in the trash. you do not want to clog your sink. #2 Do not swallow the oil it is full of bacteria & gunk etc, a little swallowing may happen so do not freak that’s fine, I am talking about not swallowing the mouthful.

How much: The amount of oil you want to use in 20 minutes is up to 1 tablespoon of raw unrefined (virgin) coconut oil, but just starting out that might be too much to deal with or if you have a smaller mouth adding a whole tablespoon can set you up for failure. Use only what fits in your mouth comfortably while swishing. For beginners I suggest using far less coconut oil at first if you are having issues, start with 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon depending on the size of your mouth & what you can tolerate.

Step by step.. (1): First thing in the morning on an empty stomach and before drinking any liquids (or whatever time a day works best for you, see subheading above on time a day for more info). (2): Simply add the amount of coconut oil needed to a spoon & slowly suck into your mouth, (3): If you have no issues swish back & forth & around inside your mouth making sure to suck it back & forth between teeth & gums & that you swish it near every tooth. (Do not gargle the oil, just swish in & around teeth, do not tilt head backwards), (4): Swish for 20 minutes or build to 20 minutes. (5): Oil pulling should feel comfortable so do not force it & cause severe jaw pain, & do not overfill your mouth. (6): Spit out in the trash, (7): Rinse your mouth with water or sole water, brush your teeth preferably with DIY Baking soda based toothpaste like baking soda & Raw unrefined coconut oil toothpaste for best results. You are done!

Oil amounts: You can gradually increase the oil amounts over the next few weeks for whatever amount you started at to whatever amount fits in your mouth without being over full (around 1 TBS), You can do daily if you want,I do oil pulling daily unless something comes up, most prefer daily but some might do it every other day, 3 times a week or 2 times a week, pick what works best for you. I also recommend for those new to oil pulling or those with issues of the oil coming out their lips, use a bit less in your mouth & keep a hand towel handy, also blowing your nose before staring can help to. oil pulling

20 minutes for oil pulling?: If you can not do oil pulling the whole 20 minutes at first take baby steps, set a first day goal in reason for you, try 2 minutes or 5 minutes at first, & start adding a minute each time till you get to 20 minutes. But remember 20 minutes & a good routine of oil pulling is what gets you the desired benefits & results.

Do not forget to try some of the above info to help you get over the hump of getting started oil pulling.

How I do oil pulling!

I have been oil pulling probably around 2 years now (so 2011 sometime), I started as a way to detox my body more from the chemotherapy I had & because I have to get regular CT scans, I never expected to love it & get all these other great results, whiter teeth, healthier mouth, teeth, tongue, & gums, great for my seasonal allergies, helps my stiff neck & ringing in my ears, helps my dry mouth from my damaged salivary gland. I also have noticed great improvements in my skin & eyes, my chronic constipation issues are greatly helped, I go through bouts of insomnia from the chemo & oil pulling has made a big difference in that. (& a major plus is oil pulling promotes proper weight & weight loss, see here)

I do have filling in my mouth but I researched the subject & it can help get the toxins out of your mouth since the oil is spit out not swallowed, not one has fallen out or loosened either. (for more info check the links below in the FAQ’s section). And for me oil pulling with fillings has been a must & a major boost to getting those toxins out of my body.

I oil pull twice daily in the mornings, & at night before bed 20 minutes each time (most only need to do it once a day for 20 minutes, but if you have major health issues, chronic issues etc twice a day can be great for you) And I also oil pull at other times of the day if I could not oil pull in the morning, or if I need help fighting off illness or I have mouth pain, a headache, a sore throat, am stressing & need to relax etc.

(I no longer skip at all any days, I oil pull every day twice a day since June 2013, And I now add activated charcoal to both times I oil pull, see near top of this blog post for info on oil pulling with activated charcoal, & I still add the things mentioned here). If I am going to skip a day here & there it will be Sunday morning. I about twice a week add the colloidal silver to my mouth during oil pulling, & once a week I add rosewater to my mouth during oil pulling, about every 2 weeks I add food grade peroxide to my mouth during oil pulling (do not mix peroxide with colloidal silver). I also as my mood strikes add essential oils to the spoon before adding the oil to my mouth, maybe 2 to 3 times a month.

As noted above oil pulling works best first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but because of my damaged salivary gland I must drink water as soon as I wake up, so I go head & drink about 6 to 8 ounces & I also add my morning food grade peroxide to that, then I start oil pulling.

I as I said above use Tropical Traditions Virgin coconut oil. I add the coconut oil to a glass jar with a lid to keep in the bathroom, I whip it with a hand mixer so it will melt easier in my mouth & it is easier to get on the spoon (like I do body butter). I just keep a regular spoon in the bathroom & just get a spoonful & add it to my mouth. I as I said let it melt in my mouth, I then swish for 20 minutes (sometimes longer) as I do other things, like check emails, go on a short walk, start laundry, etc.

When finished I spit in the trash then rinse my mouth with warm water. Then I brush my teeth with my tooth powder (clay powder, baking soda, Pink Himalayan salt & ground clove) I rinse & then I swish colloidal silver water or sole water, then I sometimes also brush my teeth with more of the coconut oil in my jar & only slightly rinse (I floss later, with natural floss). Then I just simply move onto the rest of my morning routine like drinking 16 ounces of alkaline water & taking my food grade diatomaceous earth in water, drinking Bragg ACV in warm water , drinking sole water, eating a health breakfast, going for a walk etc.

Are you starting to feel sick? Oil pulling to the rescue!

Oil pulling to build immune system, to lessen illness symptoms & to stop allergies, cold, flu, sinus drainage, sore throat etc in there tracks!

What we do only if we know we were exposed to something, or if we start feeling symptoms we want knocked out fast is: We will oil pull on those days only for 3 to 4 different times for 20 minutes each, Yes we still use virgin coconut oil & you can use it straight & it for sure will help, but we have found that adding essential oils for the immune system like Thieves oil works amazing for fighting off illness or to get better faster. I also recommend adding colloidal silver, if no colloidal silver add peroxide. And Swish away that sick feeling & feel better now!

Testimonials from others who are oil pulling.Oil pulling Yam May

Oil Pulling Goes Mainstream – Health Benefits Cannot be Denied

Testimonial oil pulling gives stiff neck/pain relief: I have dealt with a severe issue with my neck since a bad fall when I was a teen. I sometimes lived at the chiropractor just to get daily relief. When I started oil pulling for some reason I did not realize the oil pulling had greatly improved my stiff neck (I knew it was doing better but just would never have thought oil pulling was the reason why). It was not until I took a couple of weeks break from oil pulling & the stiff neck came back with a vengeance that I realized that the oil pulling was the source of the relief. So I started back to it & gradually the same improvements in my neck again started happening. so I then started paying attention & realized my knees were not as stiff, my finger I had badly broke years earlier did not ache as much & the bone aches I got as a side effect from chemo greatly improved, all while oil pulling. Anytime I take a break it is very noticeable these pains are helped by oil pulling, so I try not to take breaks for very long. It is not a cure but the relief is so amazing I will take it. I knew it could help TMJ but I figured that was because of the mild exercising of the jaw, but I guess there is more to it than just that.

Thank you to my awesome fan Yam for sharing a picture of her starting her oil pulling journey (above)

Shared by Fan Dorothy M: Here is a great side effect of oil pulling shared by a fan: Oil pulling & my ringing ears (Tinnitus) I have had a severe case of ringing ears for years from damage & I tried all the medical & natural ideas to no avail. I started oil pulling just 3 weeks ago, the first day the ringing got worse, on my bad days it was nauseating it would be so loud & the oil pulling brought on a bad day for sure, it was so bad I was afraid to do the oil pulling again, until late that night when I realized the ringing had not only improved it was far better than it ever had been. I was not sure if this was the result of the oil pulling but I wanted to know. So the next morning I cautiously did the oil pulling routine & again the ringing got super bad but only for about an hour then it calmed way down. The next day bad ringing again & this continued for a week & each time it calmed down faster & faster, now 3 weeks in my ear ringing most of the time is totally gone & when my ears are ringing it is not at all as bad as my normal used to be. So grateful for oil pulling & giving me my sanity back. I for sure was ready to be committed from the ear ringing.(only edited to shorten the story & approved to be shared by Dorothy M)~

Response from me: I to have noticed amazing differences in my ears ringing, my ears have been ringing sometimes so loud in the last 3 years it kept me from sleeping, mine is from lack of oxygen that caused pressure in my head (a whole nother story & my fight to survive cancer) But yes I had noticed the ringing was greatly improved on the days I do oil pulling. Thanks for messaging & sharing that Dorothy.

Shared by fan Paula F: Just did my second day of oil pulling. My mouth was always burning and very dry cause I only have 9 teeth left and they are not in good shape. I am always putting on lip balm to keep them from burning too. But today I have not had to put on lip balm cause my mouth is not burning, yay!! ~Can’t believe what it has done for my mouth and my lungs, so far. Only been pulling for a week and so I am detoxing. Have gotten my husband to start cause he has tinnitus and he snores  ALOT. Hoping that it will help him.

Shared by Fan Nikki S: I didn’t snore last night. Maybe it’s just a consequence ..I’ve only been doing it  (Oil pulling) 3 days now… But my nasal drip has cleared up drastically and my constant swollen neck feeling (thyroid area) hasn’t bothered me. Nothing has ever been diagnosed but I have a feeling of fullness in my neck in the front. But not since I’ve been doing the oil pulling. It seems so odd to me that a simple swishing of oil can have so many benefits. I’ve also had a “giddy” feeling of happiness, like I’m young since I started. It’s a teenage giddy feeling. I’m 36 and my body isn’t hurting and is flexible.., I’m in such utter shock and disbelief… However the oil pulling is working… It’s magical on my list! I’m a true believer now! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the encouragement and drive I needed to start changing my life for the good! ~My legs don’t feel achy either! You will be amazed. It’s weird how the connection works! But.. I’m a believer!

Update from Nikki S several weeks later: It’s the best thing ever!!!! My teeth are sooo white from only doing it three weeks now is all the other health benefits.

Shared by fan Janice B: I mentioned this (Oil Pulling) to my Dentist last week. Telling him I want a pros opinion. He researched and when he seen me today he said “he is sold on Oil pulling and is going to start recommending it”

Shared by fans about oil pulling & toothaches:

~Fan Crissy D. My husband had a sore tooth and I had him oil pull and he instantly felt relief. Upon further research we found that oil pulling with clove oil is the best remedy for tooth pain. So we made our own homemade.

~Fan Lacy B. Yes, I had a tooth nagging me. After 2 days of oil pulling no more pain. And 100% true on the sinus relief and congestion.

Shared by a fan who wants to remain anonymous: I wanted to share a message I got from a fan that points out what I keep hearing & reading & discovering myself, it is that raw coconut oil by far is the best oil to use (there are exceptions & I have heard from a few that do better with sesame or olive oil) So for those who have had negative results from oil pulling or who are trying to find the right oil, here are a few more great reason to consider raw coconut oil. The fan messaged me & said: I started oil pulling a few months back, I was told Vegetable and Canola combo was the best to use, not only did I see no health benefits but my mouth health seemed to be declining and I was so tired for hours after, not the energy everyone had talked about. Then looked into it and discovered how bad those oils were and when checking most recommended using sesame oil, olive oil or coconut oil. I had olive oil so started with it and again no change but thankfully no decline either. So I bought sesame oil and within 2 weeks my teeth were noticeably darker, so I again I went looking into that happening and found your blog where the fan says she got darker teeth, so I went to get my coconut oil when I realized it was refined and your post said to use raw, so wanting this oil pulling thing to work I went and bought raw coconut oil to use and within days I noticed the abscesses healing in my mouth, my gums looking healthier, my teeth getting whiter, I started having less allergies and drainage, less headaches and my vision seemed to improve plus my eyes were not as sensitive to light. So yes for me and every friend I have now told raw coconut oil is what made all the difference in not only getting to 20 minutes but also in getting benefits from oil pulling. Thank you

Oil pulling & allergies, an unexpected side effect for most: Some of the articles on oil pulling when you research it do mention it helping food allergies & seasonal allergies, but it is always great to have personally felt the difference (I have) & to get feedback from other on how well it helped their allergies (I got lots of feedback on this subject) Oil pulling has been a life saver for many that deal with seasonal allergies & food allergies, many get reduction of symptoms others have totally gotten rid of symptoms from just oil pulling once a day, plus all the other awesome benefits from oil pulling. (more help for allergies here)

Fast toothache sore throat relief from oil pulling: I also have done 5 to 10 minutes of oil pulling if I am getting a toothache or sore throat to get rid of it, the raw unrefined coconut oil is soothing & the colloidal silver is great for pain, this method has not ever failed me. If you do not have colloidal silver just raw coconut oil helps many people.

July 25, 2013: This morning I did not do oil pulling like I usually do every day, so on days like today I can for sure see the benefits Oil Pulling gives me on a daily basis (not just the long-term health benefits) My allergies went into full swing, nose running eyes scratchy & irritated, throat with drainage & irritated plus my mouth was hurting (bad teeth one of the …main reasons I oil pull to begin with) & I can not stand the taste of my mouth, not to mention oil pulling 1my mouth feels so much drier when I do not oil pull. What about you, what do you notice when you miss or forget to oil pull?

Shared by my fan Loly R: Oil pulling has helped my sinus headaches quite a bit. When I skip a day or more, the pain returns.

Shared by fan S.R.C: So glad I found your page. You introduced me to oil pulling and I’ve been doing it for 2 months. I used to have a problem with constipation for as long as I can remember. It used to create this horrible taste in my mouth. Since I’ve been oil pulling I use the bathroom regularly and the bad taste in my mouth is gone! I even got my sister to oil pull. Thank you!

Chronic pain, (Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome etc.): -Shared by fan Lacy J.: I go to pain support group for people with misunderstood chronic pain issues like FM/CFS and a woman who is in this group is always telling everyone to oil pull & about how using raw coconut oil and oil pulling 20 minutes no more no less is how she controls her pain with no meds other than using Apple cider vinegar and honey as needed for pain and essential oil in a massage sometimes. She kept saying how oil pulling after just 6 months was giving her life back, so having both FM and CFS I decided to try it, in my search I did not find your blog but I found how to do it and began with raw coconut oil determined to go 20 minutes, it took me a week to build to 20 minutes. And I was amazed how well I already felt at that point and sleeping, the pain relief gradually lasted longer each day with me having better mobility. I then found you & all your amazing blogs and also started taking food grade diatomaceous earth, oh my now I am well on the way to totally being pain-free. It takes me doing both daily but it is worth it to be almost pain-free in under 2 months as long as I stick to it. I just add 2 to 4 tbsp. of the diatomaceous earth to my smoothies. And I have also started oil pulling twice a day and see how for chronic issues twice a day would be a must. I also learned from you (A shared post) to literally take spoonsful of raw coconut oil everyday and the brain fog associated with these issues has so greatly improved. I know you can not give medical advice and you just put info out there for us to research, keep it up because I am here to research and feel the awesome results. Now I tell everyone I know to Oil pull because it is amazing. And You are amazing thank you Lacy

Shared by fan Mark B. (irritable Bowel syndrome): I suffer IBS to such a severe point I sometimes must be admitted to the hospital, I read oil pulling was great for constipation and even though I have IBS I to get constipated. So I began and after a few weeks not only was constipation a thing of the past so was bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, bloating, tiredness, pain and nausea. now almost a year into oil pulling and I stay almost totally IBS symptom free and I am even again working outside my home, you asked for others to share oil pulling results, these are mine.

Shared by fan Sharon K. W. (multiple benefits): I’ve been doing it (Oil Pulling) 9 months and have had amazing results.  I’m a believer.  The arthritis in my knees has gone away, my sinus have cleared up, dry eyes have all but cleared up.  I’m hooked!

Then when I asked Sharon if I could share her testimony this was her response – Absolutely, those are just a few of the results I’ve seen.  Like you, I will never go back to not doing it. And I’m now trying it twice a day to see if I can see more results.  We’ll see.. – Thank you Sharon keep us updated.

Shared by Fan Kacy B. that just started oil pulling: I just did my third oil pull this morning and so far I notice my teeth are whitening, I have more energy and my sinuses are clearing (I didn’t even know they were clogged). Not sure is the sinuses are a result or a coincidence.  Learned about this from you, thanks for the info you share!

My response to Kacy: most likely the sinuses are a result because that’s the main reason so many start oil pulling & it seems to be one of the number one benefits/side effects by researching it, fan testimonials & my friends & my own personal experience,

Shared by fan Jan F: Like others when I started oil pulling it was rough and I had some side effects I can only assume was my body beginning to go through the detox and adjusting to my new daily routine. I read up on oil pulling before ever starting and I knew if I started having any of the rare side effects keeping going and pushing through was the best idea. Side effects are a good way to judge that your body really needs this process to keep moving forward, I know that’s opposite of what most people think. As long as you have eliminated the possibility of an allergic reaction the side effects will so be worth it. I know many do not experience noticeable side effects, but I read every person no matter health needs to be oil pulling for health. What side effects did I have, very worn out, headache and stomach cramping. this lasted weeks of randomly coming on after oil pulling. I also started paying attention to the benefits and they far outweighed any side effects. My benefits, dry mouth went away, whiter teeth, tingling in hands, arms, legs and feet improved and then went away, no more restless leg, ear ringing improved, mouth pain and sores I was prone to gone, no sinus drainage and I have dealt with that over 20 years, my body odor greatly lessoned, and most amazing to me my skin cleared up. I have had chronic acne and psoriasis as long as I can remember and they started going away about 2 weeks into oil pulling never to return, and yes I already used virgin coconut oil on my skin so it was the oil pulling for sure. I am 7 or 8 months into oil pulling and I love it.

Shared by fan Carla: I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child. Around mid-pregnancy, I usually have regular heartburn right before bed. I did as well with this pregnancy, but then I began regularly oil-pulling, (for oral health and allergies.) After a few weeks, I realized I hadn’t had heartburn in a while. Didn’t think about it much, I was just thankful I wasn’t suffering! Then I went out of town and didn’t oil pull for a few days. Heartburn returned! Of course I started oil pulling again! That is the only thing I can really contribute to my lack of heartburn! Yay for an awesome, unexpected benefit!

Shared by fan Kristie: (also shared in info near top of page) I switched to pulling with coconut oil only from the sesame oil and I can tell you I have seen a DRAMATIC whitening effect on my teeth. The sesame was making them almost a light brown mustard color (no kidding) but with the coconut I am literally watching that dark color recede day by day. It’s amazing to see! Sesame is possibly the worst (oil, for oil pulling) if you value your smile.

Shared by fan Lana M: I have had dark circles under my eyes for years at times they are also dark bags. I have figured this was due to a combo of allergies, asthma and all the meds I needed for a life threatening illness 6 years ago. I tried every commercial and natural trick in the book but the dark circles remained and some days were so bad I looked like I got punched in my eyes. I was looking for something natural to help my asthma and allergies and I found great info on oil pulling, some of it from you. So I decided to give it a go. And guess what? I have been oil pulling 4 month and my allergies are 99% better and not one asthma attack in over 3 months. For someone who used an inhaler weekly that is amazing. Well about 6 weeks in I noticed the dark circles and bags under my eyes going away, I asked a friend of mine about this who knows about lots of natural techniques and she said yes many find skin conditions, bags, dark circles on and  on clear up doing oil pulling as long as you stick with it, use virgin coconut oil and drink plenty of water and eat right, she feels that oil pulling can not work if you do not also eat right and drink plenty of water. After reading lots of your info I see you feel the same way. Yes I already drank plenty of water and  ate healthy food plus I take virgin coconut oil daily along with just a few other teas. So for sure the change in me has been from oil pulling. I did read your info on adding colloidal silver to oil pulling.  I started adding colloidal silver into my daily routine about 2 months ago & love it.oil pulling

My answer for Lana: Until Lana sent me this testimonial I had not realized my dark circles went away as well, mine were from chemo I am pretty sure but you can never dismiss the idea that dark circles are from parasites, & oil pulling can also get rid of parasites. Yes I do take Food grade peroxide & Food grade diatomaceous earth for internal parasites & love how well they work, but it is possible that oil pulling was just the last nudge my body needed. And yes most who fail at natural techniques are usually setting up their own failure by not drinking enough good pure water & not eating real whole foods.

Shared by fan Judy L.: I started oil pulling just as a way to help keep my immune system built to fight off the nasty flu bugs that go around the middle school I work at. I refuse to get a flu shot, everyone I work with who got the flu shot got sick so I wanted something better. I discovered oil pulling and started oil pulling plus a few other natural immune boosters. I have now been oil pulling just over a year, I have not been sick once during that time, sickness around me was so bad our school shut down a week this past spring, I went through the sickness just fine. I have for as long as I can recall had the worst body odor, bad breath, smelly feet well you get the idea. Well guess what? Body odor is no longer an issue at all, no bad breath, no BO not foot odor, no other horrid smells that plagued me. The only deodorant I ever use now is virgin coconut oil straight, before I was reapplying deodorant multiple times a day. I’m on the kitchen staff at the school and it can get very hot, not once in the last year have I had to reapply deodorant. I have noticed my allergies are all but gone. I have -or had- TMJ -temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome- for 15 years, now that to has gradually gone away. I did not learn about oil pulling from you, but this is my story and I hope you share it.

2 testimonials shared by 2 different fans on how Oil Pulling has stopped snoring issues:

Sharon G:- I was one of those snoring people who rattled windows always waking everyone up, getting up in the morning with a sore throat every day! I started oil pulling June 2013, in about a month I noticed no one was waking me up to tell me I was snoring, so I asked my family and they said I was no longer snoring, then it hit me I no longer woke with a sore throat either. I had not pegged it as oil pulling causing this until I went on a week vacation and did not oil pull, by the end of the week snoring had returned, so before we came home from vacation I started oil pulling again and that night no snoring. amazing!

Lina L: - Oil pulling, I do have a testimonial you can use and we are positive oil pulling is the reason. No more husband and teenager snoring, thank God! I slept or lack of slept in close proximity to 2 loud snoring men, 1 in my room the other just down the hall. As a family we started oil pulling and as much as we enjoyed the whiter teeth and lack of sinus drainage, the no more snoring in our house is the best gift ever. Oh and my teenage sons acne also cleared up within weeks. thank you for spreading the word.

—Fan Elizabeth on Metal fillings, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, constant pain, severe nausea & pregnancy—-: I just had to send you a message and tell you my results, I have metal fillings and I was having horrible side effects from the toxic gases, mercury or whatever build up, joint pain, bone aches, sickness chronic issues such as fibro and CF. I kept hearing from anyone I talked to that I should not oil pull with metal fillings, things like they would fall out & the issues would get worse. I do not know if you remember but I contacted you asking your opinion on oil pulling with metal fillings and you shared some great links that showed why it was good idea but also very much-needed by someone experiencing the side effects from the metal that I was. You said I had to decide and that yes some filling can fall out. I read the info and decided I very much-needed to be oil pulling even if all 3 filling fell totally out. I started oil pulling, at first the detox side effects were so bad I thought I might give up, rashes, nausea far worse, burning mouth, extra sinus drainage, water blisters on my jaw and feet, oh it was horrible. Somehow I kept going and gradually as the weeks went on I realized I was feeling better, thinking clearer, loosing water I had been retaining, not in as much pain, mouth felt great, ears stopped ringing and it just kept getting better and the side effects all went away by month 3. I also felt like a totally new person, my DR was baffled saying I appeared to no longer be having any auto immune issues such as fibro/CF and not only that but my cholesterol and BP were both now perfect and I was no longer borderline diabetic. Yes I had also began taking raw coconut oil so I am guessing my results were from the combo of oil pulling and the taking of nearly 7 tbsp of raw coconut oil daily. Of course my DR disagrees saying the meds he gave me were working well. Guess what? I had not taken them in months. At that appointment I found out I was several weeks pregnant. I rushed home researching and decided I should stop oil pulling during my pregnancy. I did however continue taking upwards of 7 tbsp of raw coconut oil a day. Within just 2 weeks of not oil pulling I was in severe chronic pain, ears ringing, using a cane, kidney issues on and on. So I came to your blog post and saw you had a link under the asked questions on oil pulling and pregnancy I read it and realized how stupid I had been to stop oil pulling and just how much the oil pulling was protecting me and my baby from these toxic gases and from the auto immune issues associated with them. I am totally back to oil pulling and doing great, it only took a few days of detox side effects this time. I feel so great I want to tell every person to oil pull especially if they have fillings, And I really want to tell other pregnant moms to research oil pulling during pregnancy and how great it is. I know you can not tell pregnant ladies to oil pull but I am on board.

From Fan Braxton J: I just had to write you & tell you this and yes please share with your other fans.
I started oil pulling more as just a lets see how it goes thing, I was not all into being on board but I was for sure not a skeptic either.
Around 5 months ago I started oil pulling and I did it faithfully every morning with raw coconut oil for 20 minutes. Well just over 3 months into oil pulling every day the thought hit me that I had not done a detox and other than my mouth felt very clean I had no noticeable benefits. So me being me decided that if all it did was make my mouth feel clean then a few minutes of oil pulling once or twice a week would be good enough.
So that is what I did, when suddenly ailments I had forgotten were gone started returning, things like mild heartburn and stomach aches I just figured they really had not been gone I just had not noticed them or something so I continued with my idea of not actually oil pulling like I should. 3 or 4 weeks of not oil pulling and my chronic stiff neck & knees returned, OK I wondered what had I done that made that pain and stiffness so suddenly come back? But somehow I still did not realize oil pulling had got rid of these things without me noticing. But then I had a yeast issue come up again that is very embarrassing and I got to thinking how long it had been since that had happened, I realized I had the yeast issue as I started oil pulling and it went away not to return while I was oil pulling.
That was it the very next day I went back to my early morning oil pulling routine and I added oil pulling before bed as well 20 minutes both times, plus twice a week I add activated charcoal. Thank goodness it only took about 2 weeks for all those ailments to be gone again. Yes oil pulling was doing more for me than just cleaning my mouth. I am now hooked.

Shared by fan T.D.S.: 

So many health benefits. Here is the we have noticed in 1 month of once a day with just the coconut oil. We are now doing 2x a day with the collided silver in am & activated charcoal in evening.
1. Whiter teeth
2. Allergies/sinuses cleared
3. Less joint pain
4. Toothache gone
5. Increased energy
6. Better sleep
7. No more halitosis (bad breath)
8. Weight loss

These are just the things I can think of right now and are in no specific order. If you have health issues and can’t seem to get answers try this for one month you will see changes.

Added just a few days later by T.D.S: I forgot to mention how many people have commented on my skin (face). I have eczema and my face is usually really dry and red much worse in the winter. I had not even realized it till a stranger said I have a beautiful face and how radiant my skin was and I am 42 . I have never been told this before. Just another reason not to stop!


Earthclinic has a great FAQ’s & Q&A section on everything oil pulling, so for any questions check it out (link below)

Earthclinic.com FAQs on oil pulling: This site has a great question & answer section on oil pulling click here to go read the answers to many questions such as:

Some info links on the benefits of Oil pulling & Coconut oil: Research it, Live it, Love it!

How I Stopped Morning Sickness by Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Oil Pulling Using Coconut Oil (raw/virgin unrefined coconut oil)

Oilpulling Method Step by Step


Oil Pulling for Oral Health

oil pulling everything



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  4. I went to order the 3% hydrogen peroxide from Amazon and a few of the comments say that “Using hydrogen peroxide for brushing teeth/orally can cause amalgam fillings (the silver kind) to release mercury into the body, which can be a health hazard.” Not sure how true this is? This may explain why all my fillings fell out! I have bad teeth and have used hydrogen peroxide (store bought, did NOT know about the heavy metal stabilizers!) for MANY years to deal with toothpain! It states the food grade peroxide must be refrigerated. Good to know!

  5. I have no issues with the food grade & my fillings, I did have issues with store bought & fillings, you do not need to refrigerate food grade peroxide unless you go a very long time of not using it, my qt bottle lasts 2 years just fine in the cupbard & probably last longer if I did not run out at that point. So do not buy a brand that says it must be refrigerated


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