A DIY Life: Migraines – Natural Ideas that work – Headaches too

Do you get Migraines?

Rather you get a migraine infrequently, or often migraines can be disabling & put many who get them down for days avoiding people, smells, light & life until the spell is over.

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In this blog post I am sharing with you lots of great ideas for naturally treating migraines & headaches with success, I am also sharing what steps work best for my family, & what works best for some of my fans. This post is dedicated to surviving migraines, & headaches naturally.  I have even been adding new ideas as I discover the ones that work best like activated charcoal & Sole water.

So this will be one of my ongoing blog post that I keep adding to & updating the info, I know other ideas for migraines & headaches so I will add them as I think of them & add Fan shared ideas as they are given to me.

A DIY Life: Migraines – Ideas that work – Headaches too.

Triggers, try to find yours:

Most people can figure out their migraine triggers easily, for others it takes more work because they might have multiple triggers. Things to start eliminating to see if they are your trigger are: Scented laundry soaps/detergents, Fabric softeners & sheets, bleach (use a bleach alternative), Commercial laundry products that are free or free & clear as in are perfume free, dye free etc, yup avoid them to. Scented anything like deodorants, beauty products, shampoos, creams, makeup, nail polish, toothpaste with fluoride & additives.

Make sure you use a water filter or drink alkaline water (drinking plenty of pure water alone can sometimes stop headaches & migraines) do not drink water out of plastic jugs & bottles, make sure to not drink water with added things, no chlorine or fluoride. Eat whole foods free of pesticides, wash all fruits & vegetables to remove pesticides & wax (use one of the washes here) avoid packaged foods with things like MSG in them (for a list of the names MSG can be hidden as go here) Avoid misleading foods that are not healthy (info here) Avoid all sodas , avoid aspartame even in chewing gum (& other artificial sweeteners, & some even get headaches from so-called natural sweeteners so do your homework)

Don’t use fake synthetic products instead use real butter, real unrefined natural salt, real whole food vitamins etc. This can all seem overwhelming so take baby steps if needed.

Migraines, me & my family:

I as a teen & into my 20s got migraines so bad the only way I could deal was to go to bed in a dark quiet room, sometimes just hours but many times it could be so much longer. In my early 20s they went away, I had not as far as I could tell changed anything that may have been the trigger, but none the less was happy the migraines were gone & no longer had to endure episodes so bad the room would pulsate & my head felt like it might expand & explode (& sometimes I even imagined if it did explode I would get relief) But then in my mid 20s pregnant with my first child they came back with a vengeance, & again dark rooms & sleeping were my friend.

I do think it is highly likely my trigger could have been hormones since I never found environmental or other triggers. But after that pregnancy they left never to return even though I went through 5 more pregnancies. Yes every once in a while I get a headache that feels like it maybe heading the migraine direction but I just take & do the things I will describe below & even a normal headache will normally go away if I start doing this at the first sign of a headache.

My second oldest started about a year ago that come on in an instant crushing her with pressure & pain, she turns pale, feels sick, her muscles tense, eyes look blood-shot & she must resist the urge to scream as she hangs her head into her hands moaning. This headachesaddens me to know she’s suffering so because I remember it happening to me just the same way.

The me all these years later has learned so much more about treating headaches & migraines naturally that I was not going to sit & watch her suffer, I was going to try every trick or a combo of tricks until I found what worked for her so her life did not have to be interrupted by pain of this sudden magnitude.

As for triggers we have no perfumes, chemicals etc in our home, no synthetic vitamins, no foods with preservatives etc, she drinks plenty of pure water on & on, we are healthy whole food eaters, & we make all our cleaning, laundry, body, shampoo, deodorant & teeth products etc ourselves. So we are totally DIY. And yes she’s had tests to determine if she is lacking anything etc & we love chiropractors too. She has an extra fourth toe on her right foot attached to the pinky toe & it throws off her balance & her whole body leans to it, we suspect it may be the true reason behind her headaches. No it can not be removed so do not massage me & ask.

So from the first moment I hear my daughters moans of a migraine I take action, because the faster I help her the easier these things work, any delay delays how well they work, her migraine can be gone in as little as 15 minutes if I start immediately. So I suggest to never delay, this method also helps headaches so just get started for faster relief.

Again I want you to research anything before taking it, know yourself & even consult a DR rather it is a MD or a Naturopath. Do not-self diagnose. If you have allergies or are sensitive to trying new products you might want to only use items you have used before to treat migraines, so know yourself & what will work for you.

Update March 2014: Many times now we have tried taking 2 to 4 tbsp of activated charcoal powder in water to get rid of migraines, headaches etc rather just starting or full blown & it works 9 times out of 10 once you learn the amount needed for your body. You can also do a relaxing activated charcoal mask & or eye poultices for an hour as you relax to relieve headache (works very well), but I would still take at least 2 tbsp as well. You could also take activated charcoal capsules to take but we found they did not work as fast. (information & ordering info for activated charcoal below)

Check out my activated charcoal blog posts for more information: Activated Charcoal – Do you know all of the amazing uses? – DIY and Beyond & Activated charcoal tablets/capsules for on the go – Food poisoning, stomach bug, flu

Migraine be gone, my way!

What you will need:

Ok now that you have the supplies ready, lets treat that headache or migraine as it starts, these are just the steps I take you could probably do them in a different order if that would work better for you.

Step (1): Add 1 ounce of 10ppm colloidal silver to a couple of ounces of pure water with 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of baking soda, stir in well & drink down fast. Use room temp water because for spray bottlesome cold water can trigger migraines, but for others cold helps. Why: Because when you research both colloidal silver & baking soda are great for pain & many get relief from headaches & migraines with them together or separate.

olbas oil 1Step (2): Add a couple drops of Lavender & peppermint essential oils to about a tsp or 2 of raw coconut oil or other carrier oil (use more or less essential oils depending on what works for you) gently massage the oil into each temple & across top of forehead, do not allow to drip in eyes, best to keep eyes closed while doing this. Also massage into back of neck & base of head, have someone massage the soles of feet & the palms of hands (preferably between thumb & finger in webbed area on hand applying hard pressure as massaging the oil in) Why: Essential oils have a therapeutic property & are great for pain & relaxation (& oh so much more) You can also use straight Olbas oil on temples, back of neck, feet & hands, sometimes we use with the essential oils. (We have also successfully massaged with dōTERRA deep blue to get rid of the migraine) migraine1

Step (3): After massaging the hands with the essential oils hold a golf ball between both hands applying pressure to the webbed area between thumb & finger on both hands moving just enough to keep pressure & massage area with ball (pictured above). Why: because pressure points are a great way to treat pain (& other issues) -if you do not have a small ball you can pinch or apply pressure to this area one hand at a time for a minute each time-

Step (4): Take the homeopathic tablets as directed, yes these should be taken at least 10 to 15 minutes away from food & water but with a migraine sometimes you just make take them rather than wait, homeopathic also work best not taken with any mints but again in this case we do it anyhow as the method works for us at least.

Step (5): You can start the water for the fresh ginger tea before starting the essential oil massage or start now. Make as directed here, when done add one capful of Bragg Apple cider vinegar & then raw honey to taste. You can also add lemon juice if you want. Some like to add 1 drop of lavender & peppermint essential oil to this tea instead of the vinegar. Why: ginger4because ginger helps pain, is relaxing & helps nausea, Bragg vinegar is also great for pain & sinus issues.

Usually by step 4 my daughter migraine is gone or almost gone but we still do step 4 & step 5, but sometimes she still has the migraine by step 5 so we then do a step 6 & never has she needed any further steps.

Step (6): Take food grade diatomaceous earth in water or apple juice (1/2 to 1 tsp DE) stir well & drink down, best to not use cold water or juice as this can bring the migraine back on, the DE will stay gritty so you may need to keep stirring. Why: DE is amazing for pain relief (as well as great for general health)

Ideas from fans that work:

I told my fans I was doing this blog post & asked for input on what they do for migraines & headaches, & these are the ideas they use.

Alisha D:  I had migraines with vomiting and sensitivity to sound and light for my whole life until I stopped eating gluten!

Melissa R. D:  I use peppermint oil on forehead, temples, behind ears and neck.

Cheryl C. R: Pain/inflammation relief tincture, magnesium oil spray or Epsom salt bath with ice pack on back of neck (ice on neck or head and feet in hot water forces blood vessels to open) lots of things!Epsome salt 002

Jeanie J. D:  Feverfew, tiger balm, icepak on head heat on feet, white willow bark capsule, massage.

Naomi S. T:  A lavender oil rub on the temples helps if I catch it in the beginning….and if I don’t have lavender I will use infused cayenne pepper oil…but if I wait too long I have to do a few applications.

Nicole M:  I’ve battled this since childhood and NOTHING works except magnesium supplements and butterbur and feverfew every day. And when necessary imotrex!!

Carrie F. T: Did you know milk allergy is one if the major causes if migraine? You may try taking her off dairy for 6 weeks and see if she still gets them. They can also be hormonal. I personally need bio identical progesterone supplementation or I get at least two per month. Light and cold air always make mine worse. Massage can also help! You can try white willow bark tea or capsules and a hot bath with Epsom salts. If she can, just sleeping can work too!

Jeanne F:  Lay down with cabbage leaf on back of neck, and another on forehead.  I don’t know how this works ,but !Mom would do that and in less than an hour it was gone.  My daughter finally after drs couldn’t solve tried moms cabbage leaves and last 20 years that’s what she uses! She also has been using magnesium oil, both of us have and both in better health, her migraines are less frequent.

Theresa D. L: I would go see a doctor who practices, Kinesiology, Human Biology and Chiropractor.  I had severe headaches for 2.5 years that the Western doctors could not do anything except write prescriptions that did not work, about due to severe chemical sensitivities from a reaction from Gain laundry products that overburdened my system.  Finally, after discovering a doctor who practices Kinesiology, Human Biology and Chiropractor, after four treatments my headaches were gone.

Laurel P H:  My niece used to get migraines, and on advice started taking a spoon of honey every day.  I believe it had to be unpasteurized. (yes you need to use raw honey & preferably local raw honey)

Jean G: This was on another page today. —  Blog: Humblebee & Me – How to Make an Essential Oil Headache Eraser.

A few more ideas:

Check out making easy, effective, cheap Sole water that works great for headaches & migraines for many.

Synthetic Fragrance Headache & activated charcoal testimonial: (here)

To: Kimberly and the Staff of BuyActivatedCharcoal.com, (more information on activated charcoal here)

All three of our family members are sensitive to certain synthetic fragrances at different degrees.  None-the-less, we each get put out by terrible migraines by some of them.  Each of us have experienced the rescue of Activated Charcoal many times over right after exposure…
Right off (when the migraine starts to kick in) we take 1Tbsp. of Activated Charcoal [powder] with water. After say about 20 minutes later we are feeling much, much better.  If we do have somewhat of a migraine after charcoal ~ it is VERY manageable and we can carry on our tasks normally. Sometimes we will continue taking just a little charcoal as the day/night progresses depending on our symptoms.
In the world of ‘scented toxic chemicals’, I’m not sure what we would do without AC! To say the least, we all have AC with us wherever we go!!
Thank you for doing the beautiful work you all are doing! A lot of it may go unnoticed, but know that there are many of us whom are thankful for ALL the hard work and dedicated hours you put into changing and making a difference in so many lives!

Also check out Jaahda’s Migraine Cures (She sucks on an activated charcoal tablet)

From Fan Liliana R: I made a nose spray using a blend of essential oils. I’ve used essential oils topically for my migraines  before but doesn’t work as fast as using in a nose spray. Every headache/migraine I’ve treated with it has been completely gone with in 5 minutes. Message me if you are interested in getting the M-grain blend of oils.

Liliana contacted me & she uses the Young Living M-Grain in her nose spray, be on the look out for a future review from me. Check out her Young Living oils website Lilistrong.com

How I treat migraines (from Liliana)
(1). I always treat a migraine BEFORE it becomes a migraine if possible! So when I feel one coming on I immediately take action for the best resultsYoung Living M-Grain 1
(2). I start by drinking as much water as I can, then I will rub 2-3 drops of the M-grain on the back of my neck and temples. (This is a “hot” oil so if your skin is sensitive to it just dilute the oil in a couple drops of raw coconut or olive oil before applying. If you put it on the skin before diluting it and it is to much of an icy hot feeling, just rub some coconut oil over the area to cut down on the sensation. If any were to get in the eyes, close the eye and swipe some raw coconut oil over the lid, or flush with coconut milk.
*For the quickest results, put the oil on “neat”, or undiluted I will also rub the M-Grain undiluted on my toes, which are the flex points for the brain, eyes, ears and sinus…(feet are not as sensitive and usually do not require diluting the oil)
(3). I tend to get pressure around and between my eyes, so I rub the lavender between my eyebrows, on my upper eye bones and down the bridge of my nose. The M-grain can be overpowering on those sensitive areas and cause a strong Icy hot sensation, so I will rub lavender on those areas to avoid a burning sensation or accidentally dripping it in my eye. The lavender will help the muscles relax and de stress
(4). This has been the most effective part of my migraine routine. I make a nose spray by adding 12-15 drops of M-Grain and 5-8 drops of the lavender into an empty nose spray bottle then fill with purified water.
  • Shake well and spray 1-2 pumps in each nostril every 10-20 mins until headache is gone. The spray is very strong and can sting when you first spray it. The stinging will go away in about 30 secs so just hang in there if it is uncomfortable. It also has a bitter taste if it drips down the throat.
(5). If you want you can also put a drop of the M-grain on your thumb and place on the roof of your mouth. I also use Peppermint oil in this way because it taste better than the M-Grain =)
I do find it works quicker if I am able to lay down and close my eyes for 30-1hr after applying oils.
Real Dark Chocolate: Yup eating the real dark chocolate cab stop a migraine, to purchase dark chocolate go here

Oil pulling can also prevent migraines & can over time stop them from occurring & some oil pull to get rid of migraines or headaches. for more info go here.

Ganoderma extract has also been known to elevate & prevent headaches & migraines, & it is in Organo Gold Coffee

I also love the Migrastick for carrying on the go: Migrastick is a natural solution to quickly relieve pain and headache in a chic and practical pocket format. Migrastick contains no preservatives, parabens, colourings or alcohol. The massage effect and the cool sensation provided by MIGRASTICK relieves the pain associated with headaches and migraines. Order on Amazon here: Buy Mygra Stick

Chiropractic, I am a firm believer in chiropractic & it is very possible that is why I no longer get migraines myself, Chiropractic & even deep massage are great for so many health related issues

EarthClinic.com ideas for Migraines: Migraine Home Remedies: Holistic Therapy for Headaches here

How To Make An Herbal Tincture For Migraines: We’ve just discovered an amazing herbal remedy for migraines, along with a recipe for how to make it – and had to share. (here)


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  3. Thanks for the link to my essential oil headache eraser! You’re saying it’s from EverydayRoots.com, though—could you correct that to say it’s from my blog, Humblebee & Me? That’s where you’re linking to 🙂

  4. Sorry about that, I updated it to properly credit your blog. Thank you for pointing it out, I did the post over a year ago so I honestly do not know how the credit got typed wrong, so hmm to me on that since I try very hard to credit other bloggers. Again thank you & enjoy your weekend -Cheree of NFR6K

  5. I’m a bloke in his mid 30’s and single (fending for myself). A few weeks ago I purchased most of the products discussed above to diffuse a migraine ie colloidals, charcoal, bentonite, peppermint tea, apple cider vinegar, lavender and mag salts. 10 minutes ago I was in pain squinting at the laptop screen hoping my recent purchases might help me. Now I’m fine and dandy. Thankyou for the info and the simply stepped out remedies and combos that have worked for you.
    • lesson learned: mix charcoal well into water before consuming. Back of throat has a scratchy coating of fine charcoal powder that is slowly going. Minor inconvenience/ lesson compared to the state I was in 10 mins ago!

    Oh, And an hour or ago I dosed up on a respectable amount of prescription meds and nothing.

    I’m putting charcoal powder on everything!!


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