A DIY Life: Jasmine For women’s health – The beauty of picking sweet flowers

Ladies lets talk Jasmine!

It might just be that something extra your health has been needing, with the added perk of having a wonderful scent that can be used instead of perfume & jasmine isjasmine easily grown & preserved yourself for use in health & beauty. How awesome is that?

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While I was in FL on vacation I totally got my Aunt hooked on making Jasmine water (that’s not all I got her hooked on making, but those are another story) Every morning she went out & gather enough of her just opened jasmine flowers to make 2 QT jars of jasmine water. Her whole kitchen & house smelled of the wonderful scent of jasmine, it was truly beautiful to smell in the morning. We laughed & giggles as she made it & we added some of the water she had made the day before to our coffee & talked of the many ways she could use the water. We came up with the great idea of freezing in small cubes then adding to a container in the fridge so she could just add it to her coffee & tea daily & it would last longer. Of course everyone in the house started smelling of the lovely scent of jasmine 🙂 She was misting it in the air, on furniture, curtains you name it, she was nebulizing it (fighting a cold) spraying it in our hair & taking baths in it. She said the jasmine was giving her the best nights sleep & mood lifting she had in a long time. So she’s hooked & her obsession is your gain 🙂

Jasmine did you know?

The fresh jasmine flowers contain a high amount of etheric oil. Beside this oil, the flowers also contain benzilic acetate, linalcohol, benzilic alcohol, indole and jasmon. All these substances confer jasmine aphrodisiac properties. Among other properties of the jasmine flowers are: the improvement of digestion, adjuvant in the toxins elimination and the loose of weight. They also help the acceleration of metabolism, they improve the blood circulation and it is commonly known their aphrodisiac effect.

jasmine’s flower is rich with essential oils & the antibacterial properties of jasmine’s oils against a particularly resistant  strain of E. coli, a bacteria that invades the immune system.

Jasmine 2In aromatherapy, jasmine essential oil is believed have a tranquilizing effect.

Regulates Blood Sugar: One of the best health benefits of drinking jasmine tea (or jasmine water etc) is, it controls diabetes. Jasmine tea regulates the blood sugar and glucose levels in the body which prevents the chances of suffering from diabetes.

Uses & benefits I have had drinking jasmine water, drinking jasmine tea, using the flowers & massaging & aromatherapy of jasmine oil:

PMS, menstrual issues, cramping, nausea, heavy bleeding bloating & so much more: Almost all of these symptoms can be relieved or at least improved with drinking jasmine water or jasmine tea as needed or daily. For extra benefits also rub stomach & lower back area with jasmine oil & add some jasmine flowers, oil or water to a long soaking bath with Epsom salt & baking soda.

Menopause, hot flashes, night sweets, agitation, restlessness, insomnia, headaches, skin changes on & on: Again these symptoms can be relieved or improved greatly by drinking jasmine water or jasmine tea as needed or daily. Also adding the jasmine water &/or jasmine oil to distilled water or colloidal silver in a misting spray bottle is cooling & moisturizing to skin when sprayed on as needed, it also has an aromatherapy effect that can ease symptoms & lift your mood.

Hormones: Considering all Jasmine helps above of course it helps with hormone issues since jasmine 1those are hormone issues. Just do not underestimate how much daily drinking & using jasmine can help.

Immune system builder: Got a cold, allergies or the flu or maybe even a stomach virus or food poisoning? well drink up some jasmine water or tea, add a few flowers to your coffee or favorite tea. add a few drops of jasmine water to distilled water in a nebulizer, netti pot or saline nose rinse (info found online & tried with great success, but do your own research first) You can also rub the oil in the chest & throat area, try mixing jasmine oil in with raw coconut oil in a body butter to rub on skin for relief.

Headaches, allergy headaches & Migraines: Get relief by misting skin & face with jasmine water, massaging jasmine oil into temples & back of neck. Drinking jasmine water or tea. then just close your eyes & relax.

Favorite ways to use Jasmine:

Misting spray: Jasmine water in a spray bottle. Great as a cooling & relaxing scent on skin, Jasmine 2great for tension too, spray in just washed wet hair & comb through. Moisturizing to skin. Great as a perfume, car & home deodorizer. Great for baby’s bottom.

Fresh flowers: add a few clean fresh flowers to your morning hot beverage for a great healthy pick me up, add to water when making rice or potatoes. Add to your salads, add to homemade dressings, oatmeal on & on, get creative.jasmine 1

Massaging: use the jasmine oil as an all over massage or any area & great as a relaxing foot massage.

In body butter: Simply mix your DIY jasmine oil with raw coconut oil as directed here

Cleaning: use straight as a disinfectant in a spray bottle or add with any of your favorite DIY sprays, wipes, pastes etc (lots of recipes here)

Shampoo & Conditioner (NoPoo): Jasmine water is awesome as a final rinse or even as a leave in rinse, great added with baking soda water as shampoo, great as a conditioner. And it leaves your hair smelling great so it is an awesome addition to your no poo routine.

Skin care: Great added to almost any DIY skin care items, or in a paste with baking soda to clean skin & face.

In oil pulling: Spray some jasmine water into your mouth while oil pulling or use your jasmine oil & coconut oil body butter mixture for oil pulling, it is amazing.

Baking & cooking: Add the jasmine water or jasmine oil to cakes, stir fry, pastas, rice, or anywhere you want a sweet floral flavor.

Beverages: Use your imagination add jasmine flowers, jasmine water, jasmine oil or jasmine body butter to any hot beverage or tea, or even to smoothies & protein shakes. Iced tea, juices, slushies’ etc Frozen watermelon added to a blender with jasmine water made into a slushy is awesome.

Icee: freeze the jasmine water & either pull out before totally frozen & crush or crush in blender or food processor once frozen, this is totally tasty, refreshing & cool & my pre-teen loves it

Teen approved: My teenagers love the jasmine water for hair, skin & perfume & are even loving soaking in a bath with it, my pre teen loves to add it in a spray bottle with white vinegar & water as a great disinfecting multi purpose spray cleaner also.

Jasmine water How To:

Gather the fresh jasmine flowers, wash with cool water to remove any dirt or pests, try to at least start off with 1 cup of firmly packed flowers.

jasmine waterThe ratio is 1 part flowers to 2 parts boiling water, so if you gather one firmly packed cup of flowers with no stems & leaves you will need 2 cups of boiling water & so on. Use only distilled water, filtered water or pure spring water, add the washed flowers to a heat-resistant bowl & pour the hot water over them.

Then just cover the bowl with a lid or plate & let the flowers steep for 30 to 40 minutes. Then simply scoop out as many of the flowers as you can with clean hands, making sure to squeeze the petals to get as much moisture out as possible. then strain the jasmine water through a coffee filter into a jar.

Jasmine water will last about a week to 10 days if stored in the refrigerator when not in use. to help extend its shelf life either add 1 tbsp. of colloidal silver per 2 cups of jasmine water, or add 1 tbsp. rubbing alcohol, grain alcohol or Vodka per 2 cups of jasmine water.

Jasmine Tea how to:

This is very similar to jasmine water but you drink it hot/warm.

Gather about 5 to 10 fresh washed flowers per cup, add flowers to a coffee mug & pour water over flowers, steep 5 to 7 minutes & sweeten to taste with raw honey.

For an even better tea packed with benefits add the flowers in with white tea, green tea or black tea while steeping. You can also add about 1/2 cup of the jasmine flowers or jasmine water to the second fermentation of kombucha tea for a jasmine infused kombucha tea. (only do in second fermentation, never add in with SCOBY)

You could also add the flowers to your fresh made ginger tea

Jasmine oil how to:

Go to my blog post on Honeysuckle infused oil & follow the same steps to make jasmine oil.


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