DIY Flower infused vinegar How to – Lets get healthy – Roses, Herbs, Wildflowers, more

Flowers to make infused vinegar such an awesome idea.

Infusing vinegar is a great way to use your flowers you grow or that are growing wild in your yard, woods or fields.

And infused vinegar is great for cleaning, hair & skin

infused vinegarWith infused vinegar the rule still applies, of only using Apple Cider vinegar anywhere on or in your body, you can use white vinegar for everything else (DIY cleaning basically). So infuse vinegar that is for use on your skin & hair with 100% Apple cider vinegar (can also be used to clean) & infuse vinegar for cleaning with white vinegar. If you desire your infused flower vinegar can be mixed after finished with citrus vinegar if the scents compliment each other.

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Examples of flowers that can be infused.
Roses, honeysuckle, chive flowers, lavender, thyme flowers, clover, wisteria, Photos by chereecalendula, nasturtium, chamomile, jasmine, basil flowers, hyssop, rose geranium, oregano flowers, rosemary, most wildflowers or most any aromatic fresh flower petals, leaves or stems that are free of pesticides (& herbs too)

honey suckle8You can of course make vinegar with a combination of scents, just do not go overboard, 1, 2 or 3 different flowers or herbs is usually just fine & sometimes a 4th. Just make sure the scents compliment each other & wont create some foul combo of scents that is so horrid you cause everyone in your home to flee wearing a gas mask.

So yea complementing scents, say it again, complementing scents! And if in doubt make the vinegar infusions separately & combine a little of each later to see if the resulting combo is pleasing

Lets make some flower infused vinegar.

honeysuckleToday is mine & my husbands 18th anniversary so I intended to make rose vinegar, you know the symbol of love & all, but I got so carried away making the awesome rosewater that I love so much that I used almost all my rose petals, & since I also planned to make honeysuckle vinegar (& coming soon honeysuckle oil). I just combined the few rose roses3petals with the honeysuckle my kids gladly gathered for me instead of them eating them all, yes eating honeysuckle is one of their favorite things to do on our walks this time of year, so they selflessly gave up some honeysuckle. So the infused vinegar I started just 2 or 3 days ago is rose & honeysuckle vinegar.

rose water 2So me personally I prefer to gather the flowers & petals first thing in the morning when dew is still on them & the ground, this seems to make a better infusion, but many gather anytime of the day. honeysuckle 2Wash the flowers in cool water to remove any dirt or unwanted pest. gently crush flowers in your hands as you add them to the jar you will be using. Do not crush them beyond recognition just one gentile squeeze with your hand to remove the excess water as you pull the flowers from the wash & add them to the jar is plenty.

For flower infused vinegar I prefer a ratio of 2 parts vinegar to 1 part flowers, but sometimes I use more flowers like 50/50 or even more flowers, especially when using Apple cider vinegar or coconut water vinegar. So the ratio is a bit different from citrus vinegar is. So just simply add the vinegar in the jar with the flowers, add a seal tight lid & shake.

I just store my jars in a cupboard near the back of our fridge that is warm (same cupboard I use formisting spray bottles, travel size kombucha tea, milk kefir & water kefir, so it radiates mild heat) So you can sit the jar in a cupboard as long as you remember to shake it every now & then. Some sit the jars on the kitchen sink by a window & shake daily or whatever. The floral vinegar is usually done in 3 to 4 weeks so adding a start date on the jar would be useful. Then once done simply strain out the flowers & store the vinegar in a labeled jar until used.

Flower infused vinegar in some cases may not have a very strong floral scent, some flowers & flower combos (& herbs) can be stronger than others. So when finished depending on flower it can be a mild to stronger floral scent & in some cases even seem like the vinegar is stronger with only a slight floral scent. But even if the result does not have a strong floral scent your hair & skin still get the benefits from the flowers that were infused such as great oils & vitamins, & cleaning with floral vinegar can also be a plus depending on the flowers used.

Ideas for using

DIY cleanerCleaning:
Infused vinegar can be used to replace vinegar any DIY cleaner recipe, recipes here, here & here.
You can also simply mix flower infused vinegar 50/50 with water in a spray bottle to clean with & add essential oils if desired.

For hair
Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup to hot water & put on already washed & rinse hair as a conditioner, work into scalp & hair, let sit a few minutes or longer, rinse out, lightly rinse out or leave in depending on your like or hair type. Can be used every time you wash your hair, great for the no poo method
The is great for scalp issues, dull hair, people who have allergies to conditioner etc. Can be mixed in water with lemon or Lime juice, rosewater, citrus vinegar, ACV, or a pinch of Epsom salt.

For skin

Welcome to my blog, my name is Cheree & I am ~Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids~

Welcome to my blog, my name is Cheree & I am ~Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids~

Great for skin issues, dry skin, oily skin, rashes, acne, white heads, black heads, dark spots etc. Leaves skin very soft
Can be used straight or with water for a face wash or astringent
Can also be used as a exfoliate &/or a mask mixed into a paste with baking soda, wait till its done fizzing to apply, rub gently in circles
Can also be mixed with food grade diatomaceous earth, clay powder, Omega Greens powder, coarse oatmeal etc for a exfoliate &/or face mask.

Spray mist: You can also add this flower infused vinegar in a small misting spray spray bottlebottle either straight, mixed 50/50 with water or mixed with rosewater. Great as a hair, skin & body mist, & as a spray underarm deodorant. This would also make a great travel spray surface sanitizing cleaner/hand sanitizer to carry in your purse (check out what I carry in my purse here)


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