DIY natural healing activated charcoal toothpaste and tooth-powder recipes and Whitening too

Activated charcoal is amazing for oral health.

Activated charcoal is also an amazing tooth whitener & can be used daily.

healing activated charcoal toothpaste and tooth-powder recipes and Whitening too


Activated Charcoal, it is black, it is messy & it IS down right amazing.

If you do not already know just how awesome activated charcoal is for your health make sure to check out my blog post: Activated Charcoal – Do you know all of the amazing uses? – DIY and Beyond
activated charcoal capsules

You might wonder how something so back could even be used to brush teeth & you might even think something that black could never give you whiter teeth. Well think again because activated charcoal might just change your oral health drastically for the better & it is known as one of the best natural teeth whiteners out there. Activated charcoal also known as carbon or activated carbon has so many great uses for health & adsorbing toxins that most people forget how great it really is for oral health. Activated charcoal 1600charcoal has been used for thousands of years & in our home it is a must & gets used for so many issues from stomach issues to skin issues & everything in between, & of course in our DIY oral care as well.

Q: Why is activated charcoal so great for oral care & for whitening?

A:  When using activated charcoal powder to brush your teeth it has the unique ability to draw out & bind with toxins including bacteria & plaque. No toxic chemical whitening solution, paste or anything your dentist office can do even comes close to being as effective at brightening your smile & whitening your teeth as activated charcoal. Activated charcoal turns your mouth alkaline & will absorb & remove acidic plaque from your mouth when used routinely.  And nothing is better at preventing & removing coffee stains & many other stains from teeth, even stains from medications can be gradually removed by using activated charcoal daily.

But guess what, thats not all, “Activated charcoal is an effective home remedy used to relieve the pain associated with dental infections, toothaches, abscesses, gum disease, and canker sores and to promote healing.” 

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What you may need:

So are you ready to start healing your mouth, preventing issues, whitening your teeth & all naturally?

Recipes: One of the great things about DIY is there is no wrong way if it works better for you, so these recipes are just guides, you can adjust the activated charcoal or other ingredients up or down to your liking, make it your own you are charcoal capsulesmore willing to use it if you like the texture & taste. Turmeric is also whitening to teeth though it can be slightly spicy but many like mixing turmeric & activated charcoal. Baking soda is safe enough to use daily, it is actually less abrasive than store bought toothpaste & has its own whitening abilities as well as PH balancing. Raw coconut oil is healing & whitening as well as prevents many gum issues & plaque & has helped re-mineralize teeth in some. Clay powder is also healing & draws toxins is gentile on teeth & gums & is very commonly added to toothpaste to re-mineralize teeth & to heal.

Essential oils: With these tooth powders you can add your favorite essential oil like PeppermintCloveCinnamonEucalyptus, Germ fighter or homemade thieves oil. To add the essential oils to the powder 10 drops at a time & mix into powder well using a fork, if it is not enough essential oil add 10 drops more & repeat until you have the amount you desire. To add the essential oils to toothpaste or mouthwash simply add 5 to 10 drops & mix in until it is your desired amount. Essential oils are totally optional. Our (Top 6) favorite essential oils, with my top 13 listed – DIY, Health, Body care, cleaning & more

Mix tooth powders & toothpastes in a seal tight container with a fork, store with lid sealed. I use a parmisiam cheese shaker (recycled) for my tooth powders & we use small containers with lids for toothpastes. 

Tooth Powders:

Tooth Powder #1: 2 parts baking soda & 2 parts activated charcoal powder

Tooth powder #2: 1 part baking soda, 1 part Clay powder * 2 parts activated charcoal powderCharcoal hardwood

Tooth powder #3: 2 parts baking soda, 1 part activated charcoal & 1 part ground spices like clove, turmeric or other antibacterial herbs & spices

Tooth powder #4: 1 part clay powder & 2 parts activated charcoal

Tooth powder #5: 1 part activated charcoal & one part ground Turmeric

Tooth powder #6: Use straight activated charcoal.

Tooth powder #7: Mix & match the above recipes & create your own


Optional: & just a few drops colloidal silver to any toothpaste

Toothpaste #1: 1 part activated charcoal powder & 1 part raw coconut oil

Toothpaste #2: 1 part baking soda, 1 part raw coconut oil & 1 part activated charcoal

Toothpaste #3: 2 parts baking soda, 2 parts raw coconut oil, 1 part natural unrefined salt & 1 part activated charcoal

Toothpaste #4: 2 parts baking soda, 2 parts raw coconut oil, 2 parts activated charcoal & 1 part ground clove powder

Toothpaste #5: 2 parts baking soda, 2 parts raw coconut oil, 1 part activated charcoal & 1 part clay powder


Mouthwash:  Mix 1/8 tsp of activated charcoal with 6 to 8 ounces of distilled water, add essential oils if desired, add peroxide if desired.

Extra Whitening:

Wet toothbrush & apply straight activated charcoal activated charcoal & peroxide to your teeth coating them well, leave on teeth 5 to 10 minutes.

Oil Pulling & adding Activated charcoal:

After reading & researching for my blog several years back, I discovered adding Activated charcoal to my oil pulling routine with raw coconut oil was not only a great idea, but might well be the perfect oil pulling combo, why? AC also charcoal 3has the ability to absorb toxins when swished, & to pull other toxins from the body, as well as whiten teeth, remove stains, kill germs, prevent plaque & heal gum issues.  And combining the Oil Pulling with Activated charcoal can be the answer to getting faster results with less detox side effects, & that  is not always the case with 2 techniques. A warning do not oil pull with added activated charcoal before going to work or out unless you brush your tongue well, because it does turn a blackish gray from the charcoal. Oil pulling How, Why, Troubleshooting, FAQ’s, Information – Coconut oil (Part 1)

I oil pull 20 minutes each time with the added activated charcoal, then I spit the oil out of my mouth into the trash, & brush my teeth with baking soda or another DIY toothpaste/powder & rinse & your mouth will feel amazing, I know you thought your mouth could not feel more amazing than just oil pulling, but it can. (Info here ).

After oil pulling for a while now with activated charcoal I know for a fact it is by far an amazing combo. I have also found it easier to add the spoon of coconut oil to my mouth & as it is melting to use a measuring spoon & dump 1/8 tsp of activated charcoal powder on top (or you could open 1 capsule & pour it in), then start swishing & add a squirt or 2 of colloidal silver to my mouth. I had a few gums that were still receded after a couple of years of oil pulling had fixed all others & this combo finished healing them all & has been amazing for so many issues that just needed the next level of oil pulling.

Oil pulling is so much more amazing when you add just 1/8 tsp of activated charcoal powder to your mouth & oil pulling with both raw unrefined coconut oil & activated charcoal powder for 20 minutes.
If you have mercury fillings or amalgams, other fillings or root canals adding activated charcoal is a great way to further grab & absorb the toxins to be spit out.
If you oil pull with just coconut oil & spit it out in the trash after 20 minutes, the toxic accumulation is also spit out. These heavy metals & other toxins will be easily removed from your mouth & body by oil pulling & spitting it out, thus preventing the toxic metals from being accumulated. And adding activated charcoal takes this to a totally new level with the great ability of activated charcoal to adsorb toxins & gases many times it’s own weight.


Activated Charcoal  Collage

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  1. Why would adding colloidal silver benefit the toothpaste? I’m not disagreeing, just curious. I used to use colloidal silver a lot.

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