My top 10 uses for Peroxide, A Natural and Frugal Favorite

Peroxide is Amazing!

Peroxide, H2O2

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Join me in my love of all things peroxide starting with my 10 favorite uses, but do not stop at 10 uses, there are thousands for this amazing clear liquid from gardening, home, cleaning, beauty, health, pets & beyond.

Available for around a $1 in a brown bottle or in Food grade form for health.

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Peroxide a is a big part of my blog & DIY life making an appearance in my post a lot & that is because it is so amazing, I will say it again, Amazing! How Amazing? Well it is cheap, around a $1 a bottle for 32 oz if you buy it in the brown bottles. It works, it is natural, it is effective & most have it in their homes right now ignoring its true potential.

Peroxide is firmly planted on my top 10 list of most used items in my home (Top 10 list), I take food grade peroxide almost daily & I use it to get well faster & stay well (What I take & how, – How we get well). Peroxide can replace chemical cleaners & toxic bleach, sanitizer, for health, laundry products, skin care, bathing, DIY cleaning that is even safe for babies & children & more. It is non toxic & builds the immune system rather than breaking it down like toxic cleaners do (DIY cleaners Vs Commercial & Immune system).

So yea to say I love using peroxide might be not only true but an understatement as well. I honestly love to sneak uses for peroxide in many of my posts here on my blog & on Facebook. So get ready & hold onto your hat, now I am going to tell you my best of the best uses, my totally favorite top 10 ways to use peroxide in my daily DIY life. These are the uses I just can not keep my mouth shut about. These are listed in no particular order, they are all #1 in my book of peroxide uses.

Are you ready, drum roll, ba-dum bish, boom!

  1. Peroxide mixed with lemon juice to create an amazing multi purpose alternative bleach that can also double as a sanitizing cleaner, fabric softener, brightener & more. DIY Natural Bleach Alternative – Laundry – Booster – Softener – Cleaner – All in one
  2. Wetting my toothbrush with peroxide & dunking it in activated charcoal powder & doing my daily brushing. Not only is it an amazing combo for whitening it eliminates bad breath by adsorbing odor, detoxifies toxins and infection, stops bacteria from spreading and multiplying, absorbs inflammation. Peroxide is also great as a mouth rinse & more in oral care.
  3. Using peroxide in combination with essential oils in my nebulizer for building immune system, allergies, getting well faster, mood & more. How I use my Cool Mist Humidifier & Diffusers – Essential oil, peroxide, vinegar, colloidal silver – Recipes – Stay well
  4. I love using peroxide for hair care, to clean my hair for my nopoo routine that leaves hair soft & healthy.
  5. Skin care, peroxide really is great in the DIY skin care routine, from toes to scalp. DIY ideas, Peroxide to the rescue,
  6. Using Peroxide & vinegar is 2 separate spray bottles to clean with is an amazing, effective super disinfecting cleaner that is totally natural & safe. DIY Perfect Natural Non-Toxic Super Disinfectant Spray Cleaner – Spring cleaning made easy
  7. If you do not like how vinegar smells simply use peroxide to clean every surface in your home, there is nothing easier. DIY Germ & Grime Fighting Recipe – Multi-Surface Cleaner without Vinegar
  8. To prevent lice & to get rid of lice, even the dreaded super lice. Lice be gone: Using No Poo – Kills – Repels – Nits and Lice
  9. To clean & freshen the air (& mattresses. Easy DIY Linen, mattress and Room spray, Deodorizer/Germ Fighter recipes and DIY ideas, Peroxide to the rescue, cleaning, beauty & more
  10. In the laundry room, #1 A DIY Laundry Room: How to be Green & Healthy and DIY Laundry: How to get rid of Ring Around the Collar Naturally

So what are your favorite peroxide uses?

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