Recycle – Upcycle – Hey where did you get that container for your DIY products?

Hey where did you get that container? Recycled containers with A DIY life, what could be better!

I get these question so much from fans & readers:
Do I need to use glass or plastic for my DIY products?
Where do I buy containers for my DIY supplies?
So I will answer both questions the best I can & give you some ideas on using what you have or your friends have. But I will cover recycling what you have more since this idea fits in best with most DIY lives.

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recyclePictured above: 2 creamer containers, a drink mix container & a parmesan cheese shaker, Bragg vinegar glass bottle, peroxide bottle what is in them? from L to R, Citrus vinegar, Epsom salt, Borax, Baking soda, vinegar lemon cleaner & peroxide & lemon juice cleaner & bleach alternative.

 Do I need to use glass or plastic for my DIY products?
For me this one would defiantly be only use glass, & we do use glass mostly, but with little hands for things like baking soda as soap/body wash, no poo mixtures, toothpaste/powders, some spray cleaners on & on. So for those I use plastic.

002I do try to stick to glass jars I recycle or mason jars for things like my Clay powder, Food grade diatomaceous earth, Food grade peroxide, Colloidal silver, protein mixes,honey raw coconut oil (I buy in bulk & add to coconut oil jars I have saved).

Even small glass spray bottle I use for carrying things like Colloidal silver, sanitizer etc. (check out here what I carry in my purse)

For spray cleaners love to save my Bragg ACV/Coconut water vinegar glass bottles & just add a sprayer & use them & most of my kids can handle them with no issues.

I like glass jars, or bowls with lids to store or clean garden veges & greens in the fridge in. I

spray bottleSmall travel spray bottles: The little spray bottle I keep on my desk, in the bathroom & in my purse I also am recycling, I save brown, blue or clear glass bottles from things like vitamin drops, tinctures, herbals drops & homeopathic remedies etc & I buy the small travel size plastic spray bottle at discount stores (in the travel section) & simply add the pump sprayer off the plastic bottle I buy to the glass bottle I have saved. I then save the dropper in case I need it for something else. These little spray bottles are used for colloidal silver, spray hand sanitizer, & spray deodorant, I also use the plastic travel spray pumps I buy as well for several things I carry in my purse.

But as I said we do use plastic but 99% we have saved & recycled into unique uses. And I have found I do not even have to buy the products that were once in the containers, friends & neighbors are very happy to save them for me. just DIY liquid Landryclean & dry them well & either add labels or use a sharpie to write what is in them, my kids love adding the names for me.

Tip from my fan Shari: I LOVE using my regular mouth mason jars and capping them w/ old parmesan lids. They fit so nice and are so useful for everything.

The empty plastic containers I use:

  • baking soda body washGrated Parmesan cheese shaker: for baking soda by the sinks & on the tub for use as soap, body wash, toothpaste (powders), deodorant (powders) & no poo. Also great for your salt to keep it dry (either table salt for cleaning or natural for your health) these work great to keep things dry & have 2 choices for a pour top.
  • Creamer bottles: Both from liquid & powder creamers, I add containercitrus vinegar (for no poo) No poo pre made mixtures & conditioner mixtures, Salt, Epsom salt (for baths, adding Epsom salt to other products or for my plants, & no poo etc.) Borax (no poo & laundry) Food Grade diatomaceous earth (when I am giving some away for a friend to try) Raw sugar (keeps it dry & safe) these both work great for liquids & pouring or to keep dry things dry & pouring.
  • Plastic bottles with lids: I will store most anything in them that I can not find a glass jar for. great to keep things dry & using a scoop to get out as much as you need.
  • peroxide cleanerPeroxide bottles: Mainly I add a spray top & use for straight peroxide or for anything that has peroxide in it (cleaners, spot remover spray, laundry room, room deodorizers etc)
  • Gallon vinegar jugs: Love these for making large amounts of No poo/Conditioner, bottles DIYLandry room Whitener/Brightener/bleach substitute, Liquid laundry soap, Citrus vinegar (prefer glass but oh well), watering my plants. I can make large amounts & refill my smaller containers as needed.
  • Soap squirt bottles: I use these for making liquid soaps when needed (like baking soda water or borax water) for washing stains, laundry room, tubs, no poo, dishes etc.
  • Those Red & Yellow restaurant ketchup & mustard bottles: these can be found cheaply at most stores & work great for pre made beauty products, no poo products, some toothpastes/powders, oils etc.
  • Other plastic containers with lids that can be reused: various uses, use your toothpaste (2)imagination (container pictured to the right is a recycled Lifesavers Minis container used for DIY toothpastes & powders)

Just get creative with glass & plastic jars, they can be used so many ways & misting spray bottles, travel sizecan be painted (on the outside) or have great labels added that makes them look cool.

Where do I buy containers for my DIY supplies?
If you do a Google search for containers many great places come up in every size & shape you can think of in glass & plastic. But you can also buy Ball Mason Jars, Trial size plastic bottle & spray bottles, seal top containers like Rubbermaid or ziplock at most stores (like big grocery stores, Wal marts, Dollar stores, Targets, Big lots etc.)


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