Homemade DIY Bug Repellent and Stop Itch – Keep Insects Away Naturally

It of course also repels mosquitoes & biting flies as well. I really hope it works for every one of you as well as it does for us & that you find out the bogs are leaving you alone. Oh & by the way we also discovered this same recipe stops itching from bug bites too. Continue reading

OREGON NATURAL SOAPS,Pet Soap – clean and repel fleas and insects

Tea tree and Neem oils make up the natural
ingredients that will help repel fleas and insects. You
can safely use this soap on your pets. The round,
generous 4 ounce bars will lather nicely and leave
pet fur soft and skin moisturized. Continue reading

Habe Naturals – Review: Hand, Foot & Body Cream and Herbal Acne Kit

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Pure & Simple.

Habe use only the finest wildcrafted herbs and essential oils for their herbal formulas. They never use any chemicals, fillers, or preservatives in the products. Habe believes all natural ingredients that your body will recognize is very important to having safe and effective results, without any side effects. For more info go here.Habe 4

Habe naturals, How much can I tell you I love you!

Habe Naturals is one of those websites I heard about from my fans that were raving about them, so after a bit of research I contacted Jared at Habe & he was very helpful & got products to me very fast. I will be reviewing the Habe Natural Products: Hand, Foot & Body Cream, And the Herbal Acne kit. I have to tell you I totally am in love with the Hand, Foot & Body cream.

So the moment these products arrived as I walked outside in the cold air I was like my lips are chapped, well me being me as I opened the package I was like I will just put the Hand, Foot & body cream on my lips, & so I did, & guess what, I loved it so much I have continued putting it on my lips. And because it is in a tin I can carry it in my purse so easily too. It also works amazing on my hands & foot. This product is so going on my “Cheree’s Favorites” list. I never want to run out, as a matter of fact I will place it on my “Family Wishlist” for buying later.

Yes I love the Have Naturals Hand, Foot & Body cream & yes I would so recommend it to those trying to use natural products but that do not want to make their own. This product is awesome.

But what about the Herbal Acne kit? It is a great combo of topical solution with lemon & tea tree oil, I totally love the scent, & there Habe 3are also to be taken with Red clover blossom, Chaparral leaf & Burdock root because the best way to heal acne is from the inside & the outside, I & 3 of my daughters tried it, I love the topical solution but my oldest daughter had a reaction (she is very sensitive to things including natural) so she had to discontinue using it, but she did love it. My other 2 daughters & myself have had no reactions, we have mostly used the topical solution as a spot treatment & it even worked well for my hormonal breakouts. Only one of my daughters is taking the capsules & it will take a bit more time to know if it will help her issues. But she does love how the spots on her face look less inflamed. So yes this product despite my oldest being allergic is still on the teen approved list.

But I must rave just a bit more about the Hand, Foot & Body cream, I used it on my husbands feet, he has calluses & a corn & it Habe 2greatly helped his feet & they are starting to look better. I so love this product! And I get to give one of my lucky fans this amazing cream too.

Connect with Habe Natural online: Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter @HabeNaturals

Info from Website:

Habé Naturals Acne Treatment provides you with an effective natural solution to your acne problem without harsh side effects that you get from other acne products. Our natural acne treatment does not contain bleach or other chemicals that are habe 1harmful to your skin. We use only 100% natural ingredients that your body recognizes and is manufactured by an herbal products company that has been in business over 70 years.

Kit includes:

  • 15 ml Topical Acne Solution
  • 100 Vegetarian Capsules
  • Tips to Better Skin Guide

With the help of our proven process, you’ll be on your way to healthier skin.

Hand, Foot & Body Cream: Our 100% natural cream is made from only the finest natural ingredients including olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil & beeswax. This head to toe body moisturizer works wonders on your dry skin, cracked hands and feet.
2 oz size. – See more at: http://www.habenaturals.com/products#sthash.BOacygi8.dpuf

Giveaway info: Ended, the winner is Liberty T.

I will run this giveaway/contest December 27, 2013 to January 3, 2014. The link to enter is below. The winner will receive 1 tin of Hand, Foot & Body cream. Please make sure you fill out your full name, email address, PH# & mailing address. Your info will not be shared or used for any reason other than to contact you & to mail the product to you if you should win. Any entries with only partial info or that put improper info can not win. The winners first name with last name initial will be announced on Natural & Frugal: raising 6 kids Facebook page & Twitter. Habe Naturals will be sending the winner the product. Thank you for entering this awesome giveaway.

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Disclaimer: Habe provided me with the products for this review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. (or do a giveaway)


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