Natural Do it Yourself Toilet & Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipes – Easy, Safe, Effective (DIY)

I have shared other recipes for cleaning the bathroom but today I am just going to share a couple simple recipes/steps for cleaning your toilet not only totally homemade but safe, effective & natural & that is why I am here to share with you how to rid your life of horrible cleaners/chemicals. Continue reading

Deodoroc Environmentally friendly odor control products for use in and around your home

All Deodoroc products remove – not mask – the full spectrum of all organic and chemical odors from any item or area.



Safe for use around small children and pets as well as in food handling areas.

Do you have a lingering odor? Maybe in a closet, the bathroom, a drawer or near the litter box? And you do not want to buy toxic commercial deodorizers that just cover the scent? Then welcome to the wonderful world of Deodoroc. Sit down for a minute & let me tell you about their great products.

Deodoroc products are an effective and environmentally safer way to control unpleasant or undesirable odors throughout your home. Fragrance free and non-toxic, Deodoroc attracts and absorbs any type of organic or chemical odor from any material or area. Available in a variety of granular or solid forms and sizes, each has been designed to be best suited for different applications.

I have a closet that no matter what it likes to make mine & my husbands clothes smell musty overnight, & no it is not an old closet, our bedroom is not even 4 years old. I have sprayed & cleaned it with baking soda water, essential oils, vinegar etc & yes they work but the smell comes back. So I must leave a box of opened baking soda on the floor & yes it helps some, just not enough, maybe I needed a bigger box lol. Enter Deodoroc. So I was searching online for a natural odor absorbing product to keep in my closet. And Wha La I found Deodoroc & I knew right away I must contact them. So I got a hold of Trevor at Deodoroc & he was very helpful in getting me their products to try in my home. On the very day that Deodoroc arrived I hung a 8 oz Deodorizer Block in my closet. What were my immediate results? And how has it worked long-term?

Within 2 hours I checked the closet again & the musty smell had been greatly reduced (or closet is large), so I checked again the next morning & guess what? The musty smell was totally gone. That was Jan 7th & I am in my closet pretty much every day & the scent has remained gone.

And all I have to do to recharge the Deodoroc for further use is: Deodoroc products can also be reused. Simply deodorocplacing them in fresh air allows them to recharge, which can be done over and over again.

But wait I have more to tell you about, such as cat litter smells & drawer odors. So with it winter we have extra cats using the litter box most days, so my daughter hung a Deodoroc Perky Puck on the wall near the litter box. Our litter box is not to bad about lingering odors to begin with because of the natural products we use. But sometimes it can be worse than other times & with it sitting in our bathroom we prefer to prevent smells naturally. Well Deodoroc works well at the task, any odors our litter fails to tackle it has it covered. And as a plus our cats like swatting at the mesh beg we have it hanging in 🙂

Musty drawers, the Deodoroc Perky Puck worked great just added to the corner of any drawer. & again to recharge the Perky Pucks: Simply placing them in fresh air allows them to recharge, which can be done over and over again.

But wait, what to do about stubborn odors in carpets & rugs, Yeap, Deodoroc has a product for that as well. Deodoroc – Get Fresh! Carpet Deodorizer. You can buy the Carpet Deodorizer in 1 or 2 pound sizes. These Deodoroc Granules are meant to be used once for an hour or 2 & vacuumed up or used once & left sit a few days & vacuumed up whatever works best for your issue.

Deodoroc Carpet Deodorizer Granules Removes deeply saturated odors from carpeting and under-flooring

Vacuum area first before applying Deodoroc carper deodorizer, Sprinkle over areas of dry carpeting that you are needing odors such as pet urine removed from. Leave on for 1 to 2 hours or overnight if needed (Or a few days if in unused room). Then simply vacuum or sweep up the granules, if needed repeat.

But wait, we do not have carpet, yea we have a few rugs & we did use Deodoroc on the successfully, but yes Deodoroc Carpet Deodorizer can also be used on regular flooring & so yes we had a few problem areas, in our bathrooms (I have boys) & in the laundry room (we recently had a flooding issue, it was cleaned up but left a smell on the floors) Deodoroc worked totally great. It did not fail us.

I also used the Deodoroc Carpet Deodorizer on mattresses, I have a bed wetter so we cleaned & dried the mattress in the sun, but it for sure needed refreshing. These granules worked totally great for this use, so great in fact we did our other mattresses just because 🙂

You can also tie these granules into a sock & deodorize shoes & boots 🙂

So Do I recommend Deodoroc products? Yes I do, & I love how effective they are & that they are safe too. So Deodoroc makes several of my approval lists: Toxic Free 2014Cheree’s Favorites, Husband Approved & Teen Approved.

And we really must give Deodoroc 2 thumbs up for offering such great Environmentally friendly odor control products.

Deodoroc’s Odor Removal Product Catalogue here

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Odor Removal Products

Environmentally friendly odor control products for use in and around your home.

All Deodoroc products remove – not mask – the full spectrum of all organic and chemical odors from any item or area.

  • Non Toxic
  • Unscented & fragrance free
  • Safe for use in food handling areas
  • Safe for use around small children & pets

Connect with Deodoroc online: Website, Facebook & Twitter @Deodoroc

Disclaimer: Deodoroc provided me with free samples of the products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.


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