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ecokids3Hours of fun & all natural, that’s my kind of painting!

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 I am totally loving these paints & loving Eco-kids products. Keeping my kids away from as many toxins as ecokids1possible is always my goal, so teaching them in our homeschool class that even art can be natural is totally the best & my kids are great & love all things natural so they were totally excited to get to try this paints. As a matter of fact I have decided that for 2014 on my page & on my blogs to help as many as I can to have a far less toxic life. For many it will take baby steps but that is better than not taking this step, so let’s have a less toxic 2014. And lets also have a less Toxic homeschool classroom in 2014. I will be reviewing these Eco-finger paints by Eco-kids today & coming soon I will be reviewing a couple other great products by Eco-kids, so stay tuned.

Eco-finger paint & classroom art: As you other homeschool moms know art class can be not only exciting but a great creative learning experience. Well my kids got so excited from the first moment these paints arrived, not only were they like “We get to finger paint!” but they were doubly excited to learn what made the colors in the paints so natural. It was all I could do to hold the art class off a week, every day they kept asking “is today the finger painting art class” Gotta love kids 🙂 First we used the paints as finger paint (I so should have gotten pics of the paint on their hands, shoot). Then we used paintbrushes (also by Eco-Kids: eco-brush set stay tuned for the upcoming review). My kids had hours of fun painting & creating with natural colors & enjoying the textures & creating more. Art class came alive for my kids because they so loved the paints were natural & of course their favorite class is art anyhow 🙂

They painted trees, flowers, grass, clouds, birds, hills, sunny days, country roads on & on, Yeah you can tell we live in the country, their painting did not have a tall building anywhere in them. I really must say these paints were a total hit with my kids, they loved they could mix up as little or as much as they needed themselves easily.

ecokids6My kids thoughts on these paints:

  • 8 year old: They felt like painting with clay, I loved them
  • 10 year old: Slimy fun, & made great trees
  • 11 year old: I like that it is natural & I could paint natural looking pictures.
  • 13 year old: I like that by mixing myself I could make it thicker or thinner for different textures of painting
  • The 2 older teens: They mixed these paints & helped the kids & said they would so love more of these paints 🙂

So without a doubt I recommend these for your future art class & teaching your kids about using less toxic ecokids4natural items. You have totally got to love the simple natural ingredients in these paints (see below), fruits & vegetables are what creates they natural colors & that is so why these are on my “Cheree’s  Favorites” list my “Family wishlist” & they are so “Teen Approved” not only that but I would give these finger paints a 5 star if asked.

So have a less toxic 2014 in your home & in the classroom.

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Information from website on eco-finger paints:  (also available in gluten-free)

ecokids2Nothing like getting your hands on paint and kids love it! eco-paint™ is powder based, tactile and exploratory. It’s a feel thing, whether you’re using your fingers or a paintbrush, the possibilities are endless as it moves across the paper. A rainbow, crazy bug, or a self-portrait, eco-paint™ encourages the creative process. All natural ingredients mean peace of mind.

Makes 60+ ounces of paint
(5) 4oz. packets – green, blue, yellow, orange and pink

Ingredients include flour, annatto seed, carrots, spinach, earth clay, red grapeseed, purple sweet potato, gardenia, red cabbage and cornstarch.

Disclaimer: Eco-Kids provided me with free samples of the products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.


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