How to make a simple Activated Charcoal Poultice

Step by step with pictures on how to make an activated charcoal poultice & the most common uses. Continue reading


My top 11 uses for Activated Charcoal, A Natural and Frugal Favorite

Black, messy & Amazing Honestly the only thing that makes activated charcoal not perfection is it is black & can be messy. But I am willing to look the other way on that black messiness because it is a powerhouse … Continue reading

Matcha Green Tea Powder Recipes – Einkorn Flour – Muffins – Cake – More

It is easy to just add matcha tea powder to recipes, we added 1 tsp & it seemed to work great in Smoothies, shakes, add to my bulletproof coffee. But we even added 1 to 3 tsp to our favorite baking recipes. Continue reading