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You know I love making my own cleaners & sharing those recipes, but I also love sharing great natural cleaners with my fans that you can feel confident in, after all I have many fans who prefer to purchase cleaners over making them. So I happy to tell you about another great Natural company with cleaners for every cleaning need. Continue reading

Review: Molly’s Suds Laundry powder

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder (70 Loads)

  • Free of parabens & harsh chemicals.
  • No phosphates, No Sulfates, No Petrochemicals. Formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Fragrance free. Dye free & Ultra concentrated.
  • Friendly to the planet earth, the people & the animals & of course your clothes.
  • Excellent for sensitive skin, Septic Safe, Ideal for the entire family.
  • Affordable, effective & Eco-responsible.
  • Non GMO, Biodegradable, Certified Vegan, Certified cruelty-free.
  • Cloth Diaper & HE washer safe.

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Molly's Suds website
Yes we love DIY & we love natural & Molly’s suds fits into both perfectly in our family.

I contacted Molly’s suds because so many of my fans were telling me how much they loved their products & how their ingredients were so similar to the products & ingredients I recommended to my fans in DIY recipes. I had never used any Molly’s Suds products but was intrigued & then I totally felt why this family was created & I wanted to help spread the word about such a great company all after reading their store (Our Story) & reading about each product & the testimonials.

So for my fans who do not like or do not want to make their own DIY laundry products this is another great option for you.

So it is review time.

Molly’s suds has great customer service & great fast shipping. No complaints at all.

This review has given Molly’s suds a place in my heart & so out of our tax return every year IMollys suds 3 hope to support their company as much as I can & I also hope to support their company as much as I can sharing this with my fans & sharing on my various social media sites.

As a matter of fact the only warning I could find to give you about this great laundry powder is that if you like mint this laundry powder can be addicting & cause you to want to stand in the laundry room & smell it.  I do love mint, & yes I had read the ingredients but when the box arrived at my home & I immediately opened the package I realized I had had no idea about the amazingly yummy scent. It is a good thing we did not have company that day & that it was just me & my 6 kids because we kept passing the bag one to the next saying you have got to smell this laundry powder it is yummy, & each one as they smelled it & looked like they had just been given a gift. Yes we all love mint! From my youngest to my teens they already were in love & we had not even ran the first batch of clothes. Seriously! If I could add a scratch & sniff sticker to this blog post I think all my mint loving fans would be smiling just like we were. So Warning if you love mint you might be inclined to just keep the bag at your desk for minty aroma alone.

Lets wash some clothes!

So to the washer we headed, we read the directions & added one scoop in with every dirty smelly towel we could find (It was not hard since we had just bathed the dog plus we had also cleaned up funky smelling water that came from the fridge, & even had to clean up some dog pee) into the washer went all the towels & the Molly’s Suds. We ran the load on cold water & patiently awaited (or impatiently depending on what kid you ask). The towels turned out amazingly fresh, no odors not even a minty odor for those concerned about the mint hanging around, they felt soft before even going into the dryer. So into the dryer they went & a short time later we pulled out fresh clean towels.

Mollys suds 2Now for another test, stains!

So I soaked some clothes that were stained & also spot treated some stains with molly’s suds, both ways worked well depending on the stain, of course soaking worked better for set in stains, & as a plus soaking in hot water scented the air peppermint 🙂

Other ways we have been using Molly’s Suds.

This Laundry powder fits well with my other products, I used it with my Laundry ball, I used it with one of my DIY laundry powders, & I used it with Borax. It also worked well with my natural DIY bleach alternative & DIY ideas for softeners. Every way I tried it I loved it. ❤

I also came up with using it to clean our tub that stains easily & to clean the toilet & it tacked both jobs amazingly well.

Info from Molly’s Suds website:

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of: sodium carbonate sourced from the Green River Basin in Wyoming, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate (heptahydrate), unrefined sea salt, organic peppermint (menthe piperita) oil. No fillers. Contains no anti-caking or any free-flowing additives or conditioners. No optical brighteners. No GMO ingredients.

Amount to use: Ultra concentrated. Use only 1 Tablespoon (scoop included) per load.

Product description:

  • 70 loads
  • Enzyme Free Formula
  • Gluten-Free
  • This package is excellent for smaller family sizes, college students and for those just wanting to try it out!
  • Safe for High Efficiency Washers. Be sure to add the powder directly to your laundry tub. It is not formulated for the dispenser cup, though it dissolves completely during the wash cycle.
  • Our fabulous free flowing powder is perfume and dye free.  Safe for cloth diapers.
  • Cloth diaper wash cycle may require the use of more than the standard 1 Tablespoon depending on mineral content in the water.
  • No sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates, no phosphates, no petrochemicals, no formaldehyde, no parabens, no 1,4 dioxane, no fillers, no Diethanolamines, no synthetic surfactants, no PEG (polyethylene glycols), no NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylates).
  • Safe for high efficiency machines, add directly to the laundry tub. Biodegradable. Certified Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny. Human and Pet Safe.
  • Great for those with sensitive skin. If you are at all conscious about what you put on your skin- remember laundry detergent is very toxic to humans and our earth. Our Laundry Powder is gentle to both you and the planet.

In conclusion.Mollys suds 1

If you are looking for a laundry powder that is safe for your family, check out Molly’s suds, & give them your support & tell all your friends about them.

Molly’s Suds has other products as well besides the Laundry Powder. Cloth diaper powder, 100% Wool Dryer, All Sport & Dog Shampoo.

Disclaimer: Molly’s Sudss provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review  in return for the free product.


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