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A DIY life: Relax with a cup of fresh Ginger Tea – Easy as 1-2-3

Fresh Ginger tea, easy as 1,2,3………….

Ginger tea is one of those teas that is great even when you want to drink it just because. But Ginger tea can also be so much more, it is immune busting, stomach woes fighting, Migraine calming, sore throat stopping & sinus relief Ah-mazing.


ginger2Ginger: Oh yes ginger is one of those must keep around remedies that is great for so many uses, yes you can cook with it, we all love gingerbread & ginger cookies & how about ginger ale (made with water kefir & it is even better). But ginger is so much more, it has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & antioxidant properties & contains over a dozen different antiviral compounds, & It also has a sedative effect that can help you deal with a stressful day or get a good nights sleep. Ginger tea is also one my kids favorites when they are feeling bad or just because.

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Fresh Ginger: For the health benefits from ginger fresh is best. So go get some fresh ginger, leave it whole, wash it & store it in a glass jar with a lid in the fridge for longer storage. A tip to help the ginger stay fresh longer & mold free is to spray inside the jar & on the ginger with colloidal silver or food grade peroxide water. Keeping it fresh even longer,If you do not use all of the ginger before it starts going bad, simply peel the ginger & grate or finely cut it & freeze it to use in baking, cooking, soups, teas etc later.

Ginger Tea: Yes you can buy bags of ginger tea already for you to make some great tea yourself, but depending on who you ask the benefits are far better to use fresh ginger tea. Fresh ginger tea is pretty easy & worth the little extra work & you are far more likely to get the benefits you are ginger4looking for when you use fresh.

Fresh Ginger tea how to:  Start boiling 1 cup of water, remove your jar of ginger from the fridge, (or grated ginger from the freezer) break or cut off a portion of the ginger, peel, then grate or finely cut enough ginger for 1 tbsp., add the ginger3grated ginger to the water once it starts simmering, turn off, cover & let steep 5 to 7 minutes, then strain out ginger (some prefer to leave it in) add to mug & sweeten with raw honey.

(I really love adding this natural unbleached, unrefined Organic whole cane sugar to my fresh ginger tea for a unique, complementary taste, I also love it in other hot beverages. This whole cane sugar has a mild molasses flavor & taste, for more info & how to purchase go here)

Options to add: 1 spoon of raw coconut oil, pinch of natural unrefined salt, fresh lemon or lime juice, Bragg ACV, rosewater, plantain water, food grade DE, colloidal silver, fresh garlic, turmeric powder, cinnamon, or whatever else you may desire. Ginger tea is recommended at no ginger2more than 3 times a day.

Warnings & interactions: If you are on certain medications read info here

reported uses for Ginger: Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Colon Cancer Prevention, Nausea & Vomiting, Morning Sickness, Motion Sickness Remedy, Reduces Pain and Inflammation, Heartburn Relief, Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment, Migraine Relief, Menstrual Cramp Relief, Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy

Ginger is amazing for helping to stop migraines

The Reported Health Benefits of Ginger: Stimulates Digestion, Naturally Freshens Breath, Relieves Nausea, Including Dizziness from Motion Sickness, Helps Lower Cholesterol, Relieves Gas and Bloating, Soothes Common Cold Symptoms, Including Respiratory Infections, Eases Menstrual Cramps, Relieves Headaches, Helps Stop Diarrhea, Believed to Have Anti-Cancer Properties


ginger1Ginger & Ginger tea for beauty: You can also use ginger tea on your hair, on your skin, on your face, in a face mask with clay powder, in a soaking bath, added with oil for a massage & you can use it for toothaches & a mouthwash.. You can use fresh grated ginger on your face for a soothing face mask, & on any aches, pains & swelling, just sit grated ginger on area & leave, or crush further then apply.

Get creative & figure out your favorite use.


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