More ides for disinfecting homemade cleaners (Part one)

Part one: One of the many great things about making your own cleaners is most recipes are naturally disinfecting, so you do not have the harsh, damaging effects of commercial disinfecting cleaners. Continue reading

Cleaning with Limes – Homemade Household Cleaners, Kitchen, Bathroom and more (DIY)

Many forget you can use Lime for cleaning since so many use lemon, limes work just as well at DIY as lemons do giving you a whole new amazing citrus scent & depending on your personal preference lime might just deodorize better than lemon & some people do not like the scent of lemon & prefer limes. Continue reading

Lemon, Eucalyptus deodorizing, disinfecting, sanitizing, scum, grime cutting cleaners (DIY Recipes)

A mighty combo of Eucalyptus & lemon Continue reading