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DIY ideas, Peroxide to the rescue, cleaning, beauty & more

How does Peroxide fit into my DIY life? Very well!

Yes you guessed it Peroxide is on my top 10 list for all around uses, & for DIY cleaning, it rates up there with Vinegar, Baking soda, Lemon juice & Borax as very versatile, cheap & effective.
But not for just cleaning, it is also great for your hair, scalp, body, underarms etc.
And Food Grade peroxide is great for health &  beauty also.
Are you ready?

OK it is Peroxide time!

peroxide cleanerUsing strait peroxide to clean your kitchen or bathroom with & as glass & chrome cleaner & even a laundry spot pre-treater couldn’t be easier, just put a sprayer top on a 32 oz bottle of peroxide & you are ready to go. This method works best because peroxide needs to stay out of sunlight, so if you must add peroxide to another spray bottle make sure it is sitting in a dark cupboard when not in use.

Simply add the spray top, spray & wipe as you would with any spray cleaner. it is as simple as that. Peroxide is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant that is awesome for cleaning, deodorizing & freshening. In fact, it is a safer effective natural substitute to using chemical/Toxic chlorine bleach. & when combined with the amazing cleaning & disinfecting power of vinegar you know it is not only safe for little hands but it works. (see below for info on using vinegar & peroxide in 2 separate spray bottles) The disinfecting power of natural products like peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, Borax, colloidal silver & essential oils are not at all like commercial cleaners that not only leave toxic residue behind, but commercial cleaner kill the good and the bad germs & bacteria thus weakening your immune system  So with these natural DIY products you can have a natural safe home, it is a win, win!

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How Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Bacteria
Hydrogen peroxide is always in a dark-brown bottle as light decreases its  potency. Paeroxide 3

Hydrogen peroxide is a mildly acidic disinfectant that has many uses beyond the  medicine cabinet. It is an effective household cleaner.

Store bought or food grade peroxide?

  • Regular Hydrogen Peroxide from the store: Do not use the normal brown bottles of 3% peroxide from the store for health, [This peroxide contains known chemicals do not ingest!] 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (Drug/Grocery Store Variety) Is great used as antimicrobial agent for treating wounds and as a sanitizing agent in cleaning, & laundry etc. It is made from 50% Super D Peroxide, Diluted.  Contains stabilizers – phenol, acetanilide, sodium stanate, tetrasodium phosphate among them.
    [This peroxide contains known chemicals do not ingest!]
  • Info: Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a specially purified form of H2O2 that is  completely safe to consume. Regular, drugstore varieties are not dangerous to  consume internally, although they do contain higher percentages of contaminants  and are meant to apply to external wounds or infections. Hydrogen peroxide is a  powerful antimicrobial, especially for bacteria, and can oxidize a variety of  unwanted substances. The many health benefits to using hydrogen peroxide include  some of which are well known and others that are controversial.
  • Food Grade Peroxide: A natural and inexpensive way of helping the body receive the oxygen it needs to get healthy and stay healthy. Food grade H2O2 has been used for more than a century all over the world as a defense against micro-organisms that invade our immune system. The human body is very strong and the immune system is built to fight off harmful bacteria and diseases, but over time as bad bacteria and micro-organisms build up inside our body, and it loses the ability to fight off diseases and ends up becoming extremely ill. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has one atom of oxygen more than water. It’s that simple.

Cleaning power
Peroxide is great used alone to clean all over the house, toilets, tubs, mirrors, sinks, chrome, stainless steel, counters floors, tiles grout, laundry, stove on & onperoxide2
For those times when you need a stronger cleaner like for counters & cutting boards after preparing raw meats like chicken or pork, the below system works better than bleach & better than just vinegar or just peroxide.

Super Disinfectant sprays
(2 bottles create one system of disinfecting)
1 spray bottle of straight white vinegar
1 spray bottle of straight 3% peroxide
Here is a simple trick, just add the spray top off your spray bottles, 1 to a 32oz bottle of Cleanerwhite vinegar & one to a 32oz brown bottle of peroxide, if you decide to add the peroxide to a normal spray bottle keep it in the dark when not in use. It doesn’t matter which you use 1st, spray with the vinegar then spray the peroxide, or spray the peroxide then spray the vinegar. You gotta love they are effective but also non toxic to you & your family. I love using this method for cleaning up raw meat mess like chicken, for cutting boards etc, all surfaces (not vinegar on granite or stone). The pairing the two mists kills virtually all Salmonella,or E. coli bacteria even on heavily contaminated food surfaces when used as described, More effective than bleach.

peroxide3For Hair:
Peroxide can be used in your no poo routine in your shampoo or conditioner combo, I have dark hair & it does not mess with my color unless I leave it in like an hour. It is great for the scalp & it also is very good at killing lice. (I have a teen daughter that is brunette & she loves to use peroxide in her hair in no poo & it never fades her hair, just makes it soft)
How to:
Simply add a cap of peroxide to the water with your baking soda to wash your hair, or you can even use alone or with borax in the water. Do the same way for conditioner.

For skin, teeth, underarms:
Peroxide can be great in your DIY beauty routine, I mix enough with baking soda to form a paste, & use to wash/exfoliate your face & skin (or underarms if you have darkened underarms), use this paste to brush your teeth, you could add a drop or two of clove &/or peppermint essential oils for teeth cleaning, makes a great deodorant paste, again you can add essential oils like Lavender if you want.
How to:
Make it ahead & store in air tight containers or make as needed. this also makes a great soft scrub substitute, make the paste as thick or as thin as you want it.

Peroxide is great in laundry as a spot remover, a pre-treater, a bleach alternative, whitener, brightener laundry booster & a fabric softener. For more info on using peroxide in laundry go here

Pet accidents: A paste made with peroxide, baking soda & eucalyptus essential oil can get out set in urine & poop smells & stains, applying peroxide then vinegar to accidents can stop strong smells.

Room deodorizing sanitizing spray: 1 part pure water & 1 part peroxide, add to spray bottle a mist in rooms, options to add essential oils of choice.

Carpet stain remover, & flea killer Make a thick crumble like paste of  peroxide & baking soda work into carpet & furniture with broom, allow to dry & vacuum up. (more info & ideas here & here (my pre teen loves to make this mixture for her room because she says it leaves it smelling fresh)

Houseplants, Roses, Garden:
Peroxide is great for plants & roots, a mixing chart here, I have more info on natural gardening on Pinterest here.

Safe peroxide instead of bleach to purify water in everyday life or in a disaster:
(more info here & here)

How To Understand Why Bleach Is Bad here, Bleach is dangerous. It is as simple as that.
Info: Mixing 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to get 3% hydrogen peroxide (Chart

Taking Food Grade Peroxide:
We take food grade peroxide for health daily, I have lung issues & it really helps me breath food grade peroxidebetter. Oh & there is bad info going around the internet that says to mix colloidal silver & peroxide for better results, but never mix them, essentially mixing colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide are a caustic combination – caustic meaning corrosive, capable of burning, corroding, dissolving, or eating away by chemical action (article here).  I do take both daily but never close together & never together, not even in the nebulizer. of course peroxide should be taken one hour away from all food or drinks besides water anyhow when taking doses for health. but I recommend as always you research this for yourself & decide for yourself. (links below to help you get started researching)

Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural and inexpensive way of helping the body receive the oxygen it needs to get healthy and stay healthy. Hydrogen peroxide is a popular and effective natural therapy. Hydrogen peroxide feeds good bacteria and kills bad bacteria

The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide (Only use Food grade peroxide for health) article here
I also use food grade peroxide in the nebulizer when allergies, breathing issues or sickness hits (also to prevent) info here
My Photo album with info on food grade peroxide here
My Pinterest board on Peroxide here
__________________________________                    peroxide cleaner
Uses for brown bottles of peroxide:
Teeth Whitening
Brushing teeth
dark spot remover on skin
skin issues
Toenail fungus
remove Human & Pet pee smell
stain remover
De-skunk your pets (or you)
laundry brightener/ whitener
fabric softener
hair lightened
hair conditioner
hair wash
kill lice
HE washer cleaning cycle
grout cleaner
window/glass cleaner
brass, stainless steel & other metals cleaner
plant fertilizer, spray fungicide &  insecticide
emergency water purifier
on & on

Uses for Food grade peroxide: 
Same as all the above when diluted to 3% plus more

Purify everyday drinking water like tap water
Treat & prevent cancer
to fight colds, flues & allergies
build immune system
Detoxing bath
Stomach bug
Wash fruits & veges
Spray on foods to keep fresh longer


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