Honey Jun Tea SCOBY – Directions & Info – (Jun Kombucha)

Honey Jun or Jun has similarities to kombucha tea so many do call it the “Honey Jun Kombucha” or the “Jun Kombucha”. Whatever you call it it taste great. I like to have both kombucha & Jun on hand. The kombucha second ferment recipes I share on my blog can also be used for second fermenting Jun as well. Continue reading

How to make Coffee-Bucha, Probiotic coffee using Kombucha

If you are like me you always have left over cultures on hand & have probably gotten good at finding uses for them. I bet you also love doing second ferments of kombucha tea? Continue reading

Pink Parchment Soaps: Colloidal Silver Sugar Scrub with Bamboo Charcoal And Tea Tree Oil – Facial Scrub (review)

#NFR6K Colloidal Silver Sugar Scrub with Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil – This is one of our new sugar scrubs with activated bamboo charcoal. We’ve added Colloidal Silver to this one to really help combat problematic acne. Continue reading