Buy – Vacay Natural Water Enhancer – Help Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Ease Tension

The proprietary functional ingredient blend for Vacay consists of l-theanine, chamomile, and passion flower.

Sweetened with Stevia combined with an all natural lemonade flavor.

Vacay Wide Banner 1 trouble sleeping
Perfect For: Chilling, Stressful Jobs, Anyone With Anxiety, Traveling, Busy Moms, Tense muscles, Sleeping Problems.

Vacay water enhancer is not only the perfect drink for relaxing I must admit the taste is pleasing to, the flavor is Island Lemonade & I love it. One small package has 10 servings in it ($4.99) making it affordable for those wanting to try it before committing to buying larger amounts ($27.99 60 servings).Vacay 1

Vacay has a natural lemon lime kinda flavor pared with ingredients like Passion Flower & Chamomile to give this relaxing drink a unique pleasing taste to relax with mental clarity. We have enjoyed drinking Vacay after dinner while watching TV to wind down before bedtime.

Vacay does not make me tired, it is more about de-stressing & getting rid of anxiety & tension that can add up during the day so you can unwind & think clearer & then you can sleep better once you go to bed. I did not have any negative side effects from taking Vacay, I did notice the calmer feeling but not in a drugged kinda way, in that same kin of way that having your feet rubbed makes you just forget about the stress for right now way.

As you know Passion flower can be great for people who suffer with anxiety, And Chamomile has been vacay 2used forever & is not just great for stomach issue but for many it can be very relaxing. But what is L-theanine? It is an amino acid found naturally in green tea & many use it for relaxation.

The 10 serving packages are perfect for carrying with you in your purse, diaper bag, wallet, pocket, backpack, briefcase, book bag or whatever for using when needed. They are also great to take on business trips & vacations.

I love the taste & the way it relaxes me without making me drowsy so I know I can drink it any time of day. The price for 10 servings. Passion flower, chamomile & l-theanine. I am not big on using stevia unless I grew it myself, but Vacay does say right on their website that all ingredients are sourced from companies that are reputable & do independent testing, so if I can not grow it myself this is the next best way to get stevia.

Are you ready to try Vacay? Click here for more information & to order.

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Disclaimer: The company provided me with free sample(s) of product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. If the review has made it to my blog it is positive review & I recommend it.

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