How to make Kombucha Vinegar.

It is easy to make kombucha tea & it has the same benefits as raw apple cider vinegar.

How to make Kombucha Vinegar

If you have had a batch of kombucha tea that went to long you probably noticed that familiar vinegar taste. Honestly most describe the taste of kombucha as vinegar like, but you do need to brew it extra long to become vinegar & it should taste pretty much like raw apple cider vinegar when done. 

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Kombucha vinegar:

I like to make kombucha vinegar because I control the ingrediants, I can use it just like I use raw apple cider vinegar, I can always have it on hand.

Perfect on salads, in dressings, to marinade meats, to take for stomach upset, to use on skin & hair, in a detox bath, in a foot bath & more. Any way you use apple cider vinegar or raw apple cider vinegar Kombucha vinegar can be used instead.

Basic way to make kombucha vinegar.

  1. Instead of harvesting your kombucha tea when done.
  2. Leave it in the glass jar.kombucha vinegar
  3. You can remove the newly formed baby SCOBY & the mother if desired or leave both or leave just the mother.
  4. Keep using the breathable cover.
  5. let ferment 30 to 60 days beyond when kombucha tea was done.
  6. You can taste to know when it is done. Then use a seal tight lid & store at room temp.

I many times have kombucha tea even after it was in the fridge start to get to strong/vinegary. So I just sit the glass jar at room temp in a dark cupboard & make vinegar out of it.

Tips & info:

  • Only make kombucha vinegar in glass jars, never metal or plastic (some do use wood & that you can research).
  • Discard any kombucha SCOBYs that form after you put a seal tight lid on your vinegar (or blend them up in the vinegar), they are not good for making kombucha tea.
  • You might need to release gas build up in your kombucha vinegar from time to time.
  • Kombucha vinegar can be bottled in those bottles with the flip top gasket lids.
  • If you see mold forming toss the kombucha vinegar.
  • There will be tea tannin & brown strings & such even cloudiness this is not mold
  • Never throw away strong kombucha tea, make vinegar.
  • Kombucha vinegar can be made from kombucha tea that was made from white, green or black tea.
  • You can strain kombucha vinegar if desired. Either strain through a coffee filter or use a mesh strainer.
  • Kombucha vinegar is less concentrated than apple cider vinegar.
  • Kombucha vinegar is also less acidic than regular vinegar.

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