How to make Coffee-Bucha, Probiotic coffee using Kombucha

Kombucha made with coffee…

If you make your own kombucha tea & have leftover culture’s (SCOBY’s/Mushroom’s) & you love coffee, try this Coffeebucha out.

S.C.O.B.Y.: Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast



I have made kombucha tea forever using white, green or black tea & I even in the past sold thousands of complete starter kits on ebay with pages of info so others could start making kombucha properly. as a matter of fact I know have that same information others begged me to sell to them right here on my blog:
Kombucha tea (KT): Recipe – How to – Ideas – Probiotic – SCOBY.kombucha

If you are like me you always have left over cultures on hand & have probably gotten good at finding uses for them. I bet you also love doing second ferments of kombucha tea?

Well making coffeebucha is kind of like doing a second ferment in the sense you never want to reuse the SCOBY for kombucha or get it near your fermenting kombucha or other cultures. So for this reason I recommend only using extra cultures you will trow away after (or start another batch of Coffeebucha with).

Basic rules of making coffee kombucha:

  • Most do not use starter tea at all to make coffeebucha, & if that works for you that is fine because coffee is acidic enough the starter tea is not needed, just a SCOBY is needed. Me personally I added 2 ounces of black tea kombucha teato my just under half gallon batch.
  • No need to save any coffeebucha as starter tea.
  • Make sure the culture you use or any cultures that might grow are never used with coffeebuchakombucha tea, that you never mix the 2 during fermentation, that you never touch a kombucha scoby to a coffee scoby unless it is to brew coffeebucha. So only use an extra scoby for coffee & throw it away once it gets to far gone to use (& it will).
  • Start checking your coffeebucha at day 3 or 4 especially in warmer weather, use a straw & taste daily to get it to desired taste for you. Try not to go past day 7 because coffee can go rancid easy, so once it is tasting right it is done. (somewhere between day 3 & day 7). If it taste off or smells off & not at all kombucha like & soiled do not drink.
  • It is best to be an experiences kombucha tea maker before ever making coffeebucha so you know what kombucha will taste & smell like fermenting.
  • Store in fridge after removing the culture. (strain if desired)
  • The culture you use for coffeebucha will get dark & if a new culture forms it will look dark & abnormal to what you are used to. It will get stained from coffee & may have darker spots.
  • Organic coffee is best because it will have less chemicals, do not use flavored coffees or coffee with additives unless you want to add white, green or black tea.
  • Do not use decaff coffee
  • Water needs to be distilled or filtered with no additives.
  • Sugar can be regular with or organic sugar, do not use coconut sugar, sugar substitutes, sweeteners, natural sweeteners, or honey. Only use sugar.
  • The SCOBY needs to sugar (& coffee or tea tannins) to live.
  • Never heat your coffeebucha or you will ruin the probiotics, vitamins & minerals, you can drink it cold, or let it sit & get to room temp & drink it.
  • Never touch the fermented kombucha tea, coffeebucha or scoby with metal of any kind.

I use half gallon jars so the directions are for just under half a gallon, you can double the amount for a gallon, or half the amount for a quart.

1/2 gallon Hot brew: (Best method).

  • I brewed 12 cups of coffee (6 tbsp for the 12 cups but you do it however you normally would for 12 cups)
  • Mix with 3/4 cup to 1 cup of sugar until dissolved.
  • Once cooled to room temp add to jar, do not totally fill jar, leave a couple inches from top.IMG_0603.JPG
  • Add 1 to 2 ounces of kombucha tea made from white, green or black tea (optional but I prefer the taste it creates).
  • Add a leftover SCOBY.
  • Put on a breathable cover & secure it to keep bugs & dust out (Such as a coffee filter & rubber band).
  • Start tasting at day 3, to me it is best around day 3 or 4 depending on summer or winter & depending on if you added kombucha tea.
  • Should be done by day 7

1/2 gallon Cold brew: (ok but not as good as hot brew).

  • This method is pretty simple, fill jar with water leaving a few inches from top.
  • Stir in 3/4 cup to 1 cup of sugar (some will remain on bottom so you may have to stir daily).
  • add 6 to 8 tsp of instant coffee
  • Add 1 to 2 ounces of kombucha tea made from white, green or black tea (optional but I prefer the taste it creates).
  • Add a leftover SCOBY.
  • Put on a breathable cover & secure it to keep bugs & dust out (Such as a coffee filter & rubber band).
  • tart tasting at day 4 or 5, depending on summer or winter & depending on if you added kombucha tea.
    Should be done by day 7 (by taste)


  • You can add white, green or black tea bags to the hot brew after mixing in the sugar while the coffee is brewing & then pull them before adding the coffee to the jar. 1 to 3 tea bags will be plenty if desired.IMG_0604.JPG
  • If you want to add tea to the cold brew just make a small amount of tea with 1 to 3 white, green or black tea bags, then mix with the water & make sure it is cool before adding kombucha tea or Scoby. Remember to not fill the jar all the way up.
  • If you would prefer the sugar dissolved on the cold brew, heat 1/4 to 1/2 the water on stove, add sugar till dissolved, allow to cool & add with the rest of the water.
  • You can do second ferment but do it in the fridge not at room temp, things like adding mint leaves, ground ginger, cayenne etc.
  • You can make Frappe with this, just blend together your coffeebucha, some ice, milk of choice  & if you want frozen yogurt or ice cream.
  • Some say cream added to coffeebucha can curdle, but others say it does fine, so if you want to add it try it out.

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one jar of of coffeebucha & one jar of kombucha tea

Again I must remind you to go read my directions for making kombucha so you do not make mistakes. Kombucha tea (KT): Recipe – How to – Ideas – Probiotic – SCOBY.

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