My top 11 uses for Activated Charcoal, A Natural and Frugal Favorite

Black, messy & Amazing

Honestly the only thing that makes activated charcoal not perfection is it is black & can be messy. But I am willing to look the other way on that black messiness because it is a powerhouse for so many uses.

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Join me in my love of all things activated charcoal starting with my 11 favorite uses, but do not stop at 11 uses, there are thousands for this amazing black powder for home, cooking, oral care, beauty, health, pets & beyond.

Even just in the 11 uses I share below there are far beyond 11 simple ways to use this amazing product.

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Activated charcoal unlike my other favorite natural items is not good for cleaning, but it is still very versatile & has DIY uses & shows up in so many of my blog posts with amazing uses. Activated charcoal is one of those rare products that every time I put it to the test it outperforms working great. When I did my blog post “Activated Charcoal – Do you know all of the amazing uses? – DIY and Beyond” I got such an overwhelming response from my blog & Facebook followers because it is crammed packed full of info & links. As a matter of fact the website I linked to has changed a lot of their links so I need to update that post & I have also learned new uses since writing it.

Activated charcoal is one of those products that are amazing rather in powder, tablet, capsule or granules, but I do personally see the best results from the powder. I get my charcoal powder from Charcoal House LLC, I have found them to have amazing customer service, to be very knowledgeable & helpful with high quality products, overall they care about their customers & giving them the best product & information on using it. The truth is almost all my information on activated charcoal & the knowledge I have gained I have personally gotten from Charcoal House staff, they have helped me so much in my journey to learn all the uses of activated charcoal. (keep scrolling down for my top 11 uses)

I use 4 activated charcoal powders & each one has something it does better, but all 4 can also be used for many of the same uses:

  • USP grade Detox 1600 Powder USP, very high activity medicinal COCONUT shell charcoal powder specifically developed to be taken internally for the treatment of poisoning, drug overdose, food poisoning, severe diarrhea and vomiting. (Buy on Amazon)
  • Neutral pH Hardwood Powder MEDIUM SURFACE AREA (1400 to 1800 m2/g) A high quality Food Grade activated charcoal powder suitable for external applications in poultices, compresses and baths, for the treatment of infections, pain, and as a general detoxifier. Neutral pH. (Buy on Amazon)
  • Ultra Fine Coconut Shell Powder Food grade charcoal powder (Ultra Fine) made from coconut shell. Can be taken internally or used to make charcoal poultices, facial masks and skin cleansers. A favorite as there is virtually no grit, velvety smooth when mixed with water. It is also used in tooth powders.
  • Bamboo Powder A premium food grade Bamboo Charcoal that mixes easily in water. Used in Japanese pastries, and a favorite for making Bamboo Charcoal Soap. (Buy on Amazon).

Are you ready, drum roll, ba-dum bish, boom! My top uses for Activated Charcoal. (in no particular order)

  1. Health, taking activated charcoal powder every day in water has been amazing for my health & digestion. As a general rule I take the hardwood powder 2 tbsp a day in water, but I do take more throughout the day if needed & if I feel I need  stronger I take 2 tbsp of the Detox 1600 or the Coconut shell. Like if I feel like I have food poisoning or the stomach bug, or just diarrhea I will take 2 tbsp of detox 1600 several times with lots of extra water. (video)
  2. Allergic reaction, this has been an an amazing eye opener for me, rather the reaction is from MSG, gluten, dairy, nuts or whatever taking 2 TBSP of the Detox 1600 ASAP & taking until symptoms stop has worked each & every time. I have found the same relief for skin allergic reactions using activated charcoal in a poultice or a paste
  3. As an activated charcoal poultice (video) or a charcoal patch (video), I use a poultice or a patch all the time, I have found doing a regular liver poultice has helped me detox & to have far less liver & gallbladder pain as well as a healthier liver & gallbladder. But a poultice or patch is great for healing, drawing, detoxing & even for general pain relief. Great used right on the issue rather on your skin or inside your mouth. Great for stings, burns, rashes, cuts, wounds & more.
  4. To brush & whiten my teeth. Yes it is true something so black & messy whitens teeth & even improves oral health. I brush with hardwood powder daily by wetting my toothbrush with peroxide & dunking in the powder. DIY natural healing activated charcoal toothpaste and tooth-powder recipes – Whitening too
  5. As a amazing face mask & general skin care, I usually use the hardwood powder or the bamboo powder for these uses. DIY Natural skin brightening, lightning and detoxing formula and How to make a Activated Charcoal Facial Mask for Skin Care
  6. To get rid of odors, for this I do use the activated charcoal granules/Pure NonScents  & the Kitty Odor stopper, great for using for odors. But I have also found uses for the powders for odor removal as well, such as bad breath, body odor. (affiliate to buy Pure NonScents on Amazon).
  7. On the go, I carry charcoal drawing salve (or charcoal stick or cream) & capsules or tablets. The salve, cream or stick are great for sting, bits, scratches, cuts, rashes, boo boos & more. The capsules are great to have on hand at first sign of sickness, stomach distress, headache or allergy attack.
  8. Oil pulling, I love oil pulling & I highly recommend it, but adding activated charcoal powder in with the oil the oil took oil pulling to an all new level & it improves oral health, great to heal infection, to detox & whitens teeth. I use the hardwood powder or the Detox 1600 powder & a tiny 1/4 tsp to add to my mouth. Oil pulling How, Why, Troubleshooting, FAQ’s, Information – Coconut oil (Part 1) and Oil Pulling – Step by Step Directions for Beginners – Testimonials (part 2)
  9. Sore throat, yup it works great, you can either suck on a tablet letting it run down your throat or, swish, gargle & swallow a charcoal slurry/drink made with any of the powders. I have found though that the Detox 1600. the Bamboo & the Coconut shell work best for the slurry for sore throat (How to make a activated charcoal slurry video).
  10. Charcoal bath, oh yes it can make a mess butt is so worth any clean up. A charcoal bath not only detoxes skin & deeper depending on how long you are in the bath. It is I have found the activated charcoal bath to be very soothing, relaxing, even for my stiff & sore muscles & joint. I think a charcoal bath perfect to alleviate soreness, inflammation, headaches, migraines, insomnia & I even use it when I feel run down or like I am getting sick to knock it right out of me (or my kids). Activated charcoal baths are also great for arthritis & fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I try to soak at least a half hour, then only light rinse in the shower & then go wrap up in the blanket & rest. What I do is add a half cup of the hardwood activated charcoal powder to a qt canning jar, I then fill the jar almost full with hot water (leave room to shake). Then I shake to mix all the charcoal in making sure there is no dry powder in the bottom. I then add it to the running water in my bath. After my soak if it left any black/grey residue/stains on the tub (or skin) I just using baking soda water paste & it cleans right off. I do think this could possibly really stain some older tubs, so be aware.
  11. For toothaches & for earaches. I use a small charcoal poultice or I mix hardwood activated charcoal with ground psyllium powder & water to create a gummy like rubbery ball to put on the toothache or abscess. For an earache I make a thick slurry of any of the powders with either distilled water or colloidal silver & add to ear cannal & leave in, if me or my kids need to move I put a cotton ball in I have dampened with colloidal silver.

So what are your favorite peroxide uses?

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