My top 12 uses for Colloidal Silver, A Natural and Frugal Favorite

Colloidal silver really is Amazing!

I make micro particle colloidal silver with my Silver Edge Generator.

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Join me in my love of all the ways to use colloidal silver starting with my 12 favorite uses, but do not stop at 12 uses, there are thousands for this amazing clear liquid, uses I bet you had no idea about, from pest control, gardening, home, cleaning, beauty, health, pets & beyond.

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Micro Particle Colloidal Silver a is a big part of my daily life in so many ways that I share about it a whole lot here on my blog & elsewhere. That would be because CS is so amazing, I will say it again, Amazing! How Amazing? So amazing I can make a qt in 3 hours & have it for hundreds of uses & it is almost tasteless, it is odorless, clear & very effective. I know buying colloidal silver at the health food store & from others is costly so in those cases holding it for emergencies is understandable. But I can make a quart for pennies with my Silver Edge Micro Particle generator & distilled water in just 3 hours.

Many  of you email me & ask where I buy colloidal silver & what brands I recommend. The answer is I do not use a brand, I make my own, why? Because I can make high quality micro particle colloidal silver for a fraction of the cost of even buying a poor quality brand at the health food store. You do not want poor quality colloidal silver & you do not want large particle size & you really do not want to pay an arm & a leg for your silver. I have also time & time again tried high quality brands to compare & my homemade micro particle out performs every time. For more information on particle size, how I use colloidal silver & so much more check out my Silver edge colloidal silver generatorreview: Colloidal Silver – The Silver Edge Micro Particle Generator.

Colloidal silver has a well deserved place on my top 10 list of most used items in my home (Top 10 list), I take daily & I use it to get well faster & stay well (What I take & how, – How we get well). Colloidal silver is a natural powerhouse, not only is CS great for skin, hair, body, cleaning, laundry & more, it also preserves the DIY cleaner combos I add it to. Colloidal silver has a wide range of uses, it is antibiotic, giving cleaners Anti-bacterial, Anti Microbial, Anti Fungal cleaning power making it great for health & to replace chemical cleaners a amazing sanitizer, laundry products, skin care, DIY cleaning that is even safe used around pets, babies & children & more. It is natural & builds the immune system rather than breaking it down like toxic cleaners do (DIY cleaners Vs Commercial & Immune system).

I honestly recommend colloidal silver so much that it for sure is a must in my DIY home. Get ready & hold onto your hat, now I am going to tell you my best of the best uses, my totally favorite top 12 ways to use colloidal silver in my daily DIY life. These are the uses I just can not keep my mouth shut about. These are listed in no particular order, they are all #1 in my book of CS uses.

Are you ready, drum roll, ba-dum bish, boom!

  1. To take for health, I already take colloidal silver daily for my first line of defense against not just cold & flu but other superbugs out there. I can also increase my dose if I am feeling like I am coming down with something.
  2. in my hair, honestly it helps me keep dandruff away & my hair stays so shiny & healthy, I spray it on my wet hair & brush in. When using DIY Hair and skin recipes, Mix it up for best results
  3. To wash fresh fruits & vegetables & to keep them fresh longer. Homemade wash your fresh fruits and Vegetables – DIY recipes – Clean and Preserve
  4. As a eye wash or eye spray, nothing works as well as CS for eye health,  pink eye, allergy eyes & eye infections. You can also mix CS with activated charcoal to make an eye poultice for eye issues & eye health. Colloidal silver has a place in my DIY life – What about you?
  5. As a cleaner, pure & simple it is very effective for the whole house from cleaning stone counters, to the bathroom, bedroomnursery & more.
  6. Skin care, this is a big use around here for CS, not only is colloidal silver great for general use, it is great to prevent breakouts, to heal skin, rashes, bites, MRSA & more. A DIY Life: Deep cleaning skin and face wash – revives – tingling – skin issues and Got Acne? Natural DIY ideas, Prevent & Heal Skin – Pimples – Blackheads – Scarring – Teens – Adults
  7. Hand sanitizer, thats right just add some to a spray bottle or mix with aloe gel & carry it on the go for a multi purpose hand sanitizer that you can also use to clean a grocery cart or toilet seat & if you are carrying the spray it can be on hand for boo boos, spraying the air, for sore throats, to spray in eyes & more. DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer, for home, and on the go, great for kids – Recipes and My purse is a total mini natural health pharmacy on my shoulder
  8. For our pets, again I give it to them daily, I let them decide they want it by offering it in a bowl. But just like we use it for us I use it in their eyes, ears, on skin, for health & more. Pets Naturally – Coconut oil, ACV, Clay, Activated Charcoal, Diatomaceous earth, Colloidal silver
  9. Pest control, yep CS is great used in pest control, roaches will die, this makes it great added to DIY cleaners to get it on every surface. DIY Natural Pest Control: Possible? I say yes! – Effective? Of course!
  10. Allergies, nothing beats colloidal silver for allergy eyes as I mentioned, but taking it for allergies & diffusing it for allergies is also amazing. Natural DIY Allergy Relief – Sinus – Immune Support – Vinegar – Colloidal silver – Baking soda – Oil Pulling
  11. I just can not walk away without shouting how great colloidal silver is for oral health. Good-bye fluoride, hello to a DIY mouth: Toothpaste, Tooth Powder, Mouthwash, Whitening, Pain & more
  12. Using colloidal silver in oil pulling. Oil pulling How, Why, Troubleshooting, FAQ’s, Information – Coconut oil (Part 1)
  13. Bonus 13th use: Spray filters such as AC/Heat filters with colloidal silver, do both sides, let dry, repeat. CS is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral & that makes it great against bacteria, viruses, and fungal organisms. So spraying filters & letting them dry before use can give you a hepa like filter ingrained with powerful, natural silver at a cheaper cost.

So what are your favorite colloidal silver uses?

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