Dollar Tree finds for Party Decorations – DIY Decoupage Glass Centerpieces

Party ideas on the cheap.
Great for Grad Parties, Anniversary Parties, or just because parties.

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Clear glass star bowls to table centerpieces
Dollar Tree finds for Party Decorations – Decoupage Glass Centerpieces.

My daughter is busy making DIY ideas for her upcoming grad party. She decided she wanted to do decoupage glass centerpieces to put candy in or candles in. I know this is not my usual type of blog post, yea I do share DIY & even crafting ideas, but normally they are my ideas. This idea was totally my teen daughters & she executed it herself & then told me what she did. So I wanted to share her idea.decoupage-post

At Dollar Tree they have nice heavy clear glass star bowls for you guessed it a $1 ūüôā My daughter also at the Dollar Tree bought a couple of packs napkins with a nice design, with butterflies & flowers for $1 per pack. Her goal was to use the napkins to decoupage¬†on the outside of the glass bowls. You also need Mod Podge for this project, we actually more than once have found smaller bottles of the Mod Podge at the Dollar Tree, but on this visit we did not fine any so had to buy elsewhere. She preferred the matte Mod Podge but you can use the Mod Podge¬†you like best.

This project was kind of time consuming but easy with great results. First she washed the bowls in hot water & allowed them to fully dry. Next she tore the napkins in about one 1 decoupage-4inch by 5 inch sections, no need to worry about being exact. She then coated the outside of one bowl with the matte Mod Podge. Right away she began applying the torn napkins in varying directions smoothing the flat & cutting off any excess as needed. After totally covering the outside surface she sat it down (upside down) to dry & repeated the same process over & over for each bowl. After the bowls dried she applied another layer of Mod Podge over the napkins & allowed that to dry. And whala she now had center pieces that looked personalized. 

Not only are these great for center pieces, but after the party she intends to use some to keep fingernail polish in, bobby pins & other little things, so it is a great little trinket/keepsake bowl. She is also going to give extras to her sisters & friends. So they make a great gift idea & can be personalized for your needs.decoupage-5

They also glow really nice with lights or candles in them. If you prefer you could decoupage the inside of the bowl with the design of the napkin downward to show through the glass for a nice effect. She just preferred the decoupage on the outside with the design outward since she is filling the bowls & wanted a textured look.

We found other great items for her part at Dollar Tree, such as Plastic table clothes in the colors she wanted, marbles & rocks to add to the centerpieces, votive candle packs, hanging decorations, twine, paint & more.


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I was not asked to do this blog post by Dollar Tree, I just happen to like their store & we found what we needed there.

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