DIY Natural skin brightening, lightning and detoxing formula

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Skin brightening, lighten & detoxing formula.
You can use this mixture on age spots, dark pigmentation, dark dry skin, dry skin, rashes, stings, bites, eczema, psoriasis, burns, sun burns & more.

Or just simply use it because it leaves your skin looking & feeling amazing.
Charcoal & honey are moisturizing to skin

Perfect used as a face mask or as an underarm mask to lighten, brighten, sooth, heal & detox.


If you have been following my blog or Facebook page any length of time you will know Activated charcoal powder is one of my most favorite products for everything from health, healing, poultices, poison control, skin care, detox, teeth whitening & more. It is amazing & I just can not ever do without having the powder on hand.charcoal-honey-bowl

As you all know I have 6 kids, & currently have several teenagers. This recipe is a teen approved recipe. My 12 year old daughter that in just weeks will be a teenager used this mixture to stop a sudden outbreak on her face. My other teen has an issue with dark underarms & this charcoal mixture works great.

This mixture is primarily for whitening & brightening skin that has age spots or dark pigments, but it also just in general makes skin look & feel amazing.

As most of you know activated charcoal will whiten teeth, if you have extra of this recipe there is nothing wrong with using it on your teeth, simply brush on & let sit several minutes & brush again & rinse thats it. Or you can add it to water & drink it, yup it is that natural & safe (if you only use the charcoal honey mixture).


Mix 1 part activated charcoal powder to 1 part raw honey.charcoal-honey

  • Use a seal tight container if making extra, otherwise the charcoal will adsorb odors & toxins from the air.
  • Also great to apply to darkened skin to gradually lighten & heal such as underarms, elbows, knees & ankles.
  • Great for applying to burns & sun burns too
  • This mixture  will be the consistency of the honey.
  • Can be messy, Activated charcoal powder can be black & messy.
  • Raw honey is recommended as most store bought honey is fake.
  • Local raw honey would be even better especially if you are prone to skin rashes.
  • If you need to order raw honey this is a good raw honey on Amazon for this recipe.
  • For this recipe I use & recommend Charcoal House LLC, Hardwood, Activated Charcoal Powder. (Hardwood powder on Amazon)
  • Other Charcoal powders that would give great results depending on need. (Charcoal powders on Amazon)
  • This mixture is so safe you can eat it & it is good for you. (Natural, safe to eat, healthy & can even be used to brush teeth if you wanted to).
  • Leaves skin looking & feeling soft & younger. If you want to follow with a oil for skin like argan oil  that is fine but most do not find it is needed.

How to:

Apply to lightly damp or dry skin & leave on 20 to 30 minutes, I like to use a plastic spoon to apply it. Try to not apply it to thin, apply liberally.charcoal-honey-face-mask-2
Wash off with warm water or warm baking soda water. If any black residue is left behind use baking soda water paste rubbing gently will remove it (baking soda water paste will remove charcoal from surfaces & skin in most cases).
Repeat 2 or 3 times a week for best results.

More info:

Use this detox and bleaching/brightening underarm mask to lighten up any dark pigmentation
There are many great combos using activated charcoal powder for skin care & I share some of them on my blog, Toothpaste, Face mask, Shampoo, & more 

Why Charcoal & Honey in this combo?

Activated Charcoal naturally adsorbs toxins making it awesome for health but also skin care & to detox skin. It pulls bacteria & toxins & then adsorbs them leaving naturally balanced skin. Activated charcoal is great for soothing & charcoal-honey-2healing while naturally deodorizing (adsorbs odors too including B.O.). Activated charcoal is also great used with just water for all of these uses including the whitening & brightening, but the addition of the honey gives an extra kick & keeps it wet longer (it draws & stays active while wet). Activated charcoal can have a brightening effect on skin as it heels making it amazing to add to your skin care arsenal. Activated charcoal gives fast results soothing & healing skin even with open sores or wounds & helps alleviate pain & swelling making it great for all type of skin issues. 

Honey is a natural skin moisturizer, it is very healing & soothing to skin because it is anti-bacterial.. A good natural raw honey has a natural skin bleaching action because it releases hydrogen peroxide which will lighten the darkening skin overtime & also has immediate results on skin health.

Detox underarms when switching to DIY deodorant for better results:charcoal-underarm

Activated charcoal paste or this activated charcoal & raw honey mixture are a great detox to use on underarms when switching to natural DIY deodorant to detox underarms from all the toxins & chemicals in commercial deodorants & from so called natural deodorants. If you have found DIY & natural deodorant not working you may just need to detox your underarms. Taking activated charcoal would also be an extra help in detoxing. (Troubleshooting when Switching to DIY for No Poo, Skin care, Deodorant etc ).

Optional ingrediants to add:

This simple mixture all on its own is great for skin exfoliating & skin tone, but you can add extras that will work great in this mixture if you desire. Keep the ratio the same or adjust as you feel it is needed. Just remember this mixture as is with just activated charcoal & raw honey is so safe you can eat it, most of the things you can add it would still be charcoal-nfr6ksafe, but I personally would not recommend eating it after adding any essential oils or Borax.


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