My top 10 uses for Vinegar, A Natural and Frugal Favorite

So versatile, so amazing, Vinegar!

Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar, distilled white vinegar, with the mother, coconut water vinegar, citrus peel vinegar,  homemade, it is all great.

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Join me in my love of all things vinegar starting with my 10 favorite uses, but do not stop at 10 uses, there are thousands for this amazing liquid from home, cooking, cleaning, beauty, health, pets & beyond.

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Vinegar like baking soda has so many uses & it to shows up in so many of my blog posts for a DIY natural life. When I did my blog post “My top 10 uses for Baking soda, A Natural & Frugal Favorite” I got such an overwhelming positive response from my Facebook followers it got me thinking. Why not do more of these top 10 posts & obviously the next item to do a top 10 on is vinegar hands down. Vinegar & baking soda both & an Amazing way to clean naturally, effectively, safely on the cheap & feel good about it.

Of course Vinegar is firmly planted on my top 10 list of most used items in my home (Top 10 list), I take ACV daily & I use it to get well faster & stay well (What I take & how, – How we get well). Vinegar can replace chemical cleaners, deodorizers, laundry products, body body care products, & more & it is non toxic & builds the immune system rather than breaking it down like toxic cleaners do (DIY cleaners Vs Commercial & Immune system).

Vinegar for cleaning:
Straight 5 percent solution of vinegar kills 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold, and 80 percent of germs (viruses).

I do sing the praises of ACV with the mother for health & distilled while vinegar for cleaning over & over again, as a matter of fact I have a posted dedicated to just how amazing vinegar is “The Amazing Vim of Vinegar – DIY – Green Cleaning – Body, Skin, Hair care – Health – Pain” So lets get started.

  1. As a simple household cleaner: You can simply add white vinegar to a spray bottle & go to town, or mix half & half with water. or add lemon juice or essential oil, use in conjunction with peroxide for an amazing sanitizing cleaner. “Beginner DIY: Simple Natural DIY Multi Purpose cleaner
  2. Toilet cleaner:Combined with baking soda vinegar can do so many things from being an oven cleaner, stain remover to a toilet cleaner. Natural Do it Yourself Toilet & Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipes – Easy, Safe, Effective (DIY)
  3. To take every day in warm water with raw honey or for staying well. 
  4. In my essential oil diffusers & cool mist humidifier
  5. To fight allergies “Natural DIY Allergy Relief – Sinus – Immune Support – Vinegar – Colloidal silver – Baking soda – Oil Pulling
  6. In my laundry for fabric softener & for ring around the collar & more.”#1 A DIY Laundry Room: How to be Green & Healthy
  7. As citrus peel vinegar for cleaning, hair & skin “How to DIY Citrus Infused Vinegar – Cleaning – Skin – Hair (Orange/Lemon peels)
  8. For No Poo: “The right way to go NoPoo – What you might be doing wrong‘”
  9. For our pets “Pets Naturally – Coconut oil, ACV, Clay, Activated Charcoal, Diatomaceous earth, Colloidal silver
  10. To clean up bedding – This use is not really the last on my list, all 10 uses might be my favorite use.

So what are your favorite vinegar uses.


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