SKINny Beauty Box by Skinny&Co – Hand Crafted Facial oil, body butter, lip balm, soap and coconut oil *Gift Box*

This all-in-one elegantly packaged set contains a hand-crafted facial oil, whipped body butter, (1x) lip balm, Skinny&Co. soap, and a 2oz travel size jar, all made exclusively with Skinny&Co. Coconut Oil.


As you all know Skinny coconut oil is one of my favorite coconut oils for oil pulling & taking for health. As far as taste & texture goes Skinny is the best. How to order Skinny Coconut Oil is the only medicinal grade coconut oil available on the market. I also love using this coconut oil for my DIY recipes, so I was so happy to hear about the new Skinny&Co SKINny Beauty line & the fact they sent me this great SKINny Beauty Box. From the moment I opened the box I was in love, it is so me from the box & filler from recycled paper to the fact the products were made with Skinny Coconut oil oh & lets not forget the spoon, I love the bamboo spoon.

I of course could not resist opening each container & smelling the natural goodness of each. Skinny does not use any synthetic scents or ingredients in these products so I knew before opening I would love them, & boy was I right.

Please note: All beauty products are made to order. Please allow up to 3 extra days for delivery.

Introducing the SKINny Beauty items.

Check out the SKINny Beauty box for yourself or as a gift.


The Body Butter: When I opened the body butter I have to admit the very first scent I noticed was lavender with a hint of chamomile in that great Skinny coconut oil smell. I think compliment each other very well without being to overwhelming though it is stronger than the facial oil. One of the things I love when I make my own body butter with coconut oil is that amazing feeling on my skin & as I rub it in the way it absorbs & hydrates in an instant. Body butter is meant to be lighter than just coconut oil because it has the almond oil in it & it gets whipped up with the essential oils, if you have not tried body butter you will love it. This body butter goes on light & smooth, leaving my skin feeling soft & soothed.

To order the body butter on the Skinny website, & to read more about this body butter & to see ingredients – To buy the body butter on Amazon.

The Facial oil: This has the same essential oils in it that the Body butter has but in a much lighter scent, this is also a thicker consistency. I love using this on my face, I really am in love with the way this feels on my skin & it is not at all irritating. I mostly just smell that amazing coconut oil scent I love. This facial oil is great if you have skin conditions & would be perfect for a teen to use in thier skin care routine. Coconut oil also offers natural SPF UV protection.

To order the Facial oil on the Skinny website, & to read more about this Facial oil & to see ingredients – To buy the Facial oil on Amazon.

The Lip Balm: Ok when I opened this that amazing coconut & peppermint scent made me so happy that I literally kissed the balm to get it onto my lips. It goes on nice & thick & hydrates lips & feels very soothing to dry cracked lips. The coconut oil of course is also healing to lips & will protect them. Because the tin is the perfect size I can carry it with me.

To order the Lip Balm on the Skinny website, & to read more about this Lip Balm & to see ingredients – To buy the Lip Balm on Amazon.

The Cold-Pressed Raw Soap: This soap comes in your choice of 3 scents, Green tea, Coffee or Peppermint, I received the peppermint, I love how invigorating it is to my senses & how well it cleans my skin while soothing. My husband likes using it after working in the sold because it is so soothing to his irritated skin.

To order the Soap on the Skinny website, & to read more about this Soap & to see ingredients

Skinny&Co 2 oz. 100% Raw, Cold Pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil: 4 TBSP of some of the best tasting smoothest coconut oil you will ever eat. The first time I ever ate a spoon full almost 2 years ago now I uttered the words that it was like coconut oil pulling. So yummy & so amazing for health.

Click here to order the 2 oz. coconut oil on the Skinny website, & to read more about this amazing coconut oil. – Click here to buy Skinny Coconut oil in varying sizes on Amazon.

The 100% Natural Bamboo Spoon: I never would have thought that I would love this spoon so much, yes I love using bamboo, but this spoon is perfect for taking my coconut oil. I use it to get every last bit I can out of my jar of Skinny Coconut oil so I wont waste any.

To order these spoons on the Skinny website, & to read more about this spoon

Well thats what comes in this great set, you can buy these items all together or just buy them separate, but any way you look at it they are amazing products by an Amazing company.


To buy your own SKINny Beauty items click here.

To buy the SKINny Beauty box for yourself or as a gift click here.

Do you oil pull? Check out Skinny&Co Oil Pulling Peppermint oil: Website & Amazon


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