Bread Revolution Cookbook by Peter Reinhart, Baking with Sprouted and Whole Grains (book review)

World-Class Baking with Sprouted and Whole Grains, Heirloom Flours, and Fresh Techniques.

bread revolution

Recipe we made: Sprouted Wheat Cinnamon buns & Sweet Rolls

In teaching my kids to cook & bake I have always enjoyed teaching them to make different kids of breads. I love that this bread revolutioncookbook goes back to the basics as far as grains & takes you start to finish on sprouting grains, making flour & baking as well as using my favorite grains (heirloom).

This cook book from the moment you look at the cover has you ready to start kneading sprouting wheatdough & baking bread, but slow down & read the book, it will be well worth your time later. This cookbook will take you through all the different stages of bread & give you great recipes too. Chapter: Tutorial helps you to know what tools & ingredients you need as well as has a glossary.  Chapter 2: Teaches you how to make sourdough primer & then you go into the next chapters that feature Sprouted flour breads, Sprouted Pulp breads, Whole grain & whole milling, & The next new bread frontier. Then you will end the book with the Epilogue on Is the road less traveled the road ahead? A great ending to a great book full of amazing ideas for getting the perfect bread & using a variety of techniques.

My 14 year old daughter took on the task of deciding on a recipe, her choice was on page 128 “Sprouted Wheat Cinnamon buns & Sweet Rolls”. It took about 4 days to make our wheat sprouts, then we made flour & started baking.(I have shared in posts making cinnamon rollsbefore how to make sprouted grains & I was actually already taking pictures & sprouting grains for a dedicated post when we got this book, so stay tuned because I will tell you how we make sprouted grains in an upcoming post).

Cinnamon rolls to die for, yea they were da bomb as my 9 year old son said. Thats right whole grain cinnamon rolls & my kids ate them & even asked for more. They were full of flavor, not heavy but light & airy & moist too, & yes a 14 year old made them so can you.

I recommend this book to other who want to learn more about baking bread, find tips & for ease of the recipes, yea they can are work but you can do them if we did. Great cookbook that I am so happy to have added to my collection for teaching these skills to my kids & myself.

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“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

bread revolution

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