Why I drink Bulletproof coffee and Bulletproof Tea, How I make it

I was drinking Bulletproof coffee before I knew it was Bulletproof 🙂

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Are you drinking Bulletproof coffee & tea?

So almost 2 years ago I decided to up the amount of raw coconut oil I take daily for health & ultimately healthy weight. Back then I could not just put a spoon of coconut oil in my mouth without gagging, I can do that now but back then it was a miserable gagging session. So I looked up ways to take coconut oil where I could get enough in me daily & to keep it in the raw state for taking. I can upon adding it to hot beverages & at first I coffee pouringthought well it really should not be heated for why I am taking it so maybe that’s not a good idea for me. But I checked & it really was not high heat so I decided to give it a try.

I started adding 1 tsp to my morning cup of Dandy Blend (natural herbal coffee substitute You can also get Roma or Cafix), I really liked that the sweet taste of coconut means I needed less natural sweeteners & less homemade creamer (< the creamer in the recipe linked to now has coconut oil in it, but 2 bulletproof 1years ago I was making it without). So I started sharing about me adding it to my coffee, coffee substitutes & even my hot tea with others, like fans on my Facebook page. Really fast I discovered That either people loved adding coconut oil or they could not stand what they called an oil slick & how it would get on their lips. I really did not mind the oil floating on top, it tasted great, it went down smooth with swallows of coffee or tea & it yes got on my lips but that was great to because my lips looked & felt great, so that to me was a plus.

Remember I only recommend a few quality organic raw brands of coconut oil for oil pulling, taking & for these recipes, info here.

I gradually started building to 1 tbsp of raw coconut oil in each cup of coffee or tea, but as I researched I discovered just how healthy adding coconut oil. I stumbled on the idea of bulletproof coffee & tea & why it was so great for health beyond just getting the daily amount of raw coconut oil taken. Adding healthy fats like raw coconut oil, bulletproof 3grassfed butter, black seed oil, palm oil, ghee, flaxseed oil, hemp oil etc created the perfect combo in my hot beverages.

The basic concept that I read about that made bulletproof coffee so great, it boost the metabolism giving you energy & for many weight loss, boosts brain function & that is said to be a plus for things like chemo fog, brain fog, Alzheimer, dementia & more. Most who go bulletproof  also have improved immune system & health, & for me I have for sure felt positive results from something so easy to do.

I have also come up with a way to mix the oil in much better, I will tell you how below. You will notice all my combos have coconut oil in them & you can mix & match the combos for the flavors & benefits you are looking for & instead of milk you can use my homemade creamer if you prefer milk & creamers can be optional too. Oh & I have bulletproof 4also found that bulletproof hot chocolate is great too.

What I do is make my coffee, tea or coffee substitute like Dandy Blend & add it to my mug & mix in one of my favorite combos.

Combo #1: 1 tbsp raw coconut oil, 1 tsp black seed oil, 10 drops liquid turmeric extract with natural vanilla, Yacon syrup to taste, milk of choice

Combo #2: 1 tbsp raw coconut oil, 1 tsp gelatin, whole unbleached sugar 1 tsp green matcha tea powder & milk of choice.

Combo #3: 1 tbsp raw coconut oil, add 1 tsp raw cacao nibs or grate in natural dark chocolate ( tip, use a zester), coconut milk, raw honey to taste (this combo because of the chocolate needs to be mixed very well).

OG coffee aCombo #4: 1 tbsp raw coconut oil, 1/2 tbsp ghee (homemade ghee is great), milk & sweetener of choice.

Combo #5: 1 tbsp of raw coconut oil 1/2 tbsp grassfed butter, almond milk, stevia powder or yacon powder to taste

Combo #6: just add raw coconut oil, milk of choice & natural sweetener of choice in amounts desired.

Combo #7: A cool version use any of the above combos & freeze part in ice cube trays & put some in the fridge. Make a smoothie like drink by combining the ice & the liquid in the blender for a iced coffee kind of drink. For added yum & health benefits add a tbsp of cacao nibs.

So I think you get the picture from the example combos I shared, basically 1 or 2 healthy fats/oils, a milk &Z sweetener & other added things by your desires & needs, I even mix tea in with my coffee or coffee substitutes. Like I will make Pau d Arco tea & then add my Dandy Blend & then my other bulletproof coffee things. I sometimes share my bulletproof coffee of the day idea on my Facebook page, or Instagram & Twitter, I go through spells of sharing & not sharing (I have shared pictures here, here, here, & here).

Again do not feel obligated to stick the my combos, these are only examples, mix & match or create your own. I create new versions all the time.

How I mix my bulletproof coffee: I add everything in the cup & give it a good stir with my spoon, then I simply use a bulletproof 2handheld frother & it blends even the oils in great.

Tip: Take your fish oil/omega 3s, omega 6s, krill oil etc just before drinking bulletproof coffee for maximum effect.

I also like to add fermented turmeric extract sometimes, and I also like to add fermented bee pollen powder too sometimes.

Above I have linked to items on Amazon & on my blog that I reviewed & use, I do this because bulletproofwhen I used to not add them I got a hundred emails asking where I got my so & so & I also do make a small % on purchases. But please do not feel obligated to click on my links to buy (not all links are to buy, some are info). All I ask is when it comes to your health buy quality natural & organic products.

Above all enjoy your bulletproof coffee, tea or whatever.


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4 thoughts on “Why I drink Bulletproof coffee and Bulletproof Tea, How I make it

  1. I cannot bring myself to adding it to my tea, especially since I drink so much of it. I understand many people do this and say it’s smooth, and others say it adds flavor. Maybe with different coconut oil, this is fantastic, but I probably wouldn’t try it without a really high quality oil.

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