Uses of Lemon Essential oil by Skinology Beauty Solutions (review)

NFR6K Reviews

Cold Pressed from Real Lemons-Premium Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.

100% Pure Oil – Alcohol and Paraben Free – Pure Therapeutic Grade Undiluted Essential Oil (Citrus Limon) – Huge 4 oz bottle with dropper and a phenolic cap. Imported from Italy and bottled in the US in an advanced FDA facility. This product is absolutely Cruelty- Free and was never tested on animals.

Body Detox, Household Aroma and Energizing Booster – Aromatherapy & Massage Oil – Home and Kitchen Natural Fragrance Antiseptic.

When it comes to essential oils Lemon is one of our favorites, the fresh lemon scent goes in many of our DIY cleaners & get used alone too. Lemon essential oil pair well with tea tree oil, or eucalyptus & of course other citrus scents. Skinology Skinology lemonessential oil has that great fresh scent I have come to expect from quality essential oils. No extra ingredients just 100% pure cold…

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