How I use my Cool Mist Humidifier and Diffusers – Essential oil, peroxide, vinegar, colloidal silver – Recipes – Stay well

Did you know your cool mist humidifier could help keep you from getting sick? And help you get well faster when you do get sick?

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In most cases you do not need a special humidifier for essential oils either.

Just a normal cool mist humidifier without a filter & you are ready to go.
These recipes work in my little essential oil diffusers to, as a matter of fact they work amazing.

Thats right my humidifier runs every day with different mixtures in it to help sanitize the air with micro particles of things like essential oils, peroxide, vinegar or colloidal silver, helping us to deal with dust mites, allergies & to ward off sickness (or to get better faster. As I said above you can use almost any cool mist humidifier as long as it is filter free, or unless your model says to not add oils. Some still add essential oils even if there is a filter & even if the manual says not to with no issues, but that is up to you. If your cool mist humidifier has a filter & has not to add oils you in most cases can still add things like peroxide, vinegar or colloidal silver to them. Never mix peroxide with colloidal silver but peroxide can be mixed with vinegar & colloidal silver can be mixed with vinegar & the 2 are amazing all alone.

Below I will share some of our favorite recipes, I change what is in our humidifier & diffusers daily.

With most cool mist humidifiers it is suggested to add the essential oils to a cotton ball & add the cotton ball into the water chamber, I personally just add them direct to the water, but you can do it either way. As a reminder you will get the benefits from the essential oils even if you can not smell them, diffusers give you better essential oil scent in the air than a humidifier, though some essential oils are stronger. These recipes are safe for all ages, but I recommend doing your research with the links provided & by searching further.

Just like that toxic cleaners, air fresheners, body care etc can be absorbed into our body & blood stream through inhaling them, vinegar, peroxide, colloidal silver & essential oils can enter our bodies the same way but instead of a negative effect they can be for positive results. Essential oils can also help our moods, feelings, memory, hormones, calming/energy, relive stress & anxiety & more.  Having these products floating around the air in a micro mist can be healing to the respiratory, aid breathing, healing to lungs & sinuses, improve air quality, protect from airborne germs, bacteria, molds, dust & contaminates, promote well-being & give our immune systems a boost,

All of the recipes are for amounts added to 1 gallon of water, but you can add more or less, if your humidifier holds over a gallon you can still add the amount for a gallon if desired, the same for less water holds true. The recipes are just guides & do not panic if you get a drop or 2 or 10 extra. It is best to use filtered, well, distilled or other pure water, why would you use county or city water & send that in the air to breath & to destroy the goodness you are adding after all. Some essential oils like eucalyptus, & citrus etc can degrade plastic, but I have been uVinegar jugsing them daily diluted in water without an issue & in cleaning spray bottles that are plastic for years.

To use these recipes for a small diffuser just use less of the essential oils, vinegar, peroxide etc is all,
I love my essential oil diffusers & yu can buy great fairly priced ones on Amazon in small or large.

And cool mist humidifers are on Amazon too. 

Check out this awesome Ogima Cool Mist Humidifier + Color LED Light + Auto Shut Off Function & essential oil tray. (you can still add peroxide or other things to tank).

My Favorite essential oil diffusers are the Vividay, This Niceshop & this URPower.

Vinegar: You can use white vinegar, raw vinegars such as Bragg, Eden or coconut water vinegar. If I am using one of the raw vinegars I use less in the mixture. So if I am adding 1 cup of white distilled vinegar I would only add 3 to 4 tbsp of a raw vinegar instead. Vinegar is a disinfectant, that also can get rid of dust mites, is a deodorizer, it kills germs, bacteria & mold as well as the many health benefits, & it can do all this in the air just as well as it can when added to cleaners for the rest of your home. Vinegar builds the immune system rather than break it down like other cleaners or bleach that are toxic to lungs, skin & cause issues. Can be added alone or with essential oils. (buy on Amazon Bragg vinegar, Raw vinegar,  white vinegar)food grade peroxide

Peroxide: I use food grade peroxide diluted to about 3% or 4%, but you can use regular hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle that is 3%. Peroxide is amazing amazing for sanitizing, cleaning, disinfecting, killing germs, bacteria & mold & is better than bleach for sure, it can be healthy for skin & lungs unlike bleach & can replace bleach easily (bleach alternative recipe). Peroxide & Vinegar make a powerful combo when not mixed in the same container & used like this. But even though the initial reaction when the 2 are combined is amazing do not mix them in your humidifier. I prefer to add the peroxide to the humidifier & just spray white vinegar in the air every so often causing the mixture in the air. Can be added alone or with essential oils. (buy food grade peroxide on Amazon). But rather you spray or use vinegar in conjunction with the peroxide or not peroxide is amazing for health & just adding some in your water with essential oil in the diffuser/humidifer can do great things.Silver edge colloidal silver generator

Colloidal silver: OK this is about the most amazing thing I can add to the humidifier helping us deal with allergies, mold, germs, bacteria, immune building, improving bronchial & lung issues, deodorizing & even killing roaches. I make my own micro particle colloidal silver & it has saved me thousands of dollars because I can use it to clean, for pets, skin, hair on & on & make it for pennies a quart. Read here about my colloidal silver generator, why I love it, why I picked it, for pets, for allergies & how I use it for DIY. I just can not say enough for how this keeps us well. Can be added alone or with essential oils. (I recommend making your own with a micro particle colloidal silver generator but this brand is also good)

Essential oils: Yes I mention essential oils a lot on my blog & I recommend the Florihana brand because they are high quality yet affordable(info on buying here). Depending on your need you can use most any essential oils, buessential oils 2t I will share my favorites, I have a DIY thieves oil combo here & my top 6 essential oils here & those posts tell more about each of the essential oils I will be mentioning here & why I would add them. Can be mixed with any of the above or used alone in the water. (if you are careful to read reviews there are some good essential oil brands on as well)

You can also find great brands of Essential oils here on, just search what you need.  I also personally like the Eve Hansen oils, the Plant Therapy Brand, & the Pure Body Natural oils. 

GSE: I do not have GSE listed in my recipes but it can be added to any of them, I like to add 4 drops per 300ml of water or 2 to 4 drops per cup. You can buy GSE here on Amazon 

Snoring: I have discovered running half distilled water half peroxide with GSE, & tea tree oil on my night stand stops my husbands crazy loud snoring. I have even done it strait peroxide especially if he is snoring bad or we are fighting off a cold.

Remember recipes are per gallon of water more or less (see above). 

Recipe #1: This is by far my favorite just because blend, it really lifts my mood, makes breathing easier & very effective. I like the scent of vinegar & it pairs so well with eucalyptus essential oil in my opinion.

Recipe #2: Is simple yet very effective & a scent combo I recommend a lot.

Recipe #3: This recipe is great on days I am having a hard time breathing (lung issues)

  • 3/4 cup peroxide
  • 10 drops DIY thieves essential oil blend (make yourself or buy thieves here)

Recipe #4: A recipe I use just because but that can also knock allergies, cold & flues to the curb as well as make my lung feel so great.

  • 3/4 to 1 & 1/2 cups colloidal silver
  • 10 to 20 drops tea tree oil (Tea tree oil great for lungs & stops breathing issues for me)

Recipe #5: Another I love for every day but is very effective.

Recipe #6: A great mood lifting blend that is effective as well. The mixture of eucalyptus & lemon is one I have recommended before (here), it is deodorizing & disinfecting & smells great.

  • 1 cup peroxide
  • 10 drops eucalyptus
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil

Recipe #7: A powerhouse combo

Recipe #8: Great for mood & for memory

Recipe #9: Brand new entry to this post, I just tried this recipe after reading about using lemon juice in a humidifier from an article & I love it. I used Niaouli Essential Oil with this because I think it paired so well. I also added colloidal silver to keep the lemon juice fresh.

  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp to 1/2 cup colloidal silver

I will add more recipes as time goes on, but I think this shows you how easy it is to create your own recipe using these as a guide, feel free to substitute for your favorite essential oils.


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13 thoughts on “How I use my Cool Mist Humidifier and Diffusers – Essential oil, peroxide, vinegar, colloidal silver – Recipes – Stay well

  1. I’ve never added essential oils to my humidifer but thanks for the suggestion! In fact, I may start one up in my home office during the day.

  2. I have put a couple drops in my humidifier before, but it has a filter and I know i’m not really supposed to. Love all the recipes! I never knew it could clean and purify the air. Thanks!

  3. Wow, wonderful recipes. I was looking for these all day long, im now having a humidifier for baby, but still dont know how to use. You totally save my day!

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