Cookbook Blue Ribbon Baking from a Redneck Kitchen by Francine Bryson (Book review)

A Cookbook with recipes for all us Southern Women.

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I am a Florida girl now living in Tennessee as I state a lot, but what I love is rather I am at home in FL or here in TN Southern cooking reigns. What has been hard sometimes is to find a cookbook with many of the classic recipes our great cookbookgrandmothers & grandmothers would have made. So I was excited to be sent a copy of this great cookbook “Blue Ribbon Baking from a Redneck Kitchen by Francine Bryson” to review & to try out the recipes & to teach my kids to make.

From the moment this cookbook arrived I was looking through it & I loved reading the forward byForeword by Jeff Foxworthy. Then I started checking out the recipes, I was happy to be seeing recipes I have not had in years, so yes my mouth was watering & I was already trying to decide what to make first. My 14-year-old daughter who loves to bake actually took my book & I had to find it, she loves this book. Of course me being me put my own spin on any recipes using things like coconut oil, Einkorn flour etc as alternative ingredients.

What would we make first? Oh the choices!

Maybe I will just start at the beginning & make something from chapter 1 “Pies” Such as a crust or the “Chocolate Silk Pie” from page 36 after all chocolate might be the way to any ones heart & making a homemade pie with chocolate I can already taste it.

But wait I might make something from Chapter 2 “Cookies & Bars” because on page 67 has “Classic Southern Lemon Bars” and my lips are puckered just thinking about it & I do have fresh lemons.

Or maybe I should jump to chapter 3 “Cakes” everybody loves a good homemade cake after all & the “Keep The-Hubby-At-zestHome- Cake” sure sounds amazing with such ingredients as peanut butter & coffee (is your mouth-watering yet?)

Chapter 4 is a chapter after my own heart, “Cheesecakes” oh yes I must repeat that I said Cheesecakes & right away one recipe jumped out at me on page 125 “Salted Caramel Cheesecake”. I grew up with a grandmother who made amazing cheesecakes & they make me melt.

Chapter 5 brought back my childhood with the title “Sunday Go – To – Meeting” And right there in that chapter was one of my all time favorite baked apple treats “Apple Crisp” I remember as a kid waiting for this to cool was so hard on me.

I flipped to chapter 6 “Baked Goods To Show Off” & I realized I was probably now making a whole grocery list & meals do go with these desserts & making it so hard to decide what to make first, after all this chapter has “Cream Puffs” in it, thats right I said cream puffs!

Then Chapter 7 “Biscuits & Breads” very well might become the chapter most used in my home, with recipes like “Pumpkin Pie Bread”, “Soda Biscuits”, “Jonnycakes” & more.

Even though I was now so hungry I could not stand it reading about all these amazing recipes & seeing pictures so great I could smell the treats I still went on & checked out last but not least chapter 8 “Candy & Truffles” and just then “Easy Peanut Butter Fudge on page 230 jumped off the page as I made plans to make this great fudge, after all my sons are peanut butter crazy.

Ultimately I needed to pick what I would first make, so with the help of my 14-year-old daughter we realized we had everything needed to make the “Classic Southern Lemon Bars” & as a bonus we would get to try out using our brand new lemon zester 🙂

OK I must be honest here my daughter made these bars & I just took pictures & the cookbook made it so easy she knocked it out of the park & made amazing lemon bars on her very first try (pictured).Lemon bars

I love how every recipes Francine Bryson starts off by telling you about her growing up eating this, her memories of it, whose cookbook it came from like her Nana’s cookbook, she is talking to you like a friend standing in your kitchen sharing her families recipes with you.

If you turn to the back cover of the book you will know right away you will be in for a treat & this cookbook will be used a lot in your home. The back cover includes:

“National pie champion, mom, homemaker, and self-proclaimed redneck, Francine Bryson won the hearts of bakers everywhere when she appeared on CBS’s The American Baking Competition and went on to become a finalist on the show. Known for her down-home Southern charm and sass (and for successfully pairing chocolate and peanut butter with bacon), Francine now shares her sought-after recipes and tips in her very first baking book.”

“Here are the recipes and tricks I was taught by my Great-Granny, Granny, Nana, and Mama—the women who schooled me on the ways a Southern woman keeps a kitchen—and that I learned from twenty-plus years of competing on the baking circuit. Now you can bake up award-winning pies such as Upside-Down Apple Pie, fluffy Biscuits Like Nana Made, and irresistible treats like Soda Pop Cake and Classic Southern Lemon Bars—all so good they have made the rounds with the ladies at church, the bridge clubs, supper clubs, and mom groups for generations.”
–from the Introduction”

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