DIY Germ & Grime Fighting Recipe – Multi-Surface Cleaner without Vinegar

Easy as 1,2,3 Spray Cleaner.

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Clean Counters, Walls, Mirrors, Glass, Stainless, Appliances, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Vehicles, High-chairs, Table, Nursery, Bedrooms, Laundry & even Air sanitizer & more.

My go to cleaner for most surfaces including glass is white vinegar. But many of you message me & say how you can not stand the smell of vinegar or the big one, your husband can not stand the smell. I can easy offer several options like adding your favorite essential oil, adding lemon juice or adding rubbing alcohol to help mask the scent of the vinegar until it dissipates. The other option I will be sharing today. What is it you ask? It is simply peroxide & essential oils.

Ok if you have read my other blog posts you know just how amazing peroxide is, it can be used in place of toxic bleach as a bleach alternative, for stains on clothing & bedding, used for general cleaning, on stone & granite & so much more. And even though this post is about replacing vinegar as a cleaner rel=”nofollow”vinegar & peroxide when used properly in a 2 step process are one of the most safe, effective natural cleaners you can use.


Back to the task at hand, to use a cleaner that is highly effective, safe & natural to clean every room & surface in your home, car & life 🙂 Safe around babies, kids & pets. Just remember some essential oils can not be used on pets.

Peroxide is non fading, does not bleach most surfaces (spot check if worried). Peroxide is natural, effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal.

Only store in dark brown bottle to keep it actively effective.

How to make;

Recipe #1 Basic recipe: Put a sprayer from another spray bottle on a bottle of peroxide & you are ready to get cleaning anything & everything, this is the basic recipe that you will be adding any of the below options too. This is also the best method for cleaning mirrors, stainless steel & glass (before adding anything else). This is also a great no scent idea for those who prefer totally scent free cleaning.peroxide cleaner

Recipe #2: Add several TBSP of lemon juice or 10 to 20 drops lemon, orange or other citrus essential oil. Because of the citrus scent many prefer this one for cleaning bathroom & kitchen.

Recipe #3: Add 10 to 20 drove of homemade Thieves essential oil blend (or Thieves/Germ Fighter). Great for using during cold & flu season for surfaces & in the air to kill germs & viruses, spray air filters, Filters on central heat/air etc, just a light mist & allow to dry.

Recipe #4: Add Eucalyptus essential oil, usually only 10 or so drops, makes a great germ fighting cleaner & great for using during allergy season or while sick to open sinuses. Options add lemon essential oil in with the eucalyptus.

Recipe #5: Add 10 to 20 drops tea tree oil, this combo is great for repelling bugs, roaches & more at the same time you clean the counters & your house. It also kills mold & disinfect while also aiding sinuses to breath. For more pest & sinus help add peppermint essential oil in with the tea tree oil in this combo.

Recipe # 6: My favorite combo, adding eucalyptus, tea tree oil & lavender essential oils for a great cleaning, relaxing, cold fighting combo. Makes a great linen, mattress or room spray, (well any of these recipes do),You can even add this combo along with the peroxide to a room cool mist humidifier.

Recipe #7: Add your favorite essential oil & create a cleaner you love or just use the peroxide straight like in recipe #1, or go check out how to use with vinegar here if you do not mind using vinegar.

Where to buy quality essential oils you can trust at reasonable prices.

DIY natural cleaner


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10 thoughts on “DIY Germ & Grime Fighting Recipe – Multi-Surface Cleaner without Vinegar

  1. I have been cleaning with DIY vinegar/citrus cleaners fro some time now. Husband & I don’t mind because the smell does eventually dissipate. I also make these for my eldest daughter, but..our youngest daughter does not enjoy any vinegar smell, so this may be a solution for her to “give-up” the store bought cleaners and try a more “natural” type.
    I would love to add essentials oils to my cleaning concoctions , but unfortunately have found them to be out of my pocket-book price range. Hopefully at some point it will be feasible.
    Thank you for sharing an alternative solution for those who do not enjoy vinegar in their cleaners.

  2. Yes essential oils can be a bit pricey, thats why I do share the cheaper brand though very good quality Floriha in my post. I buy my essential oils once a year from our tax return. If you check out my post on our top 6 essential oils those are the best place to start. Thank you for being a fan

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