The right way to go NoPoo – What you might be doing wrong

Using NoPoo to wash hair does work & when done right does not harm hair.

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NoPoo in no way means not washing your hair, instead you are using simple products you have in your home to clean your hair or to make a homemade shampoo like combo.

Avoid toxins that weaken the immune system & worse. Use safe natural products & leave your hair cleaner & healthier than ever. No suds are needed to have the best hair ever.


I am sure you have heard of nopoo by now & I just about bet you have also seen the articles & videos stating things like NoPoo ruined my hair or baking soda is bad for hair because it is to PH or some other off the wall negative comments from people who either had a bad experience right away or things went bad after awhile.  Maybe you have had the same thing happen so feel nopoo is not for you, and maybe it isnt, but maybe you are just doing it wrong. And really it is because of this I did a troubleshooting blog post & included nopoo & great ideas for getting results: Troubleshooting when Switching to DIY for No Poo, Skin care, Deodorant etc.

But with as many of these new posts are popping up against nopoo & as many of you that message me daily needing help I knew I needed to do an new post with more info. So many nopoo posts mean well but so many have copied the same wrong info from one post after another until it has become fact. Lets talk about a few of those.powder

Mixing baking soda: Do not mix baking soda in anything but warm or hot water, make sure to stir at least a minute after adding to fully dissolve. So many posts so to just add some baking soda to cold water in an old shampoo container or squirt bottle & shake & sit on the side of the tub for multiple uses. Big mistake, the baking soda needs at least warm water to create the reaction required to keep your hair healthier. You can let it get cool before using if that works best for you but mix it in warm to hot water otherwise the baking soda can dry your hair or strip it just as people say. Do not add baking soda to hair in a paste, that is to thick & will again cause damage.For normal or dry hair less is more with baking soda, just a pinch might do the job. For oily hair you may need extra baking soda.

Borax: Oh my goodness so many seem to think Borax is so bad but in reality people take it hair-2for health & it does do amazing things for hair (& skin) & it really is a key part of having healthy hair with no poo. Again add it to hot water & stir for one minute, the Borax can also be combined with the baking soda.

Nopoo Shampoo recipes: Most NoPoo recipes work best made as needed & not made several batches ahead, but for some I must admit it works better to make ahead, so find what works best for you. Check out my no poo recipes: DIY Shampoo/Conditioner recipe – NoPoo – No Poo – Homemade – Hair care and DIY Honey Moisturizing Shampoo Recipe – Homemade Natural NoPoo Ideas and Homemade Activated Charcoal Clarifying, Soothing, Healing Shampoo Recipe (DIY) and DIY Natural Soothing Bedtime bath, Shampoo, Body wash Recipe

Rotate what you wash with & what you condition with: This is a big issue with nopoo & really even if you are using shampoo, you should rotate what you use to keep hair healthy. do not use the same thing every time or the same recipe.honey

Raw Honey: Raw honeyey is great to either use to wash hair or as a conditioner, just make sure it is real honey not the fake stuff you can buy in the grocery store. Again add it to warm water & stir it in.

Apple cider vinegar, coconut water vinegar, Orange vinegarLime juice or lemon juice: These are all great at cleaning & conditioning your hair, no need to pick just 1, mix them together or rotate them. Some use them as leave in conditioners others rinse them out, my scalp itches if I leave them in so do what works for you.

Essential oils, coconut oil or other natural oils: These can make a great hot oil treatment or pre conditioner, but sometimes they are not the best conditioner for everyone & can oils-1leave your hair greasy, so either start with drops or only use as needed or just use them in a hair mist. Essential oils can be helpful to certain issues but use sparingly if your hair tends to be more oily.

Some essential oils great for hair are lavender & rosemary together or separate are great for every hair type, geranium is good for dry hair, peppermint is good for deep cleaning & oily hair, tea tree oil, & pine are great for scalp issues & preventing lice: Lice be gone: Using No Poo – Kills – Repels – Nits and Lice

Wet or dry hair: You will need to figure out what works best for you, my hair does better pouring my nopoo mixture over my dry hair. Just make sure everything is mixed & dissolved first.

Detoxing: Hair will detox after you start nopoo, it varies on how your hair will detox & for hair-3how long, read info here.

A great way to help scalp & hair detox & to use for skin issues is to mix activated charcoal powder in water & apply to hair & let sit before rinsing out thoroughly.

Rosewater, Peroxide, vitamin c powder, floral waters, floral vinegar, coffee, teas, kombucha, yogurt, fruits, hair masks & more: All of these are great, & like other things can be rotated in usage & most can be used as shampoo or conditioner depending on your hairs reaction.

Natural shampoo or shampoo bars: Some find they must wash their hair at least once a month with a truly natural shampoo or shampoo bar, for shampoo I recommend Saavy & for Shampoo bars I recommend Tropical Traditions. Both are totally natural & gentle enough for daily use if you prefer, sometimes I also just add a drop of Saavy Shampoo in the water with my baking soda or just stick the shampoo bar in for a second & swish oil-pullinginstead oof using them full strength, I still only do that once maybe twice a month.

Dry Shampoo: Some people can not use dry shampoos in between washing because it does dry out their hair or itches or whatever, but for those of us who can it can be a great suppliant to using nopoo. Just make sure to brush hair really good for best effect. Most use just a corn starch baking soda combo but there are many recipes online.

Corn starch or baking soda to remove hair products or as a leave in hair shine: Both work great separate or together to remove styling product buildup in hair, simply mix & apply to wet hair just as you would when washing with nopoo. Some like to use both or one of the other as a leave in hair shine & I must say I like using both is low amounts in warm water left in my hair & then brushing my hair multiple times as it dries, it leaves my hair so soft & shiny. I do 1/2 tsp of each in about 3 cups of warm water. You can also add extra & use them as lightweight styling products.

I have listed the same info as is pretty much throughout my blog, but the most important for nopoo success might just be the mixing the baking soda in warm or hot water.

My hair is healthier than it ever has been, after chemo it came in very thin, dry & brittle & with bald patches. No poo saved me from needing wigs, my hair got healthier, stronger, thicker, bald spots went away & I constantly have new growth. My hair dresser said my hair post chemo felt like it had been permed to the point of killing/frying it & she is amazed how healthy it is with me doing nopoo, she said for me not to tell her customers healthy hair was as easy as baking soda 🙂 I have been doing no poo for close to 3 years now.

Lets hear from a couple of my fans on their favorite way to do nopoo & the results:

Fan Lorena: My fav would be 1 cup coconut milk and aloe. Or. . 2tsp of raw organic honey diluted in 2 cups lukewarm water. Followed by ACV rinse. I have noticed less breakage, more manageable, softer and shinier hair. I have also noticed it is growing faster and starting new growth as well. I wash with one of these recipes once a week, and do a WO in between.

Fan Laura: Baking soda, borax, and water. My hair is super soft. I don’t need to wash it every day either. Just a cider vinegar and water rinse afterwards.

Recipe & no poo links:

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