How to: Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe – DIY idea

Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste.

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I have shared many DIY toothpaste & Toothpowder recipes with you & yes some of them are remineralizing too, what makes this toothpaste more geared towards remineralizing teeth is what is in it that’s not in any of my other recipes.

I do want to remind everyone a remineralizing toothpaste is only part of healing your teeth, diet plays a bigger role in oral health & if you are not going to make the needed diet changes you can brush your teeth all day long with this toothpaste & all it will do is clean your teeth. Your diet needs to be rich in mineral & nutrient, use natural unrefined salt as you are probably salt deficient & salt is full of minerals especially Pink salt or Sole oil-pullingwater.You need Fat soluble vitamins in your diet, use oils like raw coconut oil, black seed oil, real (not fake) olive oil, palm shortening & other healthy raw oils. Drink plenty of pure water, cut down on acidic foods that can cause acid reflux. And I must recommend this great book Cure Tooth Decay (also available on Amazon here) it is a must read if you are serious about healing your teeth.

Most are shocked to learn that teeth can be healed just like our bones can, the difference is teeth need help in doing so & if the teeth are to far gone the damage can not be reversed. So this remineralizing method does not work for everyone. I have personally seen others who have reversed damage & I have personally seen major improvements in my own teeth, so I know it is not a fluke even if it does not work for everyone.


Oil Pulling: Oil pulling is also recommended at least once a day for 20 minutes, you can add activated charcoal & colloidal silver for more healing. Info on how & why to oil pull here.

So take sole water, oil pull, next brush your teeth & then use a sole water mouthwash or colloidal silver mouthwash or other DIY mouthwash & take raw coconut oil.

Ingredients: With all the ingredients get the best quality you can, use good quality real food/whole food brands when possible. It will mean extra money upfront but in the long run they will last you through many batches of toothpaste & will be so much healthier & effective.toothpaste1

Xylitol: You will notice this recipe has Xylitol & as you know I do not use it in my DIY recipes unless I can grow it, dry it & crush it myself & I still stand by that because so much xylitol sold even in health food stores has bad additives not on the labels. But for today I will share with you the brand my fans recommend the most as a great brand. The reason I say go ahead & use Xylitol in this recipe is it is great for oral health.

click here to buy Jarrow Formulas Xylitol on Amazon

Coconut oil: The coconut oil in this recipe is a very important part of the recipe, cheap coconut oil will basically render this recipe useless, so do not buy refined coconut oil or cheap raw coconut oils. Stay to higher quality raw, unrefined, organic virgin coconut oil & as of right now I only recommend 3 brands. (the 3 brands I recommend).oils-1

Mix ingredients into a small jar with a lid or another container, if not desired consistency add more coconut oil or more dry ingredients until it looks & feels the way you desire it too. Optional spray toothbrush with colloidal silver before using. (buy colloidal silver on Amazon).

Once or twice a week add a pinch of food grade diatomaceous earth to your toothbrush with your toothpaste, DE has minerals & is great for teeth just not used daily.

Other ideas for oral health: Can be used during oil pulling to add in with the coconut oil, and are great for remineralzation rather used in oil pulling, brushing teeth &/or taking. Find what works for you, things like:  Palm shortening, Palm oil, organic sesame oil (many had better results by only using a small amount of sesame oil with the raw coconut oil)activated charcoal powder,  real olive oil, Neem oilGhee/Butter oil/Clarified butterFermented cod liver oil, Olive leaf extract, Sole waterOregano oil, black seed oil, hemp seed oil, sole water, Grapefruit seed extract (GSE), turmeric, clove, Terramin clay powder, probiotic powder, magnesium, calcium, trace mineral drops, silver, gold, herbal antiseptic (like Progena brand now off shelves), Food grade diatomaceous earth, colostrum, dried ground rose petals, Vital Proteins Collagen Protein, aloe gel, enzyme powders, a product called OralWellness , baking soda, Borax, calcium powder, Xylitol, & of course essential oil combos/blends (talked about below, thieves oil or plant extracts, floral waters, floral oils etc.

Essential oils for oral health:  Add essential oil like peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus G, eucalyptus R, tingly mint, frankincense, tea tree, thieves/germ fighter, respir-aid, immune-aid, etc


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