Review: OdorKlenz Laundry Powder – Naturally Neutralizes Odors – Use with DIY Laundry

Absorb Life’s little Odors.

Get Rid of odors from clothes naturally.

OdorKlenz will absorb & neutralize odors naturally, ideal for chemically sensitive people.

OdorKlenz logo

Made of safe, Natural earth minerals – Absorbs and Destroys Odors – Non-Bleaching or Staining – Perfume Free – Safe for use around Children and Pets – Ecofriendly.

This product is safe for the environment, made from natural earth minerals and safe for use with detergents and other laundry additives.

I am here to tell you about another great OdorKlenz product, I already shared with your about their amazing product the Odor Absorbent, & today I will be sharing with you just why their Laundry Powder is so great & even some DIY uses. Just like the Absorbent the laundry detergent is natural & Eco-Freindly.OdorKlenz laundry-powder-300x300

One of the things I found very interesting about the Laundry products is not only can you just use this product straight but you can also still  use your favorite laundry product rather natural or commercial & add the OdorKlenz in with it & it removes all scent leaving your clothes smelling just as they should. So for those of you still unwilling to give up on commercial products this is a great way to prevent skin irritation, migraines & more from chemical & perfume laden detergents.

The mixing the Laundry powder with commercial laundry soaps is not my way since I am Natural & DIY but it did give me a great idea in using this product in my DIY laundry powder (I did use it straight & loved it by the way). So I will share a simple recipe & then more ideas with you below. I also want to bring out that if you are someone who works around stubborn odors like a firefighter, this is the perfect product for you.

We are a family with varying sensitivities to laundry products even so called natural ones, that is why I pretty much stick to our normal DIY powder, but none of us had any issues with this Laundry powder of any kind & that really is a plus.

DIY laundry powder with OdorKlenz:

I normally basically use baking soda & borax in my laundry sometimes I add in some oxygen bleach in my combo & use one to 2 tbsp per load. So I thought how great this laundry powder would work with this combo & found the results amazing. I will be reviewing the laundry liquid in a few weeks so stay tuned for DIY ideas for it as well.

DIY recipe: 2 pounds of baking soda, 1 cup of Borax, 1 cup of Oxygen bleach & 1 cup of OdorKlenz LP OdorKlenzLaundry powder. Mix well & store in an airtight container. Options to add 1 cup of washing soda or replace the baking soda with washing soda, some prefer to also add grated natural bar soaps, just remember not all of them are septic safe & you can add soap nuts if you want as well. Start off with 1 or 2 tbsp per load & either add more or less depends on your washer & water.Clothes come out clean & smelling great, as in no smell at all.

Smelly:  You know as well as I do that the newer HE machines can really get a funky odor & that odor can transfer to things like your towels, well guess what, you can use the Laundry Powder (or liquid) either alone or with your normal HE washer cleaner in the cleaning cycle. And for those smelly towels let them soak in warm water with the laundry powder then wash as normal.

What I love the most is this product works, clothes get clean not just does it remove odors, so you do not have to mix it with anything else if you do not want to.

I also found this product great at removing pet smells & funky foot odor from my husbands work socks.

OdorKlenz works, it really does & trust me when I say in my home anything that removes odors gets put to the test hard.

Check out this great OdorKlenz video.

So have I peaked your interest? Will you be looking forward to my other OdorKlenz Product reviews? I certainly hope so, I am excited to be able to tell you about these great products.

Make sure to check out my Other OdorKlenz review & learn more about this great company & make sure to check out their website below.

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